How to update apps on iPhone

People usually tend to exploit the vast memory of iPhone’s by loading it with interesting apps. But what they forget to do is update them. Keeping them updated is as important as taking a shower everyday! They work better that way. Here is a guide on how to update apps on iPhone.

Step 1 : From your Home Screen, tap the App Store icon.

How to update apps on iPhone?

Step 2 : Once it opens, tap on the Updates option on the bottom right corner.

How to update apps on iPhone?

Step 3 : You will find a list of apps under Pending Updates. These are the apps that are yet to be updated. ( You may update an app only when the developer has dispatched one )

Step 4 : On the top right corner, tap on Update All. This will update all your pending apps.

How to update apps on iPhone?

Step 5 : If you want to update selected apps, tap the UPDATE option adjacent to the app you want to update.

How to update apps on iPhone?

The updating may take some time. Make sure you have an active data plan, though it is advisable to update using a WiFi connection because some updates are unusually large files. )

Step 6 : Open to use the updated version of the app.

How to update apps on iPhone?

Updates are majorly bug fixes from the previous version and may have some added features.

Hope you learnt How to update apps on iPhone 🙂 If you have any questions, do let us know via. the comments section below. Happy to help 🙂


*Is it possible to automatically update my apps?

Yes. You have an option to update your apps automatically.
Navigate to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads > Updates. Switch the slider ON. This will turn on auto app-updates.

Can you let me know some apps that have very huge updates, so I can do it over Wi-Fi?

The size of the update file may vary every time. There is no mandate that if an app dispatches a huge update once, the next update would be huge as well. You could check the size of the file on App Store while updating and decide for yourself if you would do it over WiFi.

Can I use my iPhone when apps are getting updated?

Yes, you are free to use your iPhone while the apps are getting updated. There is one restriction though, that you may not be able to use the app that is getting updated at that moment. Rest of the apps are accessible.

When I update to iOS 10, will all my apps also get updated automatically?

No. Updating iOS doesn’t update your apps, only your software version. You will have to update your apps separately.

As new updates are available to apps, will I get notifications from specific apps about the update?

The App Store notifies you the number of applications pending for update. It is displayed as a superscript number in red on the App Store icon.

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