How to use Ablo app?

Let’s see how to use the Ablo app.

Opinion: Ablo is definitely an interesting app. Its a “Chatroulette” meets “Travel Friend” like app with a social twist. It’s quite fascinating in the manner it connects people globally. Also, the app seems to have people using the app all the time around the globe. Its also a bit addictive as you keep moving from one video chat to another with complete strangers.

The following video gives you a quick view of how to connect with someone randomly.

You can download the app on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. When you register and login to the Ablo app, you have certain milestones to overcome. Only then can you keep unlocking all the features of the app. By default you dont have the choice to choose the gender of preference and country. To earn the ability to ‘choose’ you need to have enough ‘miles’ traveled. Only if you have 300+ miles traveled, will the travel planner dashboard be accessible. Inside this dashboard is where you can choose various filters of your choice ie. Opposite party gender, Country etc.

How does Ablo app work? How to find friend on Ablo app

To un-lock the travel planner, all you need to do is keep chatting with different random strangers for atleast 30 mins. This will give you the required 300+ miles to unlock things. Upon opening the app, if you TAP on the screen, it starts looking for someone online to connect you with. Once you gain access to the dashboard, you can spend coins and do a variety of actions like setting filters. By default you get 50 coins to spend. Also you can buy coins using your credit card.

Also as you achieve various milestones, your profile gets decorated with different badges.

How to use Ablo app How to un-lock Ablo app features

The Ablo app also has an automatic text translator. As you may get connected to a random person who speaks another language. The app also has a video chat feature along with voice. The moderators behind the app also seem to do a pretty good job. They try to keep bad actors out. Anyone mis-behaving is easily flagged out. Also all along, you get cool tips about different countries and their cultures, making it an engaging experience.

Also Ablo App is has a score board that shows all the achievers in different sections( Tap on the mountain icon at the bottom tray of the app ). The screen shows toppers in Miles, Video calling etc. You can tap on the profile and see all the details about the person. Also you can initiate a chat with him or her. For each new connection, certain number of coins would be burned.


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