How To Use Amity App

Messenger apps are on the surge. And developers are always looking to step it up a notch every time. The fun quotient is what every body is trying to bring to the users and we believe that Amity has done just that! In this post we’ll take you through a detailed post on How To Use Amity App.

Introducing Amity

Amity’s bootstrapped team of eight from Brisbane, Australia have been working to create this interactive messaging app over the course of the past two years.

The application is the first of its kind, that brings everything together in one place. Real-time communication is now possible through its amazing interactive messaging platform. You can now communicate with your friends using Live Mode, live emojis, live touch, interactive messages, high fives, and much more ; without needing to switch your screens or moving to another app.

What’s catchy of them all is the introduction of the “Live Mode”. With Live Mode, special features activate when two or more people are present in the conversation at the same time. You can interact freely with features such as Live Touch to convey presence and Live Emojis to express emotions.

How to install Amity App

Amity is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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  • Everything in one app — Send photos, videos, links, news, YouTube videos, locations, postcards, voice messages, battery levels, quick emojis, and much more — all without leaving the app.
  • Interactive messages — a new category of 2-way messages that makes your conversations more fun, interactive, and alive.
  • Request messages — Thinking of someone? Simply tap one button to request photos, videos, and even locations from your friends and family.
  • Introducing Live Mode — Special features will activate when two or more people are present in the conversation at the same time.
  • Live Mode features — Now you can interact freely and express emotions with features such as live emojis, live touch, and emoji bursts.
  • High fives — For the first time, now you can high five your friends through a messaging app to celebrate small victories that happen throughout the day.
  • All your memories, saved automatically — All the photos, videos, links, news articles, YouTube videos, and postcards you send and receive are automatically saved in one place for you to revisit anytime.
  • Never lose a link again — Just tap one button to see every link, news article, or YouTube video you’ve shared or received.
  • Broadcast moments — Take a photo or video, select who you want, and tap one button to send it to everyone at once.
  • Beautiful photo filters — Bring your photos to life with custom filters created by a team of world-class photographers.
  • Fun, custom stickers — Express yourself with original sticker characters designed by independent artists.
  • Group conversations — This is where the Amity experience gets really interesting, especially with our new Live Mode and interactive messages.
  • Made for everyone worldwide — Easily add friends anywhere in the world by mobile number, username, or searching nearby.

How To Use Amity App: Understanding “Live Mode”

Amity introduces a feature it calls “Live Mode” which activates whenever two or more people join a chat together on the same screen.In this mode, you can send live emojis, live touch gestures, and emoji bursts. You pick from several emojis (e.g. a smiley, hearts, heart eyes, etc.) and then drag the emoji onto the screen where dozens “explode” in a burst-like fashion.

Another experience (see below) is akin to the little “hearts” you send a broadcaster on Periscope or the Likes you send when viewing a Facebook Live video – the only difference is that it’s in chat, not on social media.

How to use Amity app?


Setting Up Your Account

Once you install the application from the iOS Store or the Google Play Store. The next step is to create your account on the app. In short, sign up for the app.

Step 1 – Enter your mobile number and specify your country code in the first box. Hit “Send confirmation code” next.

Step 2– Enter the 6-digit confirmation code that was sent as a text message on your mobile number. This is to verify or confirm your number. Hit “Create account” next.

Step 3– Enter your credentials in the respective columns. You are also required to enter your email address and create a password to use your Amity profile. The final check box is where you mark your gender. Hit “Next” once you’re done.

Step 4– Choose a unique username for your account, as this is the name by which your friends and family can find and add you to their address books. You can also request Amity to pick a unique username for you, and it will give you suggestions based on your profile. Hit “Next” once you’re done.

Step 5– Add a display picture to your profile so that it’ll be easy for your friends and family to recognize and add you. You can either choose an existing picture from your library or you can even take a live picture. Hit “Next” once you’re done.

Step 6– You are required to provide Amity access to your address book, as it will add all the existing members on the app to your contact list. Also new friends that sign up will be automatically added to your list.

Your profile / account is now ready to use!

How to use Amity app?



The developers hopes its product is interesting enough to face up to the competition standards set up by others in this field. To help add to its growth, Amity has added multiple ways for users to add friends. You can add them by mobile number, invite them from your contacts, add them by username, add them from Twitter, or even add friends who are nearby (as detected via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

Overall, the application is quite classy with all the new features that they have pumped in. It is surely to attract users with its interactive. The company has launched their Beta version for Android as of yet. Once they are into the market fully fledged they are sure to get heads turning!

Hope you have learnt How To Use Amity App and learn about its feature. Shoot us your queries below and also let know how you have like the application.

Happy Socializing!

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