How to use DICE app?

DICE brings to you the best gigs, clubs and festivals in and around town! It helps you get tickets for the shows without any extra booking fees. The transparency of the app is something remarkable. Let’s see How to use DICE app.


To use the Dice app, you will first have to download it from Google Play Store on your Android mobile.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store.

Step 2: On the search bar, type DICE. Tap on the icon once the search options are visible.

Step 3: Tap INSTALL and wait for the app to download.

How to use DICE app?

Step 4: Tap OPEN.

How to use DICE app?

Your app is now ready to use.

As you open the app, it will first ask if you want to enable your Location settings in order to see the best events near you. You could either turn on Location and let it automatically gather the information, or you may manually set the location later.

How to use DICE app?

Tap on YES, to be redirected to the home page.


The DICE app has 5 tabs in total.


The first tab is more like a news feed for the user. It contains little tablets of show informations. From DJ gigs to festivals to Band performances. You get to know everything that is happening in town.

How to use DICE app?

Each tablet comes with the Name of the Performer, the Venue, the Date and the ticket prices. In case the tickets for a particular show are sold out, you have an option of joining the Waiting List.

This is how you book your tickets.

  • If you are interested in a gig, tap on its tablet.

How to use DICE app?

  • Scroll down to go through the complete show details.
  • If everything is as per your liking, and you are sure to attend the show, tap on BOOK NOW. NO FEES

How to use DICE app?

  • Add or reduce the ticket head count you require.
  • Once done, CHECKOUT.

How to use DICE app?

  • To book your tickets, you must Register and Login first.

How to use DICE app?


  • In order to register, you must first validate your phone number.
  • Feed in your mobile number and click Next.
  • You will receive a one time DICE code on the same number, which you will have to type out in the 4 boxes below.

How to use DICE app?

  • Next you will need to fill in the Account Details which include your first and last name, e-mail and DOB.
  • Click on Create Account.

How to use DICE app?

Now you have created an account.


The second tab is a showcase of the tickets that you’ve bought. It displays the Name of the gig, the venue and Timings for the show.

The ticket count is also displayed.

How to use DICE app?

The tab comes handy to keep a check on the number of tickets booked from a particular account.


The tab in the middle, resembling a dice, brings to you collective interests.

How to use DICE app?

It clubs multiple shows under one big general theme.

Like you could see what London has in store for you in the coming year. Or see the shows in a particular Music Fest.

How to use DICE app?

This zone brings all the gigs you might be interested in, under one roof.


The Activity section gives you a daily list of the activities you have performed while using DICE.

How to use DICE app?

You could see the bookings, cancellations, etc.

The transactions too are listed here.


The final tab is your DICE profile.

Your contact details are displayed here.

Along with those, you also have the basic app settings like Support, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How to use DICE app?

In case you are looking for a particular show and are unable to spot it among so many options, you could always go for the Search option.

How to use DICE app?

Type the name of the band, DJ or venue. Go through the suggestions and find what you need!


What if the tickets for a show are sold out?

If the tickets are all sold you, don’t lose heart. You still have the Waiting List to look forward to.

All you have to do is:

  • Select the event which you want to attend.

How to use DICE app?

  • Select the number of required tickets.
  • Tap CONFIRM.

How to use DICE app?

  • A confirmation alert will be displayed on the screen asking if you want to be added to the Waiting List.
  • Tap on OK, ADD ME.

How to use DICE app?

  • You will get a screen like this and make sure you’ve received a mail in the synced e-mail account.

How to use DICE app?

That’s more or less what DICE is about. So no more boring weekends. Party it up! 🙂

Hope you learnt How to use DICE app. If you have any questions please do let us know in the comments section below.


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