How to use Fordpass app for parking?

There is a tremendous whirl on the way the automation industry is taking a turn today. As they say, Ford wants to be remembered even when there are no cars that you own.
Let’s look more into the FordPass App.

So what all can we actually do with this amazing one of a kind app?

  1. Find Gas Stations:  Stuck in the middle of a new town, worried and dangling between options on your phone? Then Stop worrying because we have a single option to take care of all your vehicle needs. Now, if you are out of fuel then just go to the FordPass app and find gas stations. You can have access to so many gas stations in your vicinity. How to use Ford Pass App?

Now, just click on your location you can get all the gas stations in your proximity and you can simply go for any of them.

2.  Booking a Parking Spot: It also loosens our burden of finding a parking spot and shows us available options with considerable less prices to choose from. So you can pin your spot, choose your spot by comparing all nearby options or applying filters and opt for the time duration you wish to book it for. Yay! Your parking spot booking is done in easy application steps. How to use Ford Pass app

3.  My Vehicles: A mini guide to accessing all your car needs. You may very well get to know where is the problem if your car is stuck, or when is the due date for servicing. You can simply make checklists in a single app and input all details about your own vehicle. Basically, one stop destination to know about your vehicle and check the service history as well.

How to use Ford Pass App

and here we also see other options:

4.  My dealer: In this option, we can safely store details of the dealer that we would consider for getting our vehicle needs fulfilled. You can save the hours of operation and the book a schedule for the appointment.

5. My Wallet: Here, you have all your card details stored for easy payments and you can always edit your details.

6. Vehicle Controls: Available for 2017My Fusion, Escape and F-150 vehicles.


We have been reaching new milestones every now and then in technological advancements and making them reach to people in every industry. Similarly, we have a lot happening in the automobile industry and Ford has taken a step forward. They have made a guide for your very own vehicle and collaborated all the various functions into just one app that can be used by everyone and not just Ford owners.


How will I use the SYNC Connect option from my app?

So let’s explain it here in simple steps:

  • Download the Ford Pass App (which you would have probably done by now!)
  • Create an account and log in.
  • Generate a pin
  • Now you have to simply connect your SYNC Connect-Vehicle to My Vehicles tab present in the app by scanning the VIN code.
  • Then on My Vehicles option click on ACTIVATE.
  • And you are about to go, Start your vehicle and click on ALLOW on the in-vehicle pop-up.
  • After 24 hours repeat and click on ALLOW again on the second in-vehicle.

You are all set to go!!How to use Ford pass App

What are all the icons?

Is the parking system offered by Ford?

No, Ford has collaborated with ParkWhiz, a famous parking app to take care of all the parking system. If you need to learn how to use ParkWhiz app then you can find this in one of our blogs: HERE.

What is Ford Guide?

You can get all the knowledge about your Ford Pass app through the Ford guide. How to use Ford Pass App

So, you have 3 options to go with when stuck in some issue with the app:

  • Chat with a Guide: You can get a person online who can serve your request.
  • Call a guide: You can anytime call them to get your problem solved. That is a friendly voice that will help you with different questions.
  • Roadside Assistance: Whenever and wherever you are stuck, you can simply go with the Roadside assistance which will help you for problems like changing a flat tire or getting refueled anything.

Is the app only available for FORD owners?

No, the app is open to all the vehicle owners. You can download the app and use all its features and services except the SYNC connect feature which is only available for FORD owners and specifically owners of 2017My Fusion, Escape and F-150 vehicles.

How do I earn Badges?

When you become a member, your daily activities that you use the app for, are recorded and based on those you earn credits and badges. So whenever you add a vehicle under the MY VEHICLE tab or store your dealer details under the MY DEALER tab you are gaining yourself few credits. You also earn badges when you first download the app.

What is the Flight-car feature in Ford Pass?

When you get familiar with the app, there is a striking app that we come across and that is Flight car. So, as wants to hold the caravan of mobility, therefore, it has also included one more feather in its cap. Flight-car is basically downloaded to get users who want to access car sharing or ride sharing feature. So all you have to choose is a source and a destination and the means to transport you from point A to B is not necessary to be defined. Just share a car or a vehicle and get there easily.

What is a Ford Hub?

Ford hub, in simple words, is a physical attribution of the facilities that Ford offers. You can get all your knowledge on the use of FordPass here and let yourself brief about the application. It has already set its centers in New York, San Francisco, London, and Shanghai. You can always find all the latest enhancements here.

Where are the services currently available in?

By the year end of 2016, Ford Pass expanded its services in the US, Canada, China, Europe, and Brazil.

Where can I find a good Ford Pass clone script app?

We know where you can find a good clone script app. You can get it HERE.

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