How to use Drupe app

Drupe is a universal contacts app which is available on Google Play Store. It is really unique because it is like the hub of communication for your device. Not only does it support calling, it also incorporates other communication portals such as Messaging, WhatsApp, e-mails, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc. This article will help you to get acquainted with Drupe and explain in detail How to use Drupe app.

Installation and Setup

The primary step would be to download the app from Play Store.

Step 1: Open the Official Drupe website HERE . Click on the Play Store Link -or- App Store link.

Step 2: Install the App

How to use Drupe app

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, tap on OPEN.

You are now ready to use the Drupe app.

  • When you open the app for the first time, it asks permission to access your contacts and phone data. Tap on Enable Permissions to grant the same.

How to use Drupe app

  • Once done, the app itself will navigate you through its features ( Technically its called On-Boarding )

How to use Drupe app

How to use Drupe app

How to use Drupe app


  • The app has 3 tabs for Contacts.
  1. All – All contacts.
  2. Favorites – Most frequently contacted.
  3. Recents – Recently contacted.

How to use Drupe app

  • Initially, the contacts are lined up on the left edge of the screen and your apps on the right. ( You can change this arrangement in the Settings option )
  • In order to use a certain contact through an app, drag the contact to the app.
  • Also, you need to choose your preferred e-mail address for drupe. Once done, tap on LET’S GO and you are all set.

How to use Drupe app


The coolest thing about this app are the customization features it holds.

  • SEARCH: Drupe has a Search tab at the bottom to find a particular contact.
  • REMINDERS: You can set Reminders for contacts. Drag the contact head to the reminder head.
  • MAPS: Drupe also has Google Maps synced so as to get a location of your device.
  • DIALER: On the bottom left corner, you will find the drupe icon ( a multi-coloured handset ). If you tap on it, you will get the dialer.

In order to star a contact, just long-press the contact head and drag it to the star option at the bottom.

How to use Drupe app


This app provides a wide range of setting options.

1. General

Includes the general app setting options.

How to use Drupe app

  • App language: Which language you would like your display in.
  • Default View: To choose from the 3 tabs which you want to view when the app opens.
  • Applications: You can choose and reorder which apps you want to be shown in drupe.
  • Thumb-swipe: This is a very cool feature if you are using your phone with one hand.
  • Exit.

2. Dialer

Includes settings for the dialer.

How to use Drupe app

  • Dialpad Language: Medium language for display.
  • Dialer Themes: Yet to be introduced, these would be some fancy themes to personalize your app.
  • Speed Dial: Allot contacts from 1 to 9 as speed dial contacts for hasty connection.
  • Missed Calls: Settings for missed call display.
  • Block Calls: You could block certain contacts if you do not wish to be bothered by them.
  • The drupe assistant: Quick replies for denied calls.

3. Contacts

Includes contact settings.

How to use Drupe app

  • Clear history.
  • Surname first: Rearrange contact list by last names rather than first.
  • Birthday Reminders: You could choose the time for the reminder alert.
  • Contacts suggestion: Add contacts to favorites based on the usage.
  • Advanced: Advanced settings for contacts.

4. Themes

How to use Drupe app

Drupe provides themes which you could apply to the app. The themes might be stored in your phone or you could choose one from the Theme Gallery. You could also use a picture from your phone as a background.

5. Dots

How to use Drupe app

One of the really attractive features that drupe provides is the Dots.

Dots is a small line of four dots that peeps from one edge of the screen from time to time. It enables you to access drupe from any screen and any on-going app.

Though Dots are the default, you may also choose from Invisible Hotspots, Home Button and App Icon for accessing drupe.

  • You could also choose your way of opening drupe in the lock screen.
  1. Dots
  2. Contacts
  3. Mini Contacts
  4. Disabled
  • In the Advanced section you could re-position the Dots or enable hiding them in full screen.

6. Personalize

How to use Drupe app

  • Orientation: You could switch sides between Contacts and Actions.
  • Double Tap: Decide what double tapping a contact would do.
  • Animate app opening.
  • Vibration: Enable/disable vibration.
  • Large text: Increase font size for contact names.

7. Social

How to use Drupe

Enables you to login to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to sync with drupe.

You could also join the drupe Beta Community.

8. Drupe

How to use Drupe app

General app settings.

  • Share drupe
  • Rate Us
  • Need help? : Proceed if any help required.

That was more or less about how drupe works. It makes communication an easy task by combining all the portals at one place. I hope you learnt How to use Drupe app. Enjoy the drupe experience! 🙂


Should I use Whatapp or Drupe?

For Drupe to be synced to WhatsApp, you need to have WhatsApp in your phone and also an account in it. Drupe doesn’t substitute the app, it only makes it easier for the user to find a contact and ping him.

How to Uninstall or Delete Drupe app?

To uninstall drupe, go to you menu and long-press on the drupe icon. You will see an Uninstall option on the top of the screen. Without letting go the icon, drag it to the Uninstall option and let go. The app gets deleted.

How to Download and install the Apple ios version of Drupe App?

You could download the iOS version of drupe in the same way as mentioned for Android. Only, instead of searching for it in Play Store, for Apple devices, you need to go to the App Store.

Drupe App review.

Rating: 3/5

In my opinion, the drupe app is quite cool and helpful. It organises all your apps in one place which makes communication way easier. You don’t need to lurk around your phone when you are talking to multiple people via different apps. This saves battery as well as energy.

Although, if you suffer from device’s storage space problems, you might want to think twice about downloading this app because it takes up extra space in addition to all the apps it incorporates.

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