How to use AirDroid App effectively?

The below easy steps will help you leverage the AirDroid App effectively.

How to install AirDroid App

You can install AirDroid App on your mobile from Play Store for Android. AirDroid requires you create a personal account. If you already have one, you can use it and continue, else sign-up. You are ready after signing-in.

Features of AirDroid App

AirDroid is a fine app to control your Android mobile from a seamless web or desktop interface. It accomplishes this by the first handshaking with your mobile device on an active internet network and starting a communication channel.

The features of the AirDroid app can be enlisted as –

  • My devices: Shows which of your devices are connected.
  • Nearby: Finds if any other device in the vicinity is active.
  • Friends: You can add friends to join the network.
  • Mobile access to SMS: You can access your mobile SMS on web/desktop app
  • Mobile access to media content: You can access your media content on the web/desktop app.
  • Mobile access for easy screenshot: You can use your web/desktop interface to capture mobile screenshots.

AirDroid Features

A handpicking of some features

Step-by-step procedure to connect Android mobile and web app

STEP 1: When you create a personal account of AirDroid, you can log in through the web portal or scan a Quick Response (QR) code.

STEP 2: Another way to sign in without credentials is the QR code, which is shown below and the subsequent step.

AirDroid QR1

STEP 3: When you install the app on your Android device, you will need to scan in a QR code as shown below to establish a handshake between the web portal and the app.

AirDroid QR

Step-by-step procedure to directly receive SMS on the web app

STEP 1: Once you have signed in into the app, the mobile becomes your playground on your computer. All features which you thought were accessible only on your small form factor mobile now becomes easy to reach items. This includes SMS.

STEP 2: When you have signed in the interface appears as below. Upon a successful communication channel between the desktop and the mobile, you will see an icon labeled Messages.

STEP 3: When you click on Messages, you will have an easy reach to all your SMS on your mobile through the computer.

AirDroid SMS

Step-by-step procedure to access media files from the web app

STEP 1: Similar to SMS, you can access your media files like documents, videos, music files or screenshots without ever resorting to a cable between your mobile and computer.

STEP 2: When you have connected your mobile and computer with the interface clearly showing up click on Files.

STEP 3: Similar to how you would navigate on a computer, the file system on your main storage and any other storage like SD card would be accessible.

STEP 4: You can access, for example, screenshot and by right-clicking on it, you have the option to download to your computer.

AirDroid Media

Step-by-step procedure to make use of screenshots from the web app

STEP 1: Instead of first taking a screen capture on your mobile, attaching a cable and then transferring it to your laptop for editing, this quick option allows a real-time screenshot.

STEP 2: On the icon labeled Screenshot, click to activate this feature. You will now see a preview of your entire mobile device on your computer.

STEP 3: When you click on the button that looks like a pair of scissors, there will be a screenshot generated and will be downloaded on your computer.

AirDroid Capture

STEP 4: You have other choices like share or full-screen that you can make use of based on your requirement.

Step-by-step procedure to access Call Logs and Contacts

STEP 1: Access to Call Logs and Contacts from your computer opens an avenue that promises power and productivity. To access Contacts double click on the icon titled ‘Contacts’ and for Call logs, ‘Call Logs’ respectively.

STEP 2: When you access Contacts, you have the same interface available on your mobile device that lets you easily scan for numbers or names. Based on privileges, you can also edit your contacts by adding new or making changes to existing ones.

AirDroid Contacts

STEP 3: Similar to Contacts, you can avail Call Logs with respect to information like outgoing or incoming calls or duration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you inform me in a nutshell what is AirDroid app and how I can leverage it?

Note that the AirDroid app is an excellent app if you want full wireless access of your Android mobile on a convenient web interface or desktop. This is primarily useful for dedicated personnel who actively toggle between phone and desktop. The AirDroid app is a productivity builder.

2. Do you see any security risks associated with the AirDroid app? Is my data vulnerable?

AirDroid app has gone above and beyond to give you the best security features. The QR based login ensures added safety. You must just take care not to divulge your credentials to unknown people. Apart from this, there are no security threats associated with the app.

3. What are some truly great features of AirDroid app that I will find useful?

You will find the wireless access provided by AirDroid extremely useful. Imagine accessing your files like images, videos or documents from your laptop without ever having to connect your mobile with a cable. Only creativity is the limit to fully leverage AirDroid.

Please note that it would be out of scope to cover end-to-end feature presentation in this article. Rather the endeavor is to give you a heads-up to know the fundamentals and apply that awareness for your benefit.

Additional information about AirDroid app as presented in the store is as below:

AirDroid AddInfo

How to use AirDroid App effectively?
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How to use AirDroid App effectively?
How to use AirDroid App effectively? Get ready to rule your Android mobile from your computer. This cool app helps you with this endeavor.
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