How to use moments app?

Moments is a photo sharing app in its own unique way. Unlike other photo-sharing apps like Instagram, Moments has its own charm. Owned by Facebook, lets see how to use Moments app.

Let’s start with downloading the app first.
Step 1: Open Google Play Store(Android) or App Store (for iPhone) & search for “Moments
Step 2: Tap the Download / Get button. ( If your mobile prompts with a list of permissions, like access to photos, etc that your app will be needing, don’t worry, hit OK )

How to use moments app from Facebook?

Once it is downloaded and installed, tap on ‘Open‘  to see a screen like this. Tap on ‘Next’ to go further.How to use moments app from Facebook?

How to use Moments from Facebook?

Tap on ‘Continue‘. Since, Moments is from Facebook, the login process requires you to use your Facebook credentials. Fill in the details and tap on ‘Continue‘ again.

How to use Moments from Facebook?

On the next screen, You can either choose ‘Not Now‘ or ‘OK‘ ( for syncing Facebook photos in Moments ). If you selected ‘OK‘, the process starts in the next screen.

How to use Moments from Facebook?

The next screen acts more of an on-boarding screen, trying to get you comfortable with what Moments is all about. You can choose to see some of the suggested moments or you can skip it.

How to use Moments from Facebook?

On the next screen your most recently captured image shows up to share it with your friends. Here you can either select “Not Now” or “Send To” ( Selecting the later will display your contacts which you can choose to send the photo to )

How to use Moments from Facebook?

Choosing “Not Now” will take you to a screen for creating new moments. 
Now let’s create a moment. Tap on ‘+‘ or ‘Create New Moment‘ & you will get the next screen full of photos from your mobile phone.

How to use Moments from Facebook?

To add memories to the moment, you have to select a few photos (So, select the photos you want to be a part of your Moment). After you have made your selection, tap on ‘Next‘ on the top right of the screen.

How to use Moments from Facebook?

Your Moment now needs a Title, So enter one( we have given the title as ‘Nature at it’s best’ ). Tap on Next ( well, you can choose to skip this step as well, but just give a title )

How to use Moments app?

How to use Moments app?

On the next screen, you get to choose any contact to share the moment with( You can choose more than one contact as well ). Once your done selecting, tap ‘Next‘.

How to use Moments app?

The next screen is interesting 🙂 The moments app automatically open’s up a chat box between you and the person you have shared the photo with.In case you have sent it to many contacts, it will appear as group chat.  Sweet!

How to use moments app?

This is the crux of Facebook Moments app. It combines photo sharing with a never like before social twist. Now all the contacts have become part of that moment you have created. Everyone else in the group can also upload their photos for the moment. If you have come back from a family trip or a vacation with friends …. the moments app can bring back those moments like magic. And its fun as well, collaborating in this manner 🙂

The best part is, the moments app also creates a beautiful slide show making use of the photos( with music ).

How to use Facebook moments app?

Tapping on the Select option on the top right corner, enables you to share the photos on various platforms via. the Moments app( There are also provisions to share your whole moment or just a few photos )

How to use moments app from Facebook?

What else? You can also,
– Save the photo to your gallery ( The photos uploaded by your friends to your phone )
– Remove the photo from your moment  -or-
– Send one photo to many moments ( so it becomes part of many moments )

Now, Going back to the main menu & tapping on the ‘hamburger‘ icon, you’ll get these 3 options. Go ahead and see what they can do.

How to use moments app?The Share Link option is there to share the moment on other social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and G+.
The Delete Moment is for deleting a moment if you want to.

How to use moments app?

The Edit Title is for changing the title of your moment.

How to use moments app

Now, going back to the main screen of the Moments app, lets take a close view at the slideshow. Moments app has made a slideshow with the images that you selected along with a background tune. As mentioned earlier, this one feature is the crown jewel of the app. Its not present in any photo sharing app so far & its beautiful 🙂

How to use moments app for creating slideshow

How to create slideshow using moments app

You would notice 3 options: Music, Photos and More.
Music allows you to choose from a variety of background tunes. Swipe right under the Music option for more tunes.
The Photos option allows you to add more photos to your memory.
The More option allows you to tag more friends to your Moment

How to create slideshow on moments app

Lets again go back to the main screen and have a look at the little icons at the bottom,

How to use moments appThe Add Person icon is for adding/tagging more people to the moment. Tapping on that will take you to you contact list again.
The speech bubble Opens up the chat box for the moment
Tapping on the Add Photo icon You can add more photos to your Moment.
Tap on the ‘<-‘ to go further back.

How to use the Moments app?

Now your back on your main screen. Try creating a new moment again 🙂
Swiping right on the main screen, you can see photos and friends ( with all moments as well )

How to use Moments app?

Swiping right again takes you to a list of friends. Use the ASK button to ask your friends any photos they have shared with you so that you can add/tag them to your moments.

How to use Moments app with friends

Swiping right again takes you the conversation on the Moments. If you have only one Moment, the conversation box will directly appear. If you have more than one moment, you can choose which to select.

How to use moments app?

Go back and tap on the Settings icon on the top right corner of your screen. Here you can set your preferences and configure the app settings as you desire ( its pretty straight forward & each field in there is self explanatory )

How to use moments app?

How to use moments app from Facebook?

Hope you learnt How to use Moments app. As you keep using it, you will get to use it even more easily. If you do find any Easter eggs, do keep us posted on the comments 🙂

Moments app review

Everyone has their moments which they wanna revisit and cherish for the rest of their lives. Facebook has come out with this incredible & interesting app, so you can have fun creating and sharing your precious moments. In this process, you also save these moments of yours over the cloud and share it with anyone in the world. The moments app is for sure a unique approach to photo sharing with a boat load of innovative features. All the Moments app review online are very positive & yes we do give a thumbs up for it 🙂


  • What is Moments app?

Moments, is an interesting photo-sharing app. This app allows you to quickly share and tag people on photos based on where they were taken. It is an app developed and owned by Facebook.

  • Why did Facebook launch Moments app?

With the mobile phone marching big time into everyone’s life, taking photos & sharing it has become a way of life. Facebook as we know, is the biggest social network in the world & it knows photos play an important part of its social DNA ( the reason for it acquiring Instagram ). But Instagram does not capture enough life in the pictures & Facebook wants more. Moments is the answer from Facebook for marrying social & photos in a never like before fun manner.

  • How to send photos using Facebook moments app and how do I create a slideshow with music using the moments app?

The answer to how to create slideshow with music using the moments app is explained in detail in the above article. Scroll up to the Slideshow section.

  • How do I share the slideshows & albums from my Moments app to Facebook?

Use the Share link option by tapping on the ‘hamburger’ option and select Facebook. Simple.

  • Who all can see my photo in the Moments app?

Since it is a private sharing app, only the people tagged in your moments can see your photos.

  • Will the photos I take using my camera be automatically stored in the moments app?

No, you will have to manually, get them from your gallery to Moments. But there are also settings which can do that for you.

  • How to delete photos that have been already synced in Facebook?
  1. Click Photos > Synced from Phone.
  2. Click the photo you’d like to delete.
  3. Click Delete in the bottom-left corner and confirm.
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