How to use Hermit Lite Apps Browser App effectively?

The below easy steps will help you leverage the Hermit Lite Apps Browser App effectively.

How to install Hermit Lite Apps Browser App

To begin, install the Hermit Lite Apps Browser App on your mobile from Google Play Store for Android. Launch the app to use the features of the app. 

Features of Hermit Lite Apps Browser App

Hermit Lite Apps Browser is an easy to use app that converts popular websites into what’s known as lite apps. LiteApps are tightly integrated with android, they load faster and don’t take up much space like an app would. Some of the features of Hermit lite apps are

  • Convert a website into a lite app.
  • Delete the converted shortcut.
  • Make use of basic features like dark mode.
  • Hermit provides advanced features like Scriptlets (in premium version)

STEP BY STEP Walkthrough of Hermit Lite App

Step-by-step procedure to make a website as a lite app.

STEP 1: Hermit lite app creates an app from your list of frequently visited websites. You are then presented with a default screen as below.

Hermit init

STEP 2: To create a new lite app, Tap on Create located at the center bottom panel.

STEP 3: Tap on Create Your Own and enter the website address. Then click on Go.

Hermit New

STEP 4: You would be prompted to enter a suitable title for your app for easy reference.

Hermit Title

STEP 5: Click on Create. A shortcut will be created on your Home Screen. When you click on it the website will be launched.

Hermit Icon

Step-by-step procedure to delete a lite app

STEP 1: Often when you no longer follow a lite app, you’d want to remove it from the home screen.

STEP 2: To remove a lite app, on the main dashboard, next to the gear icon, there is a button with three dots. Tap on it.

STEP 3: You’ll see the option to remove it. Tap and confirm remove.

Hermit Remove

Step-by-step procedure to access basic settings

STEP 1: When you launch your website via the lite app mode, you could apply some useful customizations.

STEP 2: To make use of customizations, on the home screen, launch your website.

STEP 3: In the top right,Tap on the gear icon, it will reveal more options to customize the app.

Hermit Basic

STEP 4: From the list of settings, choose the one you’d like to customize and apply it.

STEP 5: Once you’ve made the change, Please note that a restart of the lite app may be required to reflect the changes you made to your customization.

Step-by-step procedure to access advanced settings

STEP 1: To get even more advanced customization options, please purchase the premium version (some of them may be available only in premium version)

STEP 2: On the basic customization screen, Tap on the gear icon located bottom right.

STEP 3: You will get the screen as below.

Hermit Adv

STEP 4: As you can see, the customizations are categorized into panels like Behavior, Theme, Bookmarks, Notifications etc.

STEP 5: You can apply any of your required customizations. A restart may be required for which you will be prompted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How best can I make use of Hermit app? Can you summarize the features?

Hermit is an excellent app if you want to use the app of your favorite website, but don’t have enough space, converting the website itself into an app-based experience is quite useful. You could save time by just tapping on the website’s icon created on your home screen and directly access the website. 

2. Am I restricted to use Hermit app for any particular website?

Certain websites may have special features that work only on their native app. Generally, carrying out financial transactions through lite apps are not recommended. 

3. What are some truly excellent features of Hermit app?

We feel that the multitude of settings that Hermit provides once the lite app creation is done truly set Hermit app apart. You are empowered quick access to your treasured websites.

Additional information about Hermit Lite Apps Browser app as presented in the store is as below:

Hermit AddInfo

How to use Hermit Lite Apps Browser App effectively?
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How to use Hermit Lite Apps Browser App effectively?
How to use Hermit Lite Apps Browser App effectively? Get mesmerized by feature to make your website into a lite app.
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