How to use Google Tez? Google’s Digital Payment App

In this post lets take a look at How to use Google Tez. The Mobile wallet app from Google.

  1. Search for the Google Tez App on the Play or Apple store.

How to use Google Tez? "Google Tez" "Google Tez" "Google Tez"

  1. Once you’ve completed downloading it, the app asks for your mobile number.

How to use Google Tez?

3. It then asks you if it can gain access to notifications, you allow it if you don’t mind.

How to use Google Tez?

  1. Next, the app sends a OTP (one time password) to your phone number, that you’ve got to enter within 50 seconds.

How to use Google Tez?

  1. Once you’re done with that, your account is secure.

How to use Google Tez?

  1. Next you’re asked to create a Google Pin. Remember, this pin is crucial and it’s got to be remembered every time you use this app. Enter the pin and proceed.

How to use Google Tez?

  1. With compatible devices, you can also use fingerprint to unlock tez.
  2. The rupee symbol is to start new payments or requests with anyone who uses Tez or any other apps related to UPI.

How to use Google Tez?

  1. The center T symbol is the cash mode that enables the user to pay or receive money from a nearby Tez device.

How to use Google Tez?

  1. And lastly, the email id of yours that’s highlighted is to add and manage multiple or single payment methods that are secured by Google as well as UPI.

How to use Google Tez?

  1. Finally, the app asks permission to access your location that you can if you want to.

How to use Google Tez?

Linking your bank account:

Once you click on the ADD BANK ACCOUNT below your email id on the main window, it leads you to a list of banks.

Select your bank and you are lead to your account details linked with your mobile number.

"Google Tez"

Next, you hit proceed and enter the last 6 digits of your ATM card.

How to use Google Tez?

Once you’re done with that, the UPI asks for a OTP that’s sent to your phone and post that, you’ve got to enter your own UPI login password.

How to use Google Tez?

Finally, you get a confirmation that your account is set up.

On the main screen, once you click Cash Mode, you can see a toggle key that says Pay and the lower one says Receive. Decide if you want to pay or receive cash from another device. It’s that simple

(I know it sounds like the Trivago Guy 😛 But, it really is that easy)

Interestingly, here are a few features:

  • Tez allows you to transfer funds instantly from your bank account to anyone else’s bank account.
  • You know your money is safe, thanks to Google’s multi layered security as well as the 24/7 protection by Tez Shield managing your small/big account.
  • Tez’s cash mode enables you to send or receive cash maintaining account secrecy.

Post Demonetization, India has become a hub for digital payments. Although the idea of seeing the country as a fully digital country may seem too far fetched, the digital era is showing its presence strongly. While people were queuing up and finding ways to withdraw cash, digital companies were figuring out methods of eradicating this problem.

Various companies like Mobikwik, Paytm, Ezi Money etc had become extremely popular then. Mobile payment is the current trend, why pay using your card or cash? For that matter when your mobile or rather the app in your phone can handle the finances.

Here’s a new entrant in the mobile payment and the digital era that has its strong roots laid out throughout the world and its credibility sets no limits. Google Tez, sounds like the hindi word Tez; i.e. fast. This happens to be a mobile payment service by Google that has India and its vast population as its target. This app functions atop the UPI or the Unified payment Interface. The app was developed by NPCI; National Payment Corporation of India and has acceptance wherever UPI has its presence.

The app supports both Android as well as Apple platforms and is up for download on the respective stores. This app supports various languages such as English, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu and Tamil and counting. This app is to be launched in other countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia too.


Are there any more features in the Tez?

There’s a forthcoming update that’s expected to carry the following features:

  • Payment through debit or credit cards
  • Bill payment for any recurring bills with reminders (eg; mobile, DTH, electricity bill)

Is Tez as safe as it seems?

Tez is pretty safe because:

  • Google and UPI is interfaced with it
  • You can pay and receive money directly from your bank accounts and there’s no need to open up a separate account or even reloading your mobile wallets. The best part is that this app is set up with all the banks in India.

Can I use tez to send money to my family or friends?

I don’t see why not? Tez can be used for your daily transactions as well as larger transfers. This app can be used to pay or receive money from anyone who has set up a Tez account or even a UPI account.

Does the Tez app support other mobile wallets?

The Tez app can pay or receive money from anyone who has either an account with Tez or any other UPI supported app by simply entering their UPI id or selecting them from your contact list.

Are there any rewards or benefits linked with Tez?

Certainly, like you get bonus points when you use any other UPI related app, you are entitled to Tez scratch cards (TM) within the app and you can be eligible to win big. There are also Tez’s lucky Sundays wherein contestants can win up to Rs. 1 Lakh every week.

What sort of business should I have to set up a Tez account?

As a matter of fact, the teashop owner next door or even a milk delivery person or a solon that you like can accept payments on the spot while your Cash Mode is enabled. You don’t have to project a Big business at all. Any and every business that you own can be linked with Tez. That’s how convenient Tez is.

How do I pay online with Tez?

Any website that you visit, while checking out look out for the Tez logo else use your Tez UPI ID to incur payments.

Happy TEZing Folks 🙂

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