How to use JustPark app?

It has always felt great to nudge away your own pains to someone who can take care of them. Right? JustPark is like a friend found in need and is all here to grace our parking problems with ease. It’s not just a normal app but gives us a lot with its features, services and guaranteed low price booking spots.

Let’s see how does the app work:

Step1: Go to App Store/ Google play store and search for the JustPark app and download it. You can simply sign up with your name, address and various details and get yourself a chance to avail all the features the app has to offer. 

Step2: So, when you open the app after complete download and filled up the profile you may be able to see the home screen. Now, you know where you want to book your parking spot. So, simply type the location in the white search bar or click on the map to know the location. 

You can then input your time details. When will you arrive and when will you depart.

You can get your reviews and distance underneath the map.

How to use JustPark app

Step3:  As simple as that, you know about your parking spot, so when you choose one, you will be able to see the price ratios on that screen. You will be shown price that is less than the actual price. You will have a review of the vehicle’s license number plate that you have updated and the amount payable. You can pay by saving your card details or by Apple Pay.

How to use JustPark app

Step4:  Once you review you can simply make the payment and see the payment successful screen. While moving to your spot you can actually switch on your navigation and go via the directions or view the details again. 


How to use JustPark app

Step5: Sometimes it does happen that a particular work takes up time or an event has been delayed than the scheduled time play and you are worried about your parking slot timings. Then, just get away with it by the amazing option that you have at your fingertips of “Extending your parking session”. Wherever you are and whenever you feel the need just extend your session and get free.

How to use JustPark app

If you need to pay extra for the extended parking then it will be mentioned and you can simply do it on your phone!


This app is a simple and easy way to book just your parking needs. They have guaranteed low prices for the parking spots they offer. They have all the locations set in the UK. So, all you need to do is search for your spot, book it and enjoy a hassle free parking space. They have defined parking space in the city area, stations, airports and even stadium. This just lays off the burden from your shoulder even more. Justpark also helps you to rent out your own space, and make a money out of it. they have almost 25,000+ parking spots covered in the UK under them.


Can I book a spot instantly?

Well, JustPark gives you the best features and also a feature that says ” Park nearby now”. You can simply navigate your location and book a spot instantly there and then.

Do I need to show the receipt?

As long as JustPark has planned, they are trying to eradicate any paper receipts required at the time of parking your vehicle. You need to just show your booking on your app and still for few options you always need to check the information if it is required.

I have few issues, how can I contact them?

You can simply go to their website and leave your issue in the message section and you can get instant replies. They work Monday-Sunday from 9 am-6 pm.

Can I make bookings on multiple dates?

Oh, you very well can. All you need to do is:

  • Search for your parking space
  • On the booking screen mention “Multiple date booking”
  • And you can pay for all the dates.

You have to first ensure before making a booking that if the particular spot is available for the given dates or not.

How can I cancel my booking and what about the refunds?

A probable question, we often ask for making bookings like these.

So for cancellation: Just go to your booking section and click on “MORE”. Wehn you do that go to cancel that particular booking which you want to cancel.

For refund: Refund is generally guaranteed within 3-4 working days. The amount depends on how far in advance did you make the cancellation and the length of your booking.

How can I add time to booking?

So when you make a booking, you can simply go to booking section , click on more and click on “Ammend time”. So you can add time to the booking you wish to.

Where can I find best clone script app for JustPark?

We have some amazing people working to give you the best clone script for this app HERE.

Where can I find promotional offers/ discount coupons?

We provide the offers and promotional codes for these apps. Right now, we are out of stock so just subscribe our page and we will keep you updated when the coupons arrive.


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