How to use Houseparty app?

Developed by a company that made live-streaming into something that’s a sensation, Meerkat has now entered into something new and exciting. Lets look into How to use Houseparty app.

So, basically House party is an app that allows video chatting with friends or otherwise known as “synchronous social network” allowing to be together even when you’re apart. This app is gaining some serious attention by youngsters across the globe and the app is being downloaded aplenty. Here’s how you can download and benefit from the app too:

Step 1: Open this link HERE & you can download the iOS & Google play versions of the app ( Or just search for Houseparty app on your app store )

How to use Houseparty app?

Step 2: Start your download process and wait till you’re done downloading it.

How to use Houseparty app?

Step 3: As the download is complete, open the app and it’s going to want you to sign up.

How to use House party app?

Step 4: Create an account by clicking the sign up button.

How Houseparty app works?

Step 5: Enter your details such as user name, email id, password.

Step 6: Once you’re done doing that, you will be asked permission to get notifications, click on “Allow”.

How Houseparty app works?

Step 7: Next, the app is going to require your contact information. Enter your mobile number and wait for an SMS code that comes almost instantly. Once received, enter the code and you’re done.

How Houseparty app works?

Searching for friends:

Once the registration process is complete, the app asks your permission to access your contacts. Once you authenticate it, the app will search for your friends using the app (if any).

How to use Houseparty app?

If it doesn’t find anyone, it shows “You’re the First one here

Inviting friends:

On the top left corner of the screen, there is an icon that once clicked will open the friends setting. You can click “Add friends” or “My friends”

How to use Houseparty app?

If you choose Add Friends you will get the following options:

Search by name

Search by contacts

Invite friends

How to use Houseparty app?

Once you select a particular contact, the message window opens up and you can send in a message to the contact in order for them to view and download the app.

How to use Houseparty app?

Getting connected:

Say suppose you have a bunch of friends and you haven’t chatted in a while or haven’t even seen one another in some time, this app lets all your friends get in touch with you. It’s like an elaborate version of skype with multiple callers and multiple connections working simultaneously.

The moment you open the app and start off, the app in tandem with your device opens up the front camera and then on you can call friends. You can create groups and add people onto it and call as many people as you like.

Houseparty app review

It’s a new concept and comes to the android or iOS user as an app that goes by the name “House Party”. The app took around 10 months for development and has already roped in close to a million users. The app has encouraged users to join in and frequent their conversations with their friends or family. So named, “Spontaneous togetherness”, there is a lot of time and money at stake. Will this app remain in the spontaneity of users to download or will it be desirable like some of the happening apps? Let’s find out.

Hope you learnt How to use Houseparty app. Please do let us know any questions you have in the commenbts section below.


Does only the front camera on my device work with the app?

No, you can switch between the front and the rear camera too.

How many people can I call at a time?

You can have either a one on one conversation with your friend or call a group of friends (say 8-10 friends) at a time and chat with everyone.

Is this app really viable?

You’re the best judge. If you are bored of just chatting with your friends by creating a group on whatsapp and sharing a couple of stories, incidents and you want change then this is it.

How useful is this app?

It’s a pretty handy app that allows you to get in touch with your friends who might be far apart and don’t meet you often. It’s one of those handy tools if you’re really into keeping in touch with all your buddies.

Can I create groups?

Of course, you can create a group with absolute ease and invite all your friends to a group conference call and keep adding members onto the group to get the gossips going.

How to use Houseparty app in India, UK and Australia?

How to delete / Un-Install Housepart app?

Where can I get a Houseparty clone script app?



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