How To Use Instagram Stories

Would you deny the opportunity to make some things more interesting in your life given a choice? Well that’s exactly what Instagram has done by launching Instagram Stories. An all new feature that enables you to share all the moments and highlights of your day, as multiple photos and videos embedded into a slideshow format known as: “Your Story“. Lets look into How To Use Instagram Stories.

How To Use Instagram Stories

With this new feature you never have to worry about spamming the timeline of your followers with multiple posts. You can post all throughout the day, without worrying about over posting. Bring your story to life by making your story as creative as possible, with all the in built text and drawing tools. The contents posted under this feature will have a lifespan of 24 hours after which it is deleted and doesn’t appear on your timeline or on your photo grid.

Now this sounds very much familiar to Snapchat’s rendition of “My Story” doesn’t it? Well to answer that query of yours, Yes it is similar to Snapchat’s concept of “My Story” but with an added twist.

CEO of Instagram, Mr. Kevin Systrom in his interview on being confronted about Instagram Stories being a clone of Snapchat Stories answered, “They deserve all the credit,” but insisted “This isn’t about who invented something. This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it.”

Integrating the concept of Stories to Instagram creates a place for content that’s not worthy of being shown on an Instagram feed. At times being just a silly picture to blend with the certain arty content that people post. As the concept of disappearing has been integrated into this feature, one doesn’t have to be ashamed of those awkward and goofy pictures that you’d never post on your profile otherwise. With Instagram Stories, now that’s possible.

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories

How To use Instagram Stories

  • Instagram Stories appear in a row at the top of the main feed instead of on a separate screen like Snapchat, and are sorted by who you interact with most, not purely reverse chronological order like Snapchat.
  • By default anyone whom you allow to follow you on Instagram account can view your Instagram Stories. You can also choose to block people, as opposed to building a separate network on Snapchat.
  • As long as someone’s story is public you can view them without having to follow the person on their account. You can view them by going to the person’s profile.
  • You can swipe right or tap the Stories icon in the top left to open the Stories camera, as opposed to Snapchat defaulting to the camera.
  • You can hold the screen to pause a slideshow, or tap the left side to go back a slide, as opposed to Snapchat’s time-limited, constantly progressing Stories.
  • You cannot add old content to Instagram Stories. Every image or video is limited to a 24 hour time frame within which you’ll have to post them if your uploading an existing content. Whereas Snapchat lets you share old Memories with a white border and time-stamp around them.
  • Instagram offers three brush types for drawing: standard, translucent highlighter and color-outlined neon, whereas Snapchat offers you only a single brush.
  • Instagram offers custom color control for drawing with an easy picker, as well as pre-made palettes like earth-tones or grayscale, while Snapchat custom color control is much more clumsy.
  • You can’t see who screenshot your Instagram Story, while Snapchat warns you.
  • You can’t save your whole day’s Story like on Snapchat, but you can post slides from your Story to the permanent Instagram feed.

How Does Instagram Stories Work?

To understand the concept and how it works let’s take a detour of the Instagram Stories feature on the app.

  1. Watching Instagram StoriesYou can watch all the stories of the people you follow, that will appear in a row above your normal daily feed. To view, tap on the circle icon and the story will play once it is loaded. Every story lasts for 24 hours.How To Use Instagram Stories
  2. Speed Through

    Tap and hold to pause a Story, tap left side to rewind, or swipe left to move to the next person’s story.

  3. Reply

    You cannot like a person’s story, but instead you can choose the “Send Message” option to send a private message to the uploader.How To Use Instagram Stories

  4. Make Your Own Story

    -Tap on the “+” sign on the top left corner on the app to make a story of your own. You can even swipe right from your daily feed to do this action.
    – To make a story you choose to shoot a live picture or video or even choose to upload an existing picture from your gallery that has been taken in the last 24 hours.How To Use Instagram Stories

  5. Get Creative

    The stories option includes a couple of features that you can use to showcase your creativity and even bring your story to life. The 3 major things that you can do are:

    Draw – Enables you to doodle on your stories with three different kinds of brushes and a custom palette of colors to choose from.
    – Add Emojis – Augment to images to get real life like being and have more fun.
    – Overlay Texts – Include texts on your images or videos to put off a signature word or to explain what the story and each image is about.How To Use Instagram Stories

  6. Hide or Block

    Visibility of your story by default is set to everyone who follows you for 24 hours. But you can choose to deny the permission to view certain of your stories in case you don’t wish for those followers to view them. When watching your own story, swipe up to check out who’s seen each photo and video.How To Use Instagram Stories

Instagram has revolutionized the way of how we looked at photos and videos earlier. Some of the best photos from various memorable days of our lives have ended up on Instagram in one way or the other. With this new little twist that the company has launched, users are going to be even more immersed in this addictive sort of phenomena.

The latest update contains this all new added feature of “Instagram Stories“. If you’re still living in the caves it’s time you stepped out to the world of social media and explore these various quests.

You can download the app from the following links:
Play Store- Click Here To Download.
iStore- Click Here To Download.

Hope you learnt How To Use Instagram Stories. Do share your thoughts and opinions about this latest feature in the in section below. Also post your queries if you’re stuck while using the app.

To more memorable moments!

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