How to use Google Trips? The Best Travel Planner App

In this article, we will illustrate you through the step by step instructions on how to install and use Google Trips (which is available for free download) on your iOS and Android. 

STEP 1: You can install Google Trips on your mobile; if you are an android user, click here – Play Store and if you are an iOS user click here- App Store.

STEP 2: We will illustrate step by step procedure to download the Google Trips app through the Google Play Store. Log in to Google Play Store and search for Google Trips.

STEP 3: Click on INSTALL and wait for some time until it gets Installed.

STEP 4: Click on GET STARTED; you’ll get personalized activity ideas based on the location, weather and time.

Google Trips Get Started

STEP 5: The app will show you some places, but you can search for the place you are planning to travel. Enter the destination in search; as I have entered Belgaum – which is my next destination to visit. You can also download the place by turning on the tab which is displayed in green. After the download is finished you can access that place map, info, places, and more in offline mode.

Your Trips Offline Mode

STEP 6: Allow Google Trips to access your device location by clicking on ALLOW.

STEP 7: You will be able to see the following screen on your mobile. You can now click on Reservations, Things to do, Saved Places, Day Plans and Food & Drink.

Google Trips, Reservations, things to do. day plans, saved places, food and drink

Google Trips Discount
















The features of the above step are described below:

    • Reservations: Enter your flight details, hotel reservation, train bookings, Bus or car rental reservation, Restaurant table reservation.
    • Things to do: It suggests the places to visit in and around the city which you have planned for.
    • Saved places: You can save places, which holds the lists of places you plan to visit. (you can have the list of the places after you have saved them from the Things to do section).
    • Day Plans: It automatically suggests a daily plan based on the places from Saved Places, the distance between the places and the average time people visit there.
    • Food & Drinks: You can check out the best hotels, cafes, bar and restaurants which offers good food and service. You can also check the consumer ratings for the cafe, hotels, etc.
    • Discounts: You can avail discounts for your destination. It offers you discounts with travel agents, restaurants and more.

STEP 8: In Things to do section for my upcoming trip to Belgaum, You can see a list of suggestions in and around Belgaum city. You can use the scrollable menu bar at the top of the screen that highlights Top Spots, INDOORS, OUTDOORS, FARTHER AWAY, PLACES A-Z. Each place has user ratings and reviews which makes you choose the best place to visit.

Google Trips Things to do

STEP 9: The best feature of the app is Day Plans, where you can plan your destinations to visit in Morning, Afternoon and Full Day. You can also prioritize the saved places to visit by turning on which is highlighted in blue.

Google Trips Day Plans

STEP 10: You can Plan your trip using saved places, you can also see the map view, distance and time from a location 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3.

Google Trips, Morning, Afternoon, Full Day

STEP 11: The Google Trips app helps you to store all saved places in Google Maps and you can add places to those lists in Google Maps.

Google Trips Google Maps Saved

To find the lists in Google Maps – you have to go to Google Maps, click on the Menu bar at the top left on your screen, tap on Your places and now tap on SAVED. You can store your lists and saved places.

Google Trips Technical and Additional Information is given below:

Google Trips Technical Information


Google Trips which is available on Android and iOS, will help you to organize your plane tickets, hotel reservations, offer editorial guides to the places you have planned to visit and also the app will make personalized suggestions based on your Google history.

The best part of the app is it works offline; you can download everything about the place to your phone before you start, including maps, walking directions and more. Now you know how to download the app by reading our article, what are you waiting for download Google Trips, back-pack and get set go to the places you are excited to visit.

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