What is Tinder Gold Class? How to avail it?

Gold is the new thing in! We have Gold in cinemas that very typically specifies that the features and services will be extremely high and grand. Gold as per the name exemplifies all great traits of an app! Recently, Tinder did add the Gold feature to its services just yesterday and as we all know Tinder Gold is here to make a mark. It has already grabbed numerous eyeballs and we can’t wait ourselves to jibe upon what does it carry?


Before jumping on to the features, Let’s know that Tinder Gold is available for both Tinder Plus users and Free users.

For Tinder Plus Users: Just pay a nominal extra amount and get going to avail it.

For Free Users: They have to pay an extra amount and they will be able to access all the features of Tinder Plus already available.

Note: The prices have yet not been decided. But will depend on trial basis, what customers feel comfortable in paying!

Tinder Gold gives you the feature of “Likes You”. 

“Likes You” feature comes in handy with the grand Gold integration with Tinder. Likes You, enables the Gold user to see who all have liked him/her.

-With this, even before swiping right or left to any random person you can simply make a look at the people who have liked you.

How to use Tinder Gold

-Instead of hoping for a match, after subscribing to Gold, you will get to see the likes on the same screen where you used to see the matches.

-There will be a “Gold icon” appearing on the screen showcasing the number of likes you got. Click on that and you will be taken to a new screen.
How to use Tinder Gold

-That screen will happen to view all the profiles in a Grid view. You can scroll through them and swipe right or left as per your liking.

-A match still needs to be made by both the parties.


How to use Tinder Gold

-You are not in a situation still where you can just randomly message anyone. Tinder has still not opened up that feature for anyone.

This is the new amazing Gold valued offer that can save you time, optimize your likes and clear all the doubts on who likes you and who does not. This also comes up with the added features of Tinder Plus which are:

  • Passport- Getting access to 4 locations
  • Rewind- You can go backwards to make a match
  • Unlimited Likes- You can paste any number of likes per day
  • Super Likes- 5 Super Likes are granted per day
  • 1 boost/month
  • Ad free Experience
  • And many more profile controls that are not generally available to free users.


Tinder is into making more customers pay for its services. Launching great features that can be only unlocked after paying a certain amount has been a well played strategy by Tinder. Gaining more and more access to profiles with whom you want to connect will just loosen your pockets a bit!!

The trial version is been launched only in Mexico, Argentina, Australia and Canada. Still not available in US or India.

Get going and avail this amazing feature in your smartphones and get connected!

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