How to use Google Collections?

Let’s learn how to use Google Collections to save all things interesting on the Web.

Opinion: Google Collections is a feature that has always been a part of the Google app. What’s new and interesting is that they’ve recently integrated Artificial Intelligence that powers recommendations for the items you’ve saved in the collections section.After the revamp of it’s Google shopping feature, the search giant aims to integrate shopping and other features into Google Collections at a later date to enable people to buy the products they’ve saved if it’s available for sale that is.

This move ensures that Google still stays relevant in the eCommerce space after losing out on traffic to Amazon, Instagram, and other platforms.

Let’s see how you can access this feature quickly.We’ve made a short video too if you’re in a hurry. 


Step 1: Open the Google App on your android & iOS device. (Download on Android here / iOS device here.)

Step 2: Tap on search, search for anything, say “Japanese Dessert recipes” and then you’ll get a bunch of search results with the recipes.

Step 3: Tap on a result that you find interesting, the link will open through the Google app’s inbuilt chrome browser.

Step 4: If you like the recipe or the product, On the top right corner, you’d find the Bookmark / Collection icon. Tap on it and it would be saved in a default collection.

How to use Google Collections?

Step 5: To save it in a separate collection that is only about recipes, Create a “New Collection” tapping on the change option, this will then show you a list of available collections that you want to save this page to or create a new one.

Step 6: Tap on “New”. Once entered, a prompt to name the new collection will popup. Here you can enter the name of the collection and Voila! the collection Recipe is created.

Viewing all your Google Collections on the Google app

To view and manage the collections mentioned on the app once logged into the google app, tap on the three dots icons on the far bottom right with the text “More” or (Collection option is some phones). This would open up a menu with all the options under your account namely search activity, Collections, Recent, Personal search, Reminders, Interests, settings, etc that are available to access on your account.

Tap on the Collections option from the menu. You can see an array of the Last added items and a list of collections as well.

Select any collection you like and view it. Individually, once you tap on any page, Google promptly shows you a list of similar webpages right at the bottom.

Sharing a Google collection 

Once you’ve created and saved a Collection, you could share or co-curate a Collection with your friends too. Your friends can simply view the collection or add remove links from the list.

To enable sharing, go to the collection, Tap on the Sharing and a list of people to share with would show up.

Pick and choose the friends you want to share the list along with the type of access. They should be added.

How to use Google Collections?



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