How to use EasyPark app?

Here we have an easy app to make our work easier: EasyPark App. 

To gain more perspective about this app and how does it work, let’s dig in deep.

Step1: Go easily to your AppStore/Google Play Store and search for the Easypark app and get it downloaded. Once you download it just sink in for the amazing handy solutions to all your parking problems.

How to use Easypark app


Step2: Now, when you have the app on your phone, you will see few options. So, for making your booking done, go to Find Location tab. That tab will help you and give you various available slots in your vicinity. So, select any one of them by clicking on the spots.

How to use Easypark app

or at the search bar above you can even type the address you are looking for.

Or you can choose to have a look in the LIST view and not MAP view.

How to use EasyPark app

In the LIST view, you get an idea how far is your parking lot from your current location and what are the prices distributed as per the hours with proper address too.

Step3: Once you choose any of the spots, you will get to see all the details for the same.

The address with the code will be shown and you will be asked to make the payment and you can visualize the directions from the same screen. For payment, you will be directed to another screen and you can add your credit or debit card and make the payment.

How to use EasyPark app

Step4: You will get the final screen and you will see your final transaction detail and also your booking details. 

How to use EasyPark app

It will be displaying you your active session and how much time is left. If you want you can always extend your session and make it extend for the time you want it to.


A lot has been improved since few years and a lot has degraded too. Technology has finally embraced 80% of our lives and has tried making it easy in every way possible. We have acknowledged almost the fields but we never knew technology has also created its own steps in the automation industry. Now, our vehicles can freely get their luxury slots to get parked away and free the owner from any worries.It has been one great app helping people all over Vancouver to find a proper parking place. Though limited to only Vancouver, still it offers us a lot in terms of features and services. The app will make sure that you receive constant reminders even for your parking booking that is to come up. You also get access to few amazing offers and provide you with the parking place at some amazingly low prices. They have even surprised us with the “Live Chat” option which may help you anytime, in case, you are stuck. Surely one can give it a try if residing in Vancouver and have a safe parking!


Can I get the option for monthly booking?

Yes, sure, you can. If you get the monthly pass for your parking needs you get some great offers as well. The only factor is you can park it only where you booked it for. It won’t be applicable for every parking lot.

What if I decide to cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking anytime. Easypark app has provided a cancellation form on their websites that can be filled in case you wish to cancel your request.

What if, I find someone’s parked vehicle on my spot?

You can park at any unreserved area that you find. If you are facing this problem during office hours then contact the Monthly Parking Coordinator stating your stall number and the other vehicle’s details. If outside office hours just give them a call on 604.682.0555.

Are my card details safe and secure?

Yes, like all other payment gateways that different companies use, similar is the case with Easypark too. They have also, linked their services with Paypal so easy payment solutions.

Where can I find good EasyPark clone script App?

There is a fantastic EasyPark clone script app developed by the folks at ‘Smart Car Tech’. You can get it HERE.

Where can I get an EasyPark promo code or discount coupon and offers?

We have a few EasyPark Promo codes & discount coupons that have been sold but you can always look out for them in this section later. You can also earn points by showing up the availability and referring friends and earning yourself a free spot in future. Apart from these, Easypark already offers a low price for the spot.

Do I need to carry a receipt?

Easypark is striving hard to be an environment-friendly and sustainable app in all terms. So, they try to disapprove the use of paper for showing at the lots. However, many operators do not allow without receipts, for them, we can always take a print out of the receipt. But how will I know about the same? While booking when you look into the details you can also see if the particular parking spot needs a receipt or not.

Can I park more than the defined time frame?

You can park your vehicle until and unless the operational hours of the garage allow to do so. So, while you make the booking just ensure in the details about the parking spot that what are their operational hours. You can extend your session and get a secured parking tension free.

How can I update my Vehicle information?

You can simply fill their Contact form with your customer code and they will get back to you.


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