How to use Allo app?

Allo is the new Hello. The new messaging app from Google is a newly developed instant messaging mobile app. This app is available on Android and iOS and was launched on the 21st of September 2016. Lets look into How to use Allo app.

Step 1:

Go to the play store or app store and search for “Allo by Google

How to use Allo app?

Step 2:

Once you’re directed to the app download page, simply click download and wait till it downloads.

( Or click HERE )

Step 3:

Once downloaded, open the app and you will be asked a couple of things. The app will ask for a couple of details including your mobile number that in-turn sends across a one time pass code that you will have to enter in order to proceed to the next step.

How to use Allo app?

Step 4:

The next step would involve selecting a display picture. You can either upload a selfie or you can skip that step.

Step 5:

The Google Allo app would be successfully registered. Now, the Google Assist page opens up and this page will help you search for anything.

Step 6:

The app will require you to interact a bit with it and once that’s done, you will be able to access it.

How to use Allo app?

Google Assist:


In order to get a new answers, google assist has an Answers button. Once clicked,  the app is ready for you. You can either ask it questions by text or else you can use images or voice to search for items.

How to use Google Allo app?

Going Out:

The Going out key is juxtaposed to the Answers key and once clicked, you can access various features. The app gives the following suggestions:

Restaurants near me

Nearby Events

What Movie is playing


Thumbs up & Thumbs down characters.

Smart Reply Features:

The app has a smart reply feature that lets users to select options from given suggestions. The advantage here is that you get more suggestions based on a users usual reply.

Language Fuse:

The app has an availability of smart replies feature in “Hinglish” and has rolled out 200 stickers that has been created by various popular independent artists and caters to Indian users.

Going Incognito:

This is one of the best features that are not usually available in other competing apps. Allo allows users an end-to-end encryption that comes with a message expiration and also carries discreet notifications so that safety and security is given utter priority.

SMS Contacts:

Allo can send text messages (SMS) to your contacts who are yet to join Allo. This will land as a message with a download link to the app. Allo cannot be set as your default messaging app, but the users can select which contact can be blocked and which ones to be notified.

Everything Else:

Google Assistant can help you get through a couple of options like setting up an alarm, booking a movie, getting to know important and interesting facts, poems, proverbs, videos and much more. The app does not let you get bored. In case you are bored, there is a “I’m Bored” button that works in accordance with the assistant feature and in turn shows you a funny video. Google assistant in Google Allo can also provide options such as latest news, weather updates, traffic, sports or even upcoming flight status.

Hope you learnt How to use Allo app. Please do let us know of any questions in the comments section below.


Is Allo applicable with tablets?

No, unfortunately you cannot user Allo with your tablet. The app suits your phone or a sim enabled device. But, tablets are a big NO-NO as of now.

Is the app safe to download?

Well, you should expect plenty of bugs because this is a beta version and you will have to cope with the bugs.

Is private chatting enabled?

Yes. Just like the Incognito window most of you must be aware of,  Allo enables incognito chatting. You can also choose the expiry timing of the incognito chat that will be deleted once it crosses its expiry deadline.

What’s Google Assist?

Just like an assistant when you need help with something, Google assist works to cater to your queries. Supposing you have a question, you can simply type it on the Google assist chat window and google will try assisting you with your queries.  In case you’re in a conversation and you want some help from google, you can simply type @google followed by the question and you will get your response immediately.

What if I am not happy with the assist feature?

There is a Thumbs up and Thumbs down feature that can be found on the chat window. In case you are not happy with the assist feature, you will simply have to click the thumbs down and google will ask you for further information in order to cater to those issues. 

Is there a group chat feature?

Yes, the app has a group chat feature that allows users to create a group and socialize with friends.

Are there more features?

Yes, if you’re bored, you can play games from google, watch funny videos, translations, managing your travel and much more.

Is my information and chat safe?

Sure. Your information remains safe just like your google account. If you feel the need to enhance the security, you can sign in as a new user.

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