How to use Automate App effectively?

The below easy steps will help you leverage the Automate App effectively.

How to install Automate App

You can install Automate App on your mobile from Play Store for Android. You can launch the app and make use of all the features.

Features of Automate App

Automate is a fine app to automate workflows into actionable tasks using flowcharts. Feature breakdown of Automate App can be enlisted as –

  • Create workflows using a flowchart.
  • Develop and simulate simple or complex workflows.
  • Access the Automate community for more flows.
  • Make use of global settings.

A handpicking of some features

Step-by-step procedure to create a simple workflow

STEP 1: When you launch Automate app, you get the below dashboard.


STEP 2: To add your prized creative innovation of a workflow, click on the large ‘+’ located on the top panel.

STEP 3: You will get the below dashboard where you can bring your creation to life.


STEP 4: By clicking on the toolbox like icon located in the top left, you are availing the multitude of items available as part of your Android device which you can automate.


STEP 5: Finally when you create workflows, you must logically connect the flow in the flowchart. This is done by stretching the endpoints marked as bubbles from one block to another. This depicts the flow of control.


Step-by-step procedure to delete a workflow

STEP 1: Many a time it so occurs that the number of workflows you create becomes unmanageable and redundant. In such a case, you wish to delete some of them.

STEP 2: To delete a workflow, click on it in the dashboard.

STEP 3: On the icon which looks like 3 dots in the top right, click on it. There is a delete option. Click on it and confirm delete.


Step-by-step procedure to start and stop a workflow

STEP 1: The next logical process after you create workflows is to Start and Stop them.

STEP 2: To view the Start and Stop button, click on any of your workflows to enter into its dashboard.

STEP 3: As the name suggests, Start and Stop begin or shutdown a workflow respectively.

STEP 4: When you Start a process, your workflow kicks in and remains active. Based on how you have designed and configured it, the running workflow may continue to remain as a service and will be in your mobile device’s memory even if you close the Automate process.

STEP 5: Some typical examples of creative workflows you might find handy are like taking a screenshot when you strongly shake your device, turning on WiFi automatically when you reach home or automatically backing up your photos on cloud storage as soon as you take them.

STEP 6: On similar lines, you do not want unwanted workflows eating up too much of your system memory. To stop the instance of a running workflow, go to the workflow dashboard and click on Stop.

Step-by-step procedure to access global settings

STEP 1: Please note Automate is quite an expansive app and trying to cover all its features would be out-of-scope and unworthy. You must show your initiative. One section you would find approaching often would be global settings.

STEP 2: To access global settings, in the main dashboard, click on the icon which looks like 3 dots.


STEP 3: Click on Settings. You will reach a full suite of global settings. Choose wisely.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you summarize and inform me how best I can make use of Automate app?

Note well that Automate is one of the most excellent apps for workflow management on the Android platform. By offering a host of tools, you can tweak into any aspect of Android management. From a simple thing like taking a screenshot when you jerk your phone to advanced backups, you are covered with this app.

2. Are there any risks associated with using the app? What care should I take?

You have to be aware that Automate is quite an advanced app and as a novice, you might be overwhelmed. Our word of advice, keep a backup of your important documents if you use Automate extensively. You must step up on your skills to use Automate before you become an expert. Till that phase, yes, you must exercise extra precaution.

3. What are some truly great features of Automate app?

The ability to convey your idea into workable solution using flowcharts is the greatest feature of Automate app. The general recommendation is to begin slow and dig deep into the app. It will be limited only by your imagination.

Additional information about Automate app as presented in the store is as below:


How to use Automate App effectively?
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How to use Automate App effectively?
How to use Automate App effectively? Rule your Android device with great workflows.
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