How to translate your phone calls in real time using this translator app?

Learn how to translate your phone calls in real-time using this translator app? LingvaNex’s Phone call translator app offers an easy way for people traveling to communicate over the phone.

LingvaNex’s Phone call translator app is quite useful if you’re planning to travel to another country and have to talk to the locals for reservations etc. You could argue that Skype already offers a similar feature but the ease of use is unrefutable and the best part is you won’t require a separate number to make a call. The translations are near accurate as it seemed to have missed out on the context. They could look up to for improving the accuracy of the language. (we’ve covered them here)

What can you do with LingvaNex’s Phone call translator app?

The phone call translator app is just an extension of other voice and translations related services that the company offers. Through the app, you can choose the language that you are speaking and the other person’s language of choice before making the call. The Phone call translator then converts what you are saying to the language of the other person and Vice versa.

Prior to making a phone call, You could top up with a minimum amount of $10 or choose to watch videos to get close to $0.02 in your account balance per video. It appears there’s no limit to how many videos you could watch, as I was able to get close to a dollar to place a call to a restaurant in France to make a reservation. 🙂

All you need is an app, some account balance and nothing else to place a call.

Let me show you ‘ How to translate your phone calls in real-time using this translator app?

Step 1: Download the Android app from the Google Play store here and the Apple app store here

Step 2: Create an account on the app.

Step 3: Once logged into the app, the dialer home screen with the option to select the languages for you and the other person.

Step 4: Before you can make a call, you are required to add a balance to your account. Above the keypad, tap on ‘Add Money‘. You will be redirected to your account balance section.

Step 5: On the account balance you will see the option to choose the amount from the three options $10, $20 and $50. Below that you will have the option to watch a video to get balance.

Step 6: Tap on the amount that you want to add to your account and then pay through the payment processor of your choice.

Step 7: Next, with sufficient balance, you can place a call.

Step  8: On the dialer screen, select the country from the top menu and then below it choose the language that you are speaking in (left side) and the language of the other person (right side).

Step 9: Enter the number and then call. The screen will redirect to the calling screen.

Step 10: The app starts calling the contact, you can confirm this if the screen displays connecting. You will also be asked to keep the phone in front of you in order to see the translated text in your language (for example: English).

Step 11: Once someone picks the call up and says something, the app starts recording and translating it. If it detects an answering machine the app alerts whether you want to continue to call or not.

Step 12: As the other person speaks, the translated text then appears on the screen along with the original text as spoken by the receiver (french).

Step 13: After you reply, your audio is converted into french by LingvaNex’s voice response system and is played out to them. It is not necessary that they have the app installed, so you are free to call anyone.

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