How to use ParkMobile App?

I have tickets for tonight’s baseball game. Let’s meet up at 8.” — All excited about the baseball game! But wondering what to do about the parking spot at such a peak hour, at a place so full of people and at a fix of time like this? Then just nudge away your worries and simply book your parking spot beforehand online using the ParkMobile app effectively. In this post lets learn How to use ParkMobile App.

Step1: Downloading: Just go to the App store/Google play store and search for Parkmobile, once you find it click on download and get ready for getting a parking spot easily anywhere, anytime.

How to use Parkmobile app?

Create your account by inputting details like your name, address, phone number and vehicle information that includes the number plate. 

Step2: Payment Setup: After you are done with your sign up activity, set up a payment method too. Payment method includes adding up your Mastercard, Visa or your Paypal account. This will directly make the payments whenever you book a spot.

Step3: Selection of Zone: So, Parkmobile is different from the other parking apps that we tend to see. When you are booking you have to input the zone number on the top most search bar. Zone number can be input by you or you can always choose from the nearby zones listed. You can add the frequently visited parking spot in your favorites and save time by selecting it from there.

How to use Parkmobile app?

Step4: TimeSlot Selection: Once you are done with your location selection, then comes the selection of time slot that you wish to book it in. Select the time slot and it will display the duration you have booked it for. Then you can simply move to confirmation.

How to use Parkmobile app?

You Can even extend the session time of your parking whenever you wish to, not after it has expired or already ended. You can extend until the meter has reached max while serving the session or before it.

How to use Parkmobile app?

Step5: Alert System: Parkmobile has introduced a great way to let us know about the upcoming booked session and i.e. by sending Alerts. Alerts in a way help us to remind ourselves of the session in case our human brain tends to forget it.

How to use Parkmobile app?

Hope you learnt how to use Parkmobile app. Please do let us know of any questions in the comments section below.

Parkmobile app review

Though the app is difficult to handle initially because conceptually we don’t get it on the very first time but it is a very smooth and easy to use application. The only thing that is negative about the app is that once you get wrong with any detail while booking you can’t just retract. Though you can always contact them on their phone systems and check if they could help in any way. The application has been doing wonderful all over UK and Parkmobile has even created one more app: Parknyc for parking in New York City. You can always give the app a try for simple and trouble-free booking for a parking spot.

Also check the best parking app in your city.


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Can I use the app if I don’t own a smartphone?

Yes, you can do that by calling the number given on Parkmobile signs or meter stickers in your area to pay for the parking spot. To avail more services register via. their website or call them to enjoy an easy journey with them.

Can my parking session be stopped?

Yes, when you are sure that you don’t need the parking spot for that long, you can stop the session before the stipulated time but only if that parking area allows to or else you would need to pay for the whole session.

How will I know about my parking charges or transaction fees?

So, the parking charges depend on the local parking areas where you are planning to park your vehicle. Parkmobile just helps you with the transaction via your phone and applies a minimal transaction fee too. If you wish to know about it, you can get it in your parking lot, your meter or your station.

Can I cancel and get refunds for my booking?

Well, in this case, it isn’t possible because once the transaction is done, it is difficult to contact the parking operator and get the money back. So be careful while making the booking, fill in correct details and ensure the transaction details. Though, you can always extend your session time.

Why should I set my location while booking?

Same zone numbers can exist in different locations. For ex. Zone number 1441 may exist in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Then it becomes our factor to clear which location we are referring to for the ease of parking prices.

Where can I get a Parkmobile clone script app?

The folks at Smart Car Tech have a good Parkmobile clone script app. You can get it HERE

How does Parkmobile work in Australia, UK, India, Canada?


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