How to use MikMak app

Mikmak is a very helpful app for people looking to buy some very convenient everyday stuff. The engaging short videos which act as an advertisement for the products are really appealing and makes you wanna buy them right away! Here is a guide on How to use MikMak app & help you do some MikMak shopping 🙂


To begin with, you need to download the app from the Apple App Store.

Step 1: Open App Store. Search for MikMak.

Step 2: Install the app.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, tap OPEN.

how to use MikMak app

As the app opens, you have the choice of signing in using Facebook or with your details.

You might even browse as a guest if you feel reluctant to sign in.

how to use MikMak app

How does MikMak app work:

Once you’ve signed in, you are ready to use MikMak.

A very interesting thing about this app is that it gives you prizes and discounts the more you watch. (You need to allow notifications for the same)

how to use MikMak app

As you are redirected to the next page, you will be asked HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? i.e., your preferred areas of interest. You may choose from a wide range of options, namely:

  • Gadgets
  • Kitchen
  • Pet
  • Beauty
  • Accessories
  • Home
  • DIY
  • Office
  • Fitness
  • Jewelry
  • NSFW
  • Skin Care
  • Food
  • iPhone Accessories

Remember, you will get to see videos according to your choice on this page.

how to use MikMak app


MikMak uses a very smart yet simple interface. It has 3 faces.

  • The primary face displays the videos. You may only watch one video at a time as it covers the whole screen.

-The videos are lined up one below the other. They are shot by the sellers.

-Each video basically tells you what the product is and how it works.

how to use MikMak app

  • If you swipe left on the video screen, you will be directed to a detailed description of the product.

-Everything, starting from the price of the product to how it works, you get it here in text.

how to use MikMak app

  • If you like any of the products, all you gotta do is add it to the cart.

-On the bottom-right corner you will see an option that says ADD TO CART along with the price of the product (in USD).

-Tapping that option will lead you to the cart, which stores all the products you liked and are looking forward to buy.

(A cart is similar to a shopping cart we have at the departmental stores. You store the products you like in there for later CHECK OUT)

-You can add as many products in the cart you like and CHECK OUT together, which begins the process of getting them to you.

how to use MikMak app

I’m sure you have been noticing the little circle on the bottom left with a winking smiley on it. What’s that about?

Well, it is a little shortcut button to make your experience at MikMak better.

If you tap on the circle, MikMak tells you how the button works.

  • Left : Previous Image
  • Right : Next Image
  • Top : Share a GIF to a friend
  • Bottom : Copy Link to the clipboard to share later

how to use MikMak app


how to use MikMak app

So just tap and drag it in any direction, this is what it would do. Also, if you just press the circle long enough, the normal text on the screen gets converted into emoji text.

how to use MikMak app

  • In case you are looking for a particular product of a particular genre, you could always turn to the Search option. Just tap on the magnifying glass on the top right corner and type a keyword for what you are searching.

how to use MikMak app

This is how your check out process looks like. Fill in the details and have fun using the products.

how to use MikMak app

Hope this article gave you a tour on how to use MikMak app. Order away! 🙂


* How to use MikMak app on PC and Laptop?

You could visit the official MikMak website if you want to access the site from your PC or laptop.

Visit here:

* When will the MikMak Android app be launched?

MikMak is only available for iOS users, as of now. Its Android version might be coming up soon.

* How to Turn-Off notifications from Mik Mak app?

MikMak only sends notifications via e-mail. You could skip the page where they ask you to allow notifications, in the beginning, in case you don’t want to be notified.

* How to Delete / Un-Install MikMak app?

Step 1: Long press the app icon on your iPhone.

Step 2: Drag the app to the X symbol.

This will uninstall the app from your device.

* Will MikMak app consume a lot of Internet bandwidth on my mobile?

Since the app consists of a lot of graphics and videos, it does consume a considerable amount of Internet data.

* Where can I get a MikMak clone script app?

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