How to use Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram App effectively?

The below easy steps will help you leverage Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram App effectively.

How to install Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram App

To install the Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram App on your mobile head over to either Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS and Tap on download. Once installed, the app would then be ready to use. The app is no way associated with Instagram and it merely offers tools to create engaging content on Instagram or any other similar platforms. 

Features of Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram App

Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram allows anyone to make edits on pictures, videos and also helps you select a color. The app also has a great selection of fonts that can be added to your images and can be copied to the clipboard and pasted appropriately.

A feature screenshot of this excellent app is shown below.

Gbox feature

We’ve highlighted the features of Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram below –

  • 9 Grid layout: The 9 grid layout allows anyone to highlight either 9 separate photos to crop 9 separate high-resolution photos to create a grid-like view on your Instagram profile.
  • Color Picker: Color picker lets you pick a color from an image to use it on a font or in other places. 
  • Creative Fonts: This feature adds variety via good looking fonts to your text that can be copied to the clipboard and showed off on Instagram.
  • Video Splitter: Create a fun, short, loopable video out of a lengthy one. Video splitter lets you cut the short segment with it easy to use video splitter. 
  • Glitch Effect: Glitch filter lets you add the glitch effect to your images easily. 
  • No Crop Post: What you see is what you get in your Instagram post plus some filters like oil effect and flood fill.
  • Repost: This excellent option offered by the toolkit allows you to copy a post link on Instagram and add a caption to it while allowing easy repost into Instagram.
  • Swipe Photo: Allows you to create swipeable images in a count of one, two or three that you can use on Instagram posts for greater engagement.
  • HD DP Viewer (Deprecated in the latest version): Helps you retrieve the profile image of the specified tag name associated with an Instagram user. 
  • Top 9: Helps you create and share a collage of your best Instagram photos. The collage size is 9 images and the style can be changed.

In the initial screen, there is an icon that looks like a gear. This is the Settings option item that helps you access ‘Support’ and ‘Legal’ aspects of Gbox.

Gbox gear

Explaining some important features

We will handpick some excellent features of Gbox and give you step by step instructions to use them. For the remaining features, the process to use would be the same.

  • 9 Grid

Stepwise instructions to use 9 Grid:

STEP 1: Tap on 9 Grid option.

STEP 2: You must ‘allow’ access to your album. You will be redirected there and now choose an image that you want to split based on a grid.

STEP 3: You have 3 options. You can breakdown the image into either 3, 6 or 9 sub-images. This option is right at the bottom shown like thumbnails.

Gbox Grid

STEP 4: Now tap on the ‘Edit Photo’ option at the top right corner. You can always cancel your choice by Tapping on the cross at the left top and go to another image.

STEP 5: Tap on ‘Save Photo’ tick at the right top corner to cut your image or Tap the cross on the left top to cancel the operation. Your cut images will be available in your mobile device gallery.

Grid Cut

  • Video Splitter

Stepwise instructions to use Video Splitter:

STEP 1: Tap on the Video Splitter option.

STEP 2: Choose a video that you’d like to edit from a handful of options located in your Gallery or Google Drive. Select the appropriate video.

STEP 3: On this screen, you have two choices – ‘Change Video’ and ‘Start Splitting’. Change video as the name suggests helps you choose another video. Tap ‘Start Splitting’ later.

Video Splitter 1

STEP 4: In this screen, you get to control which you can drag to set segments of the video (say 3 seconds each). There are also presets for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

STEP 5: Tap on ‘Split Now’ to break the video into segments. They will get stored in your gallery in a suitably named folder.

  • Repost

Stepwise instructions to use Repost:

STEP 1: Open Gbox App and tap on ‘Repost’. Let it be there in the background.

Repost 1

STEP 2: Use multi-tasking and run Instagram on your mobile device. For any post, Tap on Copy Link

Repost 2

STEP 3: Again using multi-tasking, go back to Gbox. You should now see an option similar to below where your post image has a caption stuck to it.

Repost 3

STEP 4: You can now change the ‘Style’, ‘Color’ or ‘Layout’ of the overlaid caption and Tap on REPOST to post back on Instagram.

  • Top 9

Stepwise instructions to use Top 9:

STEP 1: Tap on ‘Top 9’.

STEP 2: You are presented with a text box where you have to enter a valid Instagram tag (along with ‘@’ symbol)

Top 9 one

STEP 3: Note that if that Tag has less than 9 photos, you will get below error message.

Top 9 two

STEP 4: For a valid tag with plenty of photos, a collage is generated whose style can be customized and shared on Instagram or saved as a file locally.

top 9 three

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you inform me, in a nutshell, the best use for Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram

Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram is an excellent app for a mobile device based editing of pictures and videos. If you are in a hurry and want to quickly post on Instagram, this tool is for you. Although Gbox is not dependent on Instagram, it allows a post by redirecting to Instagram.

2. What productivity gain do I see with Gbox when I have so many options?

Gbox prevents you from copying your media to the computer, making edits there and bringing back to the mobile device. Also, Gbox has the best features suitable for Instagram posts.

3. What are some of the ‘coolest’ features of Gbox?

We feel the video splitter, creative fonts, swipe photo and top 9 are the greatest for any Instagram enthusiast.

Additional information about the app as presented in the store is as below:

Add Gbox

How to use Gbox - Toolkit for Instagram App effectively?
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How to use Gbox - Toolkit for Instagram App effectively?
How to use Gbox - Toolkit for Instagram App effectively? We give you cool suggestions to make maximum use of the app.
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