How To Use Facetune App?

With the concept of “Selfie” and posting the best pictures across social media platforms, people are always looking for the best ways to present themselves. And in that quest, hiding a few dark spots, enhancing skin tone etc has become a common need for people. The Facetune App enables you to do all of this. In this post we’ll brief you on How To Use Facetune App, to get that finer studio like picture.

How to get started?

Open the Play Store / App Store on your mobile phone & type “Facetune” in the search bar ( Or visit the official site HERE )
-This is a paid app, therefore you’ll have to purchase the app in order to use it.
-Follow the instructions and install the app. The installation time will depend upon the speed of your internet.
-Once the app is installed, Tap on the “Open” button.

How to use Facetune app

Let’s go into a bit more detailing and check out what are the different features we have on this app.

Upon entering the app, the home page of the app displays all the options that are available on the app. Typically in most of the apps the options are found either on the top side or on the left side of the screen, but in Facetune App all the options are listed towards the bottom end thereby making it more comfortable and user friendly. A certain three options are listed on the top end as well.

A notable factor about this app is that, it gives its users a first time demo about every option that’s available on the app ( an On-boarding process is available ). Every option that you click or choose for the first time has a pre-installed demo video which runs on default explaining what the particular feature is. Post which there is a special option to compare your edited image to the original one to note the differences created.

How to use Facetune app

On the Facetune App, there a couple of pre loaded photos that are available for practice and demo purposes. Before you work on your photos you can perform all your trail and error methods on these pre-loaded photos and sharpen your skills.

How to use Facetune app

On the top there are three icons available.

-The first icon is a “Camera“. Tapping on this icon, enables you to do three different functions.

> Open Camera – Enables you to access the camera on your phone and work on an image that’s been captured now.
> Open Existing Photos – Enables you to access the gallery and work on photos from there.
> Close Photo – Enables you to close a photo that you’re currently editing on the app.

-The second icon is the “Share” icon. Clicking on this icon, enables you to share your newly edited photo across different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

-The third icon is the “Menu” icon. Here you have options like Tutorials, Rate Facetune, Like Us, Settings and Send Feedback.

At the bottom there are thirteen different icons or rather features that are available with which you can twerk your photos and get that best picture on the Facetune App.

  • Canvas– Enables you to crop, change ratios, rotate and flip your image.
  • Whiten– Enables you to lighten images over a certain section and improve the color contrast.
  • Smooth– Enables you to get rid of wrinkles and marks on the photo. Smoothes the section and gives you a clearer picture.
  • Details– Enables you to highlight a particular aspect or section of your picture. Like highlighting your eye brows and lashes.
  • Reshape– Enables you to reshape the structure of the image by contracting and expanding certain sections of your interest.
  • Patch– Enables you to cover up one section with faint with a similar contrasting section and replace it.
  • Tones– Enable to mix and match from the various color pallets present. Can be used to get rid of tans and match uneven skin tones.
  • Red Eye– Enables you to get rid of the Red eye caused by flash or other lights while taking the picture. You can choose the color of your eyes and replace it with the Red Eye spot.
  • Defocus– Enables you to highlight one particular section of the photo by focusing in more on that section and doing the opposite on the unwanted area. You can even choose to blur that section of the photo.
  • Filters– Enables you to add filters to your photo and make them look even more cooler if it wasn’t cool enough already. The app provides you with a wide range of filters to enhance the look of your photo. You can even improve the lighting for the image under this option and also add various lenses to give it a funky look
  • Frames– Enables you to add the latest trendy frames to your image. They come in different colors as well a=but mostly themed under black and white. You can add them frames which are the classic designs or even even prefer the modern day artistic designs.

General Instructions

  1. Make sure that you click on the “tick” option after every change that you make, to save your progress on the changes that you have made.
  2. At any time you can toggle back to the former change and discard the current change that you made by using the  arrow keys.
  3. An eraser is available in all the options to erase off any mistakes that you have made.
  4. At any point if you feel stuck as to what to do with the particular feature, click on the “Help” option available under each of the thirteen features to play a demo video of what the feature is all about. You can even access a few tutorials from the Menu Option under “Tutorials“.

How to use Facetune app

Hope you have got a clear idea as to how to use Facetune App. Do share and voice your queries in the section given below if you need some clarification about the app and we’ll help you out.

Happy Face Tuning 😉

Facetune App Review

Amidst all those photo editing applications out there on the Android/iOS/Windows market, here’s something that’s unique in its own way and sets a benchmark to other photo editing applications. The Facetune App was an instant hit with its customers and it didnt take much time for it to achieve the #1 Rank in the Photo & Video category on the iStore. The app also received strong recognition from various renowned publications like The New York Times, USA Today, The NY Daily News, The Huffington Post and Mashable.


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