How to use Parking Panda App?

Commutation is a big worry in the cities of US, roads are surfaced with a lot of vehicles all the time. So, if you have big plans at any time of the day, apart from getting all dressed for the event what fuels our worry is what about the parking? It sounds a lot trickier than written when we actually get on the roads. But to every driver’s rescue, we have an app working up since 2013 to make parking a wrangle free deal. But if the question arises: How to actually use this, then here is our guide on How to use Parking Panda 🙂

Step 1: Open your app store if you own an iPhone or Google Play store for android users. Search for ParkingPanda app and download it. Sign up and fill in your details to set up your account for further bookings.

Step 2: On the search bar at the topmost part of the app, type your location where you wish to get your parking spot. Out of hundreds of options that are displayed choose the one apt for you. For ex. Type either a specific location like 20 South Charles street or you can also type the town name like Washington DC.  After that, you will be able to see all the options closest to your destination.

Click on the Time Slot below the search bar to adjust the time frame. If you wish to book it for 3 hours, make the adjustments and set it.

How to use ParkingPanda App?

This will also show you the price then and there for you to make a simple choice. You can either look into the list view or the map view to know about the spot.

Step 3: Once you are done with the selection, you can click on the orange button below to view details about the parking spot you have chosen. The green tab shows the discount available for the same and with Pandascan you can toggle in and out of the map to see the location.

How to use Parking Panda App?

So you can get the information about

-The amenities they offer

-The photos of the location

-Details about the lot

-The Operational hours

-Cancellation Policy

and most importantly know about the re-entry information.

Step 4: After you are clear with your choice go ahead and press the orange tab: Purchase for $__. 

How to use Parking Panda App?

Step 5: Now You will go ahead with the payment method by adding your cards: Credit/Visa or via your PayPal account and go ahead to book it.

How to use Parking Panda App?

Once you get it done, you will find your QR code that you can simply scan when you reach the parking spot. It will scan and let you in.

Step 6: How to use Parking Panda App?


ParkingPanda App helps you to scan in and out using the Pandascan! One for its own name.

Once done you are all set to go and park at ease.

Hope you learnt How to use Parking Panda App. Please let us know of any questions in the comments section below.

Parking Panda Review:

In a world of increased vehicle count and population increase, we are stuck with very few options for parking our vehicles at crucial areas. It becomes difficult and also a lot time-consuming. In order to ensure that such problems are dealt with; ParkingPanda offers us with the best of the solution to simply book a parking slot of choice and pay online. Customers have been quite happy with the app and the kind of services they provide. It is one of the top apps for solving the parking credibility in the US. So, you can any day give it a try as it has been one of the most feasible options.

Have a hassle-free parking spot: Anywhere, Anytime!!

Also check the best parking app in your city.


Where can I get Parking Panda Promo code & discount coupon?

Well, you can use the Parking Panda Promo code: BLOG and get a $5 discount on App only. You can also redeem Parking Panda coupons by applying promo code under the link “Redeem Promo code” and paste it. So, any coupon that you find on Groupon or similar sites you can very well apply and get discounts for your otherwise expensive parking spot.

Where is the app applicable? 

ParkingPanda is currently serving in 40 cities including NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago and many more.

What is the Parking Panda referral system available?

You can invite your friends through the referral code is given to you and they will get a discount of $5 if they are first time users, and additionally, you will also get $5 discount. If they make a transaction more than $5 (other than discount) then you will again get $5 in your account. Free gain from friends!

Can we book multiple slots at a time?

Yes, you can. How? After first reservation, go through it again and make the payment again. This will ensure a different vehicle number and a different confirmation number.

Does ParkingPanda also take up reservations for big vehicles like buses?

Yes, they also make reservations for buses and various such vehicles. Sometimes we need multiple selections, for them also just contact them on 800-232-6415 or mail them on [email protected]

After an event, garage’s closing time is  1 hour after the event. What does it mean?

Yes, generally for events garages do extend their timings and therefore after the closing of the event, they would like you to vacate your vehicle from the spot within 1 hour.

How will I know if my vehicle can fit in the garage?

For the same ParkingPanda provides you with the option to know this beforehand. So, when you click on the details about a particular parking spot, they will give you information under the tab: Important Information. There you can find the details about the height restrictions of the garage and you can similarly know about it.

How will I know about the garage’s closing time?

You can very well know about it in the detail section of the parking slot: Hours of Operation. You can know about the timings when is the garage open till. It offers 24/7 services if nothing is mentioned. What if I am late and take my vehicle post the closing time? Then yes, you will firstly have no attendant to look onto your vehicle and secondly, you have to pay while departing. So decide wisely and ensure to take your vehicle before the assigned time.

How can I know about overnight parking?

Well, a simple trick can help in this. While making a selection on the time slot just book it for 2 days and if it is taking the slot that means that overnight parking is available at that particular parking spot. If it doesn’t, you can choose any option nearby.

How and when can I contact ParkingPanda?

Call them: 1-800-232-6415

Mail them:[email protected]

They will be happy to serve you 7 days a week from 7am-9pm EST.

Where can I get a Parking Panda Clone script?

You can get a nice Parking Panda clone script app at Smart Car tech. You can get it HERE

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