How to use Keep – Home Workout Trainer App effectively?

The below easy steps will help you leverage the Keep – Home Workout Trainer App effectively.

How to install the Keep – Home Workout Trainer App

You can install Keep – Home Workout Trainer App on your mobile from either Play Store or App Store respectively for Android or iOS. To start using the app, you will need an account and as depicted below in the screenshot you have three ways of sign up. You are ready after signing in.

Keep Sigin

You can ‘Skip’ sign-in also but will be limited to lesser features.

Features of Keep – Home Workout Trainer App

Keep – Home Workout Trainer App essentially helps you with procedures for different types of exercises suited to different parts of the body. These parts are, for example, Arms, Abs, Back, Shoulder and so on.

When you initially install the app, you are allotted a certain number of ‘calorie coins’. These tokens are your small steps to make use of certain free features and when fully accepting the app, you can go for premium features.

Keep Coins

You can also set up a plan for your workout that can help you track exercise activity from a starting date.

The main feature breakdown offered by Keep – Home Workout Trainer App are:

  • Feed: This feature is a community outreach space where you can reach out to like-minded folks, share suggestions or praise. There are two sections ‘Following’ and ‘You’ which stand for community shares and yours respectively.
  • Home: A dashboard to show your current progress. Information such as Training Minutes, Training Days and Current Streak are shown.
  • Plan: A scheduler which helps you design and track your exercise routine.
  • Workouts: A handy section which has informative videos about the mode of exercise to different body parts. Serves as a speedy reference.
  • Me: Information about your profile and a placeholder to set global features of the app.

Keep Features

Please note that if you want to make full use of ‘Plan’, then you will have to go for a premium subscription that can span a week or month. Full-fledged use of Plan and all workouts are not free.

A handpicking of some important features of the Keep – Home Workout Trainer App

We will consider the two features ‘Plan’ and ‘Workouts’ in more intimate detail. Other features are rather self-explanatory and we will mention them as appropriate.

Below are the step-by-step instructions to use the ‘Plan’ feature:

STEP 1: If you are not already part of a plan, when you click on ‘Plan’, you will get the below screen.

Keep Features

STEP 2: Click on ‘Get Started’ to kick off a program.

STEP 3: Next you have to make the choice of your Body Mass Index (BMI). Based on initial settings your BMI would be estimated. Still, you have 2 choices – ‘Plus Size Program’ and ‘Regular Program’. You can manually enter into any of these programs overriding app choice.

Keep BMI

STEP 4: In the succeeding screen, you have a choice to make your fitness goal. The options presented here are quite universal. ‘Lose Weight’, ‘Stay Healthy’ and ‘Gain Muscle’ is the most evident choices of any regimen and you have to wisely choose one.

Keep Type

STEP 5: The next parameter in your program selection normally flows into the setup. You must describe your fitness level as either ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’.

Keep Level

STEP 6: You are presented with a ‘Plan Review’ that summarizes your choices and allows to set the start date for your fitness endeavor. Click on ‘Create Program’ to get started. You would need to use your outstanding calorie coins or opt for Premium Mode as payment.

Keep Plan review

STEP 7: Once your transaction goes through you get this screen. Click on ‘Get Started’.

Keep Get Started

STEP 8: You reach the below screen that is a dashboard to mark and track your progress. Please note in the top right corner you have 2 options ‘Share’ and ‘Program Settings’. You can share in social media or set settings for the program including deleting it (this option looks like a gear).

Keep Program

STEP 9: There is a timeline numbered from your program start date. You can only access the current day’s exercise schedule and future will be locked. In the example above, if you click on ‘Intermediate Abs Workout’, you will get below screen.

Keep Intermediate Abs

STEP 10: When you click on ‘Start your workout’, the app will download the required media as below.

Keep download

STEP 11: Then as below, exercise videos will start. You can always go back and look at the videos one by one. Each regimen has a fixed number of exercises.

Below are the step-by-step procedures to use the ‘Workouts’ feature:

STEP 1: You get the below screen when you click on the ‘Workouts’ option.

STEP 2: As seen, you have 3 options ‘Favorite Workout’, ‘Explore All Workouts’ and ‘Exercise Library’.

Keep Workout

STEP 3: Favorite Workout is a placeholder to flag your choice of a workout as what you like and want to easily access it.

STEP 4: Explore All Workouts gives you a detailed exercise regimen of the various schedule of exercises. For example, there is a ‘Beginner Fat Loss Workout’ that has 26 exercises to help you lose fat.

Keep Fat

STEP 5: You have 2 search options towards top called ‘Default’ and ‘Filter’ that help you narrow down your search for the ideal workout. You can also flag a workout as Favorite with the star button at the bottom right, once you enter a workout.

STEP 6: Exercise Library helps you identify exercises suited for different parts of the body like Chest or Back. This is for handy reference.

Keep Library

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I make full use of the Keep – Fitness trainer App? What makes it stand out from other apps?

Please note Keep – Home Workout Trainer App is a full-fledged app dedicated to educating people on the exercises prescribed for different parts of the body. Perhaps no other app comes as close as this app in providing quality video snippets for exercises.

2. Am I deprived in any way if I do not go for premium version?

This is a question purely based on requirement. If you are a fitness-freak or an instructor, you will find premium version indispensable. If you are a simple domestic user, the free version would perhaps serve you well.

3. What are some best workouts or exercises?

We suggest you make full use of the ‘Workouts’ option. Here you can avail certain free workouts and refer Exercise Library. These are our best options that even an amateur can refer and use to build their health.

Additional information about the app as presented in the store is as below:

keep add

How to use Keep - Home Workout Trainer App effectively?
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How to use Keep - Home Workout Trainer App effectively?
How to use Keep - Home Workout Trainer App effectively? Maintain your health well through learning this great app.
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