How to use OCR scanner app ScreenOCR ?

Let’s learn how to use OCR scanner app ScreenOCR?

Opinion: Most of us have used Optical Character Recognition software at some point in time. The software would’ve been mostly on our desktop and would’ve taken a lot of time to render. However, ScreenOCR is a mobile app that allows you to capture the image and translate them within a few seconds/minutes on the fly. The utility of the app is great and the output is accurate. 

ScreenOCR by Morgan Ashton is a mobile app that lets you take a picture, the app recognizes any text present in the image and saves it on a text file. This file can then be shared with anyone. You could either process a single image or upload a batch of images at once to make things more efficient. The app allows both taking a picture directly or uploading images from your phone album.

ScreenOCR identifies text characters in multiple languages before translating them to the preferred language. The accuracy rate is high and it’s also due to the fact that the underlying Optical Recognition engine is powered by the licensed version of Google OCR.

The OCR scanner app offers Free and ‘Pay As You Go‘ plan. The free version gives you 6 free credits every month. Each credit entitles you to one image translation. Otherwise, you can buy credits from the store to convert more images. These credits don’t expire.

What can you do on the OCR Scanner App? 

Extract Text

Take a picture on the app that analyses the image for visible text content and extracts that so it can be saved to a text file.

OCR Scanner App


The text content can be quickly translated to the available languages within the app. We haven’t tested the accuracy of that since we believe the translations are also powered by Google.

Batch Translate

Multiple images can be processed and the text content can be identified and extracted from these images. This saves time and can get things done quickly. You’d need to spend based on the number of images you are converting.


The text that is output from the OCR scanner App can be shared with anyone. The app allows easy sharing right from the app.

How to use OCR scanner app ScreenOCR ?

Step 1: Download the OCR Scanner App for Android here and OCR Scanner APP iOS here

Step 2: Create an account on the app. Choose a free account or Pay and get credits depending on the usage.

Step 3: On the App’s home screen you will find the options to Upload, Take a picture and access to your translation history.

Step 4: If you want to upload a single image or multiple images, Tap on the ‘Batch’ option at the top menu.

Step 5: If you’d like to capture a single image for translating on the OCR Scanner app, then the Tap on the blue colored ‘Capture/Camera’ icon.

OCR Scanner App

Step 6: The image will be captured now and ready for translation. At the bottom right corner, Tap on the ‘[OCR] Scan’ option.

OCR Scanner App

Step 7: Now the translated text is available on the text file. You can choose to edit it further or share it with others.

OCR Scanner App

Let us know if you have any questions related to ScreenOCR app in the comments below.

How to use OCR scanner app ScreenOCR?
Article Name
How to use OCR scanner app ScreenOCR?
Let's learn how to use OCR scanner app ScreenOCR? Opinion: Most of us have used Optical Character Recognition software at some point in time.
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