How to use Google trips?

Out traveling with plenty of business in mind? Here’s something that should help you keep your business organized. Introducing Google trips- an app created for iOS and android that is aimed at easing the users vacation and other travels. Here’s a guide on how to use Google trips, the app designed for iOS and android.

The app pulls in a combination of data from Google maps along with crowd sourcing that are contributed from various other travelers in order to offer a personalized travel guide that keeps track of a persons day trips, reservations, points of interest, tourist attractions along with various hangout spots in and around you.

Local guides help improve Google Maps along with business data by contributing reviews and such. How is all of this done? Simple! Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open the app / Play store and search for Google trips.

how to use Google trips

Step 2:

Start downloading the app and wait for a bit.

Step 3:

Once your app is downloaded, you’re good to go.

how to use Google trips

Step 4:

Start off with the basic formalities like signing in/up and entering your basic information to verify your account.

Step 5:

Google Trips then seeks your permission to access your location to find out what’s nearby.

How to use Google trips

Step 6:

Next, you will have to click Allow on the travel info when needed window.

Step 7:

Once that’s done, you will be guided onto your home page where your previous trips are shown. It also shows your current location and a search box asking “where do you want to go?”

Using Google Trips:

This personal tracker and guide for your previous/upcoming trips is the perfect way of staying in connect with your journeys and plan your holidays/business trips accordingly.

How to use Google trips

The app has a pretty basic interface and is pretty simple to operate.

Search box:

The app has a dedicated search box that is dedicated to finding the location of your choice (Domestic and international) and from there on, making things simpler by giving you all the information you need regarding your food, accommodation, sight seeing, planning your day, managing reservations and more:

Once you’ve entered the location, the app takes you to another page that contains various options such as:


Things to do

Saved Places

Day plans

Food & Drink

Getting Around

Need to Know

How to use Google trips?

Things to do:

Once you’ve clicked things to do, you’re guided to the best rated places in the particular city. Based on reviews, you can read a little about that place and if it lies in your interest, you can visit that place.

How to use Google trips?

Day Plans:

Some sights aren’t open on weekends, whereas some aren’t open on particular days of the week. Thus, the day plans option that helps you know if the particular place is open on that particular day.

How to use Google trips?

Food & Drink:

You might be confused with the best places to eat/drink and so, this option helps you choose some of the best rated places for food/drink. Based on reviews by other users, you can determine if the place is ideal for you or you’d want something better.

How does Google trips work?

Getting Around:

Another issue with traveling is the know how about that place. Hence, the app lets you choose the best mode of transportation and lets you book a taxi, ride service or shows you details about the buses. This option caters to people from all walks of life and does come in handy especially if you’re new to a particular place and want to explore the place.

How does Google trips work?


Need to Know:

This is by far one of the most important feature on this app. You’d never know what happens during the trip and so, just to be on the safer side and as a contingency measure, the need to know option exists. The option has various drop down tools such as health, emergencies, shopping, money etc. This helps people be prepared for any situation in an unknown place.

How does Google trips work?

Hope you learnt how to use Google trips. In case you have any question, Please do let us know in the comments section 🙂


Does the app help me keep in track of the places I’ve been to?

Certainly, In fact, if you’ve been to a place a couple of months back and if you’ve just installed the app, you can still see the places you’ve been to and the dates when you had traveled.

Can I organize my day with this app?

Yes. This app helps you get the most out of your day. Sometimes you get confused with your plan when you’re out on a vacation and so, this app lets you organize your day.

What do I do when I’m on a vacation and know nothing about the place?

Well, if you’re out on a vacation and you need help, this app is one of the most reliable friends that you can depend upon. It helps you keep track of the places you’re going to, you want to go and you might be interested in.

Does this app save my travel plans too?

It’s a complete organizer and helps you keep everything accurately planned. Starting with your flight booking to your hotel booking to the places you want to visit including the time, the places to eat, the places you’d want to visit if you have time, the activities that you might be interested in and more.

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