How To Use Apple Clips App?

In this post we take a look at How To Use Apple Clips App.

Earlier today Apple Co HQ had a very interesting update for all its consumers and not to mention the tech geeks. Apple announced its latest addition to the iOS platform. No it’s not a new phone but an all new iOS application called “Clips“. In short the ideology behind it is to try to help anyone fix together a neat and well curated video without investing a lot of time and effort onto it. So lets checkout how to use Clips app and how Clips app works.

The app although won’t arrive in the App Store until April, but the company has offered a preview of its new mobile video application. Apple has positioned “Clips” somewhere between the already existing media applications like iMovie and Memories in terms of usability.

What’s interesting is that, Clips operates on a platform that is very much similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories which lets its users create a new story by stitching together short videos and photos from here and there. Clips is focusing on fixing that gap that is left behind by iMovie and Memories. While Memories automatically pieces together slideshow videos from pictures you’ve taken, iMovie can be a little bit technical by laying out clips and audio tracks on the timeline.

So for those of you all, who are thinking whether Clips is another social networking platform that has been established exclusively for iOS users; you are wrong. Here’s why. Firstly, Clips is an independent application, with the sharing functionality that delivers it to all of the usual networks(Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Secondly, it has the prime advantage of being built atop the company’s substantial experience when it comes to building video and photo editing software, offering a relatively customizable but user-friendly experience.

Clips is the first video editing application that Apple has launched solely for the mobile platform, rather than exporting an existing desktop offering over to iOS, which makes for a more unique native experience.

How To Use Apple Clips App

It’s pretty simple to use and inlaid with some additional features hidden down for users who are a bit more experienced. You can record a video, shoot a photo or grab something from your library right from the home screen of the app. As with the standard Camera app, there’s also a reverse button, so you can shoot a selfie, if you’re so inclined. Next to that is a large red ovular button labeled “HOLD TO RECORD,” which should be self-explanatory.

How To Use Apple Clips App?

The functionality isn’t something that’s out of the box or that which one can’t have their way with. If you are familiar with the concept of Stories on Instagram, Snapchat etc. this should be a piece of cake. Hold down the record button to capture what you want, let go when you’re done, and repeat. Once you’re finished with that, you can drag your clips into your desired order and flesh out your micro-films with photos, as well as filters, emoji, titles and animated icons. What would have taken a few minutes in iMovie takes seconds here, thanks especially to some intelligent algorithms.

The videos and photos will go on recording up and until the time the HOLD button is held. Once done, the recorded media will be saved to a small timeline on the bottom of the app. Before you publish or post it, you can tweak the photos or videos that you have taken. They can be previewed and the order of each scenes can be swapped too. A clip consists of individual segments known as “scenes“. A collection of scenes makes a Clip! Tapping on one video or picture scene will also bring up a few editing tools that can be used to shorten the clip. The recording limit for individual components is max 30 minutes while that for a entire clip it is currently target to be 1 hour maximum.

How To Use Clips App?

You can make your clips more fun by adding the additional touches to the videos via. the series of options that are found on the top. Theses options include animated title-cards, 8 different filters and symbols. The most unique addition is the “Live Titles” feature that automatically generates captions based on voice to speech recognition tech by leveraging on the the software that Apple has been building to incorporate into the iOS platform. It is not one of the coolest feature on the application but instead, it is the coolest new piece of technology in the application.

How To Use Clips App?

Another feature worth mentioning is the Soundtrack feature. This feature brings in tons of musical additions to the app and if that wasn’t enough it also lets users choose from the music they’ve purchased through iTunes. The company even managed to wrangle Hans Zimmer into recording one. Each pre-recorded clip is designed to be looped, so it fits as long or as short as you make your video.

How To Use Clips App?

Once all the editing and polishing is done on your clip, you can share your clip across a bunch of social networking platforms. A few of them being Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo etc. Apple is also rolling out a new feature for the first time with Clips that recommends Messages friends based on names mentioned in the video (via. Live Titles) or specific photos of friends, using, one imagines, some form of facial detection. Other recommendations are just pulled from the people you frequently message.

How does Clips app work?

Clips App review.

Clips works on the square format. Like Instagram, the app is meant to be used only in portrait mode. So it might be little frustrating during the initial stages, but then again once people are used to it, it wouldn’t be much of an issue.

When it launches next month, it will run on the iPhone 5s and newer models, along with the iPad Air and more recent tablets. (Just make sure your device is running iOS 10.3.) The exact dates are not yet revealed though. But April 2017 is what it is as of now!

Hope you’ve got a gist of what Apple’s Clips App looks like and what are the different features that are available on it. We’ll keep this page updated with the latest news and update, so keep tuning in. Also do share your thoughts and views in the comments section below.

Happy Clipping!


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