How to use LINE app

LINE is an instant messaging (IM) app on smartphones, tablets and computers. LINE users can communicate via texts, images, videos and audio. LINE also allows its users to make free in-app calls. Here, we will guide you on how to use LINE app and explain about it’s features 🙂

Getting Started

Step 1. Open Play Store/ App Store on your device. Search for ‘ LINE ‘.

Step 2. After the search result is out, Tap on the ‘ LINE ‘ app.

Step 3. Tap ‘ Install ‘.

Step 4. Open the app once it’s installed.

How to use LINE app

Step 5. Once you’ve opened the app, you will have to sign up first. You have the option to either sign up with your Facebook account or with your mobile number.

If you are signing up with your mobile number, a verification code will be sent to the mobile number you are signing up with.

Step 6. Verify your account. You will then have to set up your username.

Once your account is set up, you can use the LINE app.

Personalizing your LINE account

Step 1. Tap on your profile. Then tap on ‘ Edit profile ‘.

Step 2. Select a profile picture of your choice. Set it up. You even have the option to share your Profile Picture.

Step 3. Set up your display name.

Step 4. You can set your Status Message if you want to.

Step 5. Now, set up your User ID. Your User ID is different from your display name. Your friends can add you to their LINE contacts via your User ID. You can even use your QR code to add friends to your contacts.

How to use LINE app


The LINE app is loaded with interesting and useful features

  1. Messages and Texts

LINE is primarily an Instant Messaging (IM) app. It is similar to other IM apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat,etc. Users can create messages on multiple platforms like smartphone, tablets and personal computers (Windows or Mac) and send them to your LINE contacts. Users can communicate via texts, images, audio and stickers.

You can also create or join groups ( up to 200 people ) where you can broadcast your chats and media.

Real-time conformation of messages that have been delivered or read can be seen.

LINE also offers it’s customers the ” hidden chat ” feature, which allows the user to set timers to their messages after which the message will get deleted from the sender’s and receiver’s devices ( like Snapchat )

How to use LINE app

2. Stickers

LINE app features a sticker shop from where users can purchase stickers depicting original characters, emotions and other various day to day activities. LINE stickers feature characters from popular anime’s, manga’s and Disney. Some stickers celebrating special events like Olympics are released for a limited period of time.

How to use LINE app

3. Theme

LINE allows users to customize their LINE profile to an extra extent. Various themes are available, some of which are free while most of it comes at a price of coins. The themes are mostly anime or manga based themes. They also feature Disney based themes like Snow White, Mickey Mouse, etc.

How to use LINE app

4. Timeline

The application also has timeline and homepage features similar to that of Facebook, where users can post and share pictures, stickers and texts with their contacts.

LINE also allows it’s user to hide their timeline from selected users.

How to use LINE app

5. Privacy

The privacy settings on the LINE app is very impressive. Firstly, the app features an in-app 4-digit pass-code lock which is unavailable in other IM apps like Whatsapp. If your phone has Touch ID, you can use it to gain access to the app.

LINE allows the user to choose whether to allow other users to add you as a friend by searching for your ID.

The ‘ Filter Message‘ option when activated rejects all messages sent by LINE users who are not on your friend list.

You can also choose whether you want to receive friend requests or not.

The ‘ Letter Sealing ‘ feature on the app protects your messages using advanced encryption. But this feature only works when your friend too has enabled ‘ Letter Sealing ‘ on his/her device.

How to use LINE app

6. Keep

Keep is a feature on the LINE app that serves as personal storage space for your special texts, pictures and audio that you want to save.

Other than your texts or photos, user can save links and voice messages on Keep. Keep is a private feature on LINE and contents inside it will not be made public.

How to use LINE app

7. LINE Out & Voice Calls

Free in-app voice calls can be made between LINE users. You only require an internet connection and you can talk away for free.

LINE Out allows you to make low-cost calls via the LINE app to mobile phones and landlines. You can use LINE Out to make domestic as well as international calls. You first have to purchase Call Credit which are at the rate of 100 credits per $0.99 dollars.

How to use LINE app

LINE first launched in Japan in 2011. It reached 600 million users by 2015. It was initially developed as an Android and iOS app, but it has covered nearly all the platforms like Windows Phone, Firefox OS and personal computers.

Hope you learnt How to use Line app 🙂  If you have any questions do post it in the comments section below.


* Line Vs Whatapp. Which one is better?

This is a difficult question. The answer will differ from person to person. If you are very active on social media then LINE would be the better option, as LINE has timeline features. If you just need an efficient straight forward messaging experience then WhatsApp would be it. Privacy wise, both the apps encrypt messages, but LINE also has a passcode lock option which WhatsApp doesnot have.

Ultimately, it depends on which app your friends use, as you are not going to use a social messaging app all by yourself.

* Can I send messages from Line to Whatsapp users?

No, a LINE user can only send messages to another LINE user.

* How to use Line app on PC?

You have to first install the LINE app on your PC. You can login with the LINE ID you made from your phone.

Download it here – LINE

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