How to use Honk mobile app for parking?

How often do we wish to find a parking spot as easily as we do find an ice cream vendor at corners? It is difficult but there are few great applications that make our work so easy that it has never been so easy to book a parking spot in the busy streets of US with minimal efforts. And one among these great apps is HonkApp. The name itself delivers the plight we face stuck in traffic and honking for vehicles to give us some space. Well, not making a second thought HonkApp is a great app to vanish our turmoils. So, let’s learn How to use Honk Mobile app:

Step 1: Go to your App store/ Google Store and search for HonkApp. Click on Download and let the process of simple booking of parking spot begin.

Step 2: Click on the search icon as shown in the image. Search for the location that you would want to book your parking spot in. It serves in hundreds of cities in North America so opt out of them. You can very well visualize the platform and see that there are a number of parking spots with varied price ranges. Just look for them and choose the one most applicable to you.

How to use Honk mobile app for parking?

Step3: Once you choose your parking spot you will be automatically directed to the next page. Here you can see that a list of time slots along with their price is shown. It is one of a kind feature. You are actually getting to know how much you will be required to pay for the hours you park your car for. Then choose any of the plans from the range available and continue.

How to use Honk mobile app for parking?

Step 3: After making the final selection you are all set with your booking. So we can see an automatic timer that begins and lets you know until it expires. What great is that you can always switch on the text alerts in case you want yourself to be reminded of the booking.

How to use Honk mobile app for parking?



-Where to enter from where to park and all likely necessary things.

-Where to park when you reach the spot

-Where to make an entry

Step 4: After this, just go ahead with your parking session and if you need to renew your already existing session then opt for it. Just simply click on the blue button saying “Extend Session” and you are all set for it. There will be a timer that will keep reminding you how much time is left till you can go for renewing it. 

How to use Honk mobile app for parking?

Hope you learned How to use Honk mobile app for parking. As simple as it is, we still have a lot of queries regarding application working, so if you do so, please comment below.

Also check the best parking app in your city.


Where can I get Honk Mobile app Promo code or Discount Coupon 2017?

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Can I park more than the defined time frame?

You can park your vehicle until and unless the operational hours of the garage allow to do so. So, while you make the booking just ensure in the details about the parking spot that what are their operational hours. You can accordingly go for the one you need.

Do we get Alerts for our parking session?

Yes, they tend to send text messages to alert you before 15 minutes of your session in case you forget. If you are late or need to extend the time you can do it on your go and extend it. This is only when after the complete selection you switch on the “Text alerts” tab.

What if I make a wrong purchase for a different license plate number?

You can always get refunds if you book immediately with your original license plate number and send both the invoices to their mail id:[email protected] and you will get your refund for the first one.

Do I need to carry a receipt?

Many operators do not allow without receipts, for them, we can always take a print out of the receipt. But how will I know about the same? While booking when you look into the details you can also see if the particular parking spot needs a receipt or not.

How to use Honk mobile app for parking in UK, Canada, Australia, and India?

Currently, They do not offer services in UK, Australia, and India.

How to use Honk mobile app when the phone is offline?

You have an option to download the pdf when they mail you your booking details, so simply download it and keep it with you in case you don’t have data to connect to the internet. You can also show it under my bookings in the app. It will be automatically saved there.


How About Renting your own Parking Spot via HonkMobile App?

Well yes, HonkMobile App comes up with an exciting offer to let you be the host of a parking spot. If you have empty parking spots fill out a form on their app/website,

1.Fill out a form on their app/website

2. Mention all the details about yourself and your parking spot. What would you offer, the rates, time and when is your spot available.

3. If amongst the most used parking spots, you can even earn up to $250/month.

Isn’t it simply mind baffling!! Not only book a parking spot but even rent your own and earn money out of it. So, Stop thinking and start Posting!!


Reviews About Honk Mobile App:

Honk Mobile App has some striking features which connect with the audience in making their parking journey easy and smooth. A realistic idea about the parking spots, details about the price range according to time variations, sending alerts and likewise, have stricken a chord with people. The UI is very simple and easy to grasp. They are always available to help via calls and emails. Making cancellations and opting for refunds is also quite easy with their properly webbed support system. For easy and great parking style opt for HonkMobile App.

Happy Honking!

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