How to use Parkopedia app?

With the rising worries about the parking spots in the major areas of the cities not only in the US but Canada, Australia, and various other countries we are left with very few options. Certainly, we feel the need to get clear accesses to parking spots and not just wait around for our cars dwindling from one spot to another. We have someone serving our needs since 2009 and have proven to grow exceptionally well, now almost in 75 countries. Yes, we are talking about Parkopedia. A galaxy, as they say, serving the needs of so many people all around the world. Let’s have a sneak peak into how to use Parkopedia app.

Step 1: Search for “Parkopedia” on your App Store/Google Store and click on download. Let it download smoothly and get ready for the steps to follow.


How to use parkopedia app?

Step 2: After signing up by inputting your details you will be directed to the main page where you will have access to view all the parking spots on the map. Parkopedia offers a different feature to simply swipe and compare the prices of the various Parking spots and make a selection. 

How to use parkopedia

Step 3: Now, When you click on any one of the listings you can get all the options with their information regarding the parking spots. You can know and compare the prices, look out for the capacity and see the distance from your source. You can also check the reviews of the spots which helps if you want only trusted and genuine spots for your vehicle parking. All information that will help you generate an idea of which parking spot will be best suited for you. 

How to use Parkopedia

Step 4: Going further, you can check your selection one last time and make the payment.

How to use parkopedia

Parkopedia has its own point redeem system where you can simply check the availability and earn 40 points. So you can redeem these points in your next booking and enjoy a free parking spot. Isn’t it just amazing for the people who like offers!!

Well, the app has some wonderful features and above all, it is featuring its services in almost 75 countries which is a big deal in itself. Another striking feature about this app is that you can even rent your own parking space.

Parkopedia Review :

Parkopedia is one of the largest area covering app in the entire parking market. They always aimed to be the Wikipedia of parking when it comes to this. They have surely made a galaxy out of the spots available serving almost 15 million parking spots all over 75 countries that is reaching a zenith in their area. They have remarkably set up an example and made their customers happy enough with their services. No doubt that Parkopedia is striking all the right chords with their services and facilities and a large customer base.

If in doubt, go for Parkopedia parking!!

Hope you learnt How to use parkopedia app. In case of any questions please mention it in the comments section below.


Where can I get a Parkopedia clone script app?

The folks at ‘Smart Car Tech’ have an excellent Parkopedia clone script app. You can get it HERE.

How can I book my own Parking spot through Parkopedia?

You have to just contact them by filling up a form and you can rent your own parking lot/garage at a price that you determine and make it available for all. You can ask people to rate you and give reviews about your spot so that you gain more customers.

What if I want to book a spot in someone’s personal garage space?

That is called Personal parking. You can very well choose a personal garage spot or driveways. You have access to any kind of parking spot you wish to book.

What all information I gain if I book via this app?

You get access to a lot of discount vouchers as well as offers. In addition to that, you get information about the parking spots like:

-Address with entrance and exit information

-Space available

-Additional facilities like CCTV camera availability, light system.

-Hours that parking spot is available for.

-Price Information.

How will I get entry to the parking spot?

Well, it’s quite simple. Once you complete your booking you will be generated a pass that you can access under the “reservations” tab or via your email. You can simply download the pass from the emails. Sometimes you have to take out a print out of the receipt if the parking spot asks for or else just the e-pass would work. Check it beforehand what are the requirements.

Is inputting my license plate number necessary?

Yes, It is for safety as well as authenticity purposes. When you input your license plate number you help the vendors to confirm your spot with Genuity.

What if I exceed my parking time?

That is quite possible in few cases when you are not exactly aware of your parking stay time. So, if you do exceed your time without any update on the app for extending time, unfortunately, you will be charged for the overstay. The price of the overstay is determined by the individual owners of the parking spot.

What are some additional features provided in the app?

They obviously give a lot of relevant features that are hard to find in other applications. They have service providers from all leading companies including Ford, Apple, BMW, Coyote, and others. Being a customer you can add if you find locations without parking spots.

-Being a customer you can add if you find locations without parking spots.

-Customers who use the app can assist with translation into your own language.

-Though used for short term parking, but deals greatly with long term parking systems having a pass available for monthly, yearly or even daily.

-When you book via Parkopedia you are setting yourself for a reliable parking spot.

Where can I get Parkopedia promo code or discount coupon and offers?

We have a few Parkopedia Promo codes & discount cupons that have been sold but you can always look out for them in this section later. You can also earn points by showing up the availability and referring friends and earning yourself a free spot in future.

What is real-time space availability?

It is one of the amazing features again which helps the user to find a location out of all the parking spots even when there is no censor system helping us out. This, in turn, helps to reduce traffic and congestion with a reduction in Co2 emission too. A long term plan, you see!

What is in-car transactions?

Parkopedia’s API system supports both parking reservation and parking payments.  When you book a spot you can easily find it under the tab “Reservation” and you can view your current and past tabs.

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