How to use HIKE Messenger ?

In this post, you will learn How to use Hike Messenger 🙂

Step 1: Open the play store/ app store in your mobile phone and type “Hike Messenger” in the search bar.

Step 2: From the search results which gets displayed tap on “Hike Messenger“. It will be the first item on that list.

Step 3: Tap on the Install button and press yes to rest of the prompting messages, if any.

Step 4: The app will now start getting downloaded. It might take a few minutes depending on speed of the mobile data.

Step 5: After the app gets downloaded, tap on the Open button.

How to use HIKE Messenger ?

Step 6: Now on the screen which appears, tap on “Get Started” button.

Step 7: Create your account by filling in your details like Name, Gender, Mobile number, Age etc.

Step 8: A “Verification Code” will be sent on the contact number which you would have provided as your mobile number.

Step 9: Enter the code and you can start using “Hike Messenger” now. 😀

Configuration of Settings:

Open the settings tab and choose the option of your choice.

How to use HIKE Messenger ?

How to use HIKE Messenger ?

You can change any of the options mentioned above according to your preference.

Initializing a Chat:

Step 1: Click on the rightmost upper corner button of your home screen.

How to use HIKE Messenger ?

Step 2: Click on any of the contact you want to converse with.

Step 3:  In Hike you need to add your contact as your friend so press on “Add Friend

How to use HIKE Messenger ?

Step 4: Hike provides it’s users with a variety of stickers which can be used in between the conversations.

How to use HIKE Messenger ?

You can carry out a normal conversation now like in any other social media. 🙂

Sending an attachment-

Step 1: Open the chat to whom you want to send the attachment.

Step 2: Click on the pin symbol on upper right corner.

Step 3: From the drop down list choose the option according to your preference.

How to use HIKE Messenger ?

Step 4: Send the required item.

How to see someone else’s profile-

Step 1: On the home screen > press on the rightmost upper corner button.

Step 2: Click on the contact you want to see the profile of.

Step 3: After the chat window opens, click on the three dots on the upper left corner.

How to use HIKE Messenger ?

Step 4: Click on View Profile and now you can see the profile of that person.

You can also do a variety of other stuffs from this menu:

1- Changing the chat theme

2- Search for a particular word in the chat.

3- Mute the chat for a period of time.

4- Clear the chat.

5- E-mail the chat to someone.

6- Block a person (which should be used very rarely). 🙂

Other features offered by Hike-

Hike Daily– It sends the user two messages per day. Of these one is a general fact and the other one is a quotation which helps in a good start for the day.

Just for Laughs– This is a daily dose of laughter for the user. This feature provides us with 3-4 funny pictures everyday.

Games (Beta)– You can also download various games to pass your time. The games are Word Rush, India Puzzle, Word Search, Number Rush, Sudoku, Snake and Solitaire. Hike keeps coming with new updates on games frequently.

News– Hike also comes with the attribute of daily news which is very essential for a person. The news are briefed in just a few words which saves our time as well.

Coupons– Hike provides you with the best deals over 100 brands like Snapdeal, Amazon, Dominos etc. All you need to is to register for it by clicking on “Save Money“.  You can avail coupons for food, restaurants and shopping.

Photo Filters and Doodles– You can add filters to your photos from the gallery or can make your own drawing over it which is really fun to do. 🙂

Hike Direct– Via Hike Direct, you can share your files without any internet charge i.e. zero data charges.

Using Hike messenger Using Hike Messenger Using Hike Messeger

One of the greatest advantage of Hike is that it comes with a feature with which you can Hide your Chat.

Step 1: Click on the leftmost upper corner of your home screen which is symbolized as “hi“.

Step 2: Since you are new to hike you can provide a password for the hidden chat. Make sure you don’t give any password which can be guessed easily.

How to use HIKE Messenger ?

Step 3: Long press on the chat you want to hide and press the option “Hide Chat” from the flashed menu.

How to use HIKE Messenger ?

Step 4: To retrieve the chat press on the symbol again, enter the password and the chat will reappear again.

Hike Timeline-

You can view the latest Updates of your friends in the form of profile picture change or new status update.

You can change your own status and can set a mood of your wish as well.

How to use HIKE Messenger ? screenshot_2016-09-15-19-48-10-474_com-bsb-hike

Offline Text-

Sometimes, it happens that we send a message to someone and that person is not able to get that message because they might not have a data pack or any WiFi connection. Hike helps the users sending an Offline Text if the message doesn’t get delivered to the person within one minute.

Hike Call-

You can also call the person whom you are chatting with by using the calling feature of Hike. This feature doesn’t charge you with any extra cost, only the data pack or a WiFi connection is required to use it.

Hope you learnt How to use Hike messenger. In case you have any questions, please do post it in the comments section below.


Why am I not able to install Hike?

You should have a good internet connection while downloading the app. Also, there should be enough disk space in your mobile phone before you start the downloading.

Does HIKE work offline?

Hike application can be opened when you don’t have any net connection. You can see the previous chats and access the media as well but you cannot send a new message to someone.

Who is the founder of Hike?

Hike was founded by Kavin Bharti Mittal and was launched on 12 December 2012.

Which OS is compatible for downloading HIKE?

Hike works in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and Symbian.

Is Hike an Indian App?

Yes, Hike is definitely an Indian app and you can find “Made with <3 in India” written at the end of the Settings tab.

Where can I get a Hike clone script messenger app?

You can get a Hike Messenger Clone script app HERE

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    This post was really helpful i had hike installed in my mobile bt was unaware about the hide chat function thank you divya sharma for telling all the hidden features of hike messenger

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    How to see the likes on our posts and photos. In highly updated version of hike which has feature of video calling