How to store your luggage while traveling with Stasher app?

Learn How to store your luggage while traveling using Stasher app.

Opinion: Stasher is a really cool concept and a very useful app for travelers who need to store their excess luggage at safe storage when they need to travel light to locations nearby. Using Stasher, you can find a storage space nearby in a hotel, backpacker hostel, home or any other facility where safe storage providers would’ve listed their space on the platform. Stasher offers insurance for the luggage while on storage at the service provider’s premises for free.

This startup has also recently raised a fresh round of funding from a group of Investors.

We’ve made a video to explain the entire booking process, do check it out below

Let’s learn how to Book a storage space for your luggage with the stasher app while you travel.

Step 1: Download the app from the Google Play store here and the iOS app store here

Step 2: Install and create an account on the Stasher app to create a booking.

Step 3: On the app, after logging in, the option to type the location / choose a location near you where you plan to store the luggage is shown. Key in a location of your choice in the country that Stasher has partnered with.

Step 4: Stasher then displays the best options that are available at the location you’ve selected.

Step 5: Browse through all the listings and find a suitable one from the listings.

Step 6: Tap on the chosen listing to view the photos, amenities, price and the reviews before you book the slot.

Step 7: Once you feel that the storage is apt as per your requirements, proceed to book a convenient slot.

Step 8: Tap on the ‘Book now’ button, you’d be taken to the section where you will have to choose the date and time of checking in and checking out your luggage.

Step 9: Choose the number of luggage you would be checking in. the date and the duration, (you can store the luggage for a couple of months even, you will be shown the price and the insurance fee for it (mostly free).

Step 10: Review the details, and pay using a preferred payment method. After the successful payment, the slot would be confirmed by the app and the storage space operator.

Step 11: On the day of checking in, you could show the app to the concierge at the storage space and they would help you with easy checking in. You would also get reminders before the duration is about to expire.

If you exceed the duration, at the discretion of the storage space operator you will be charged a reasonable extra fee that you could pay through the app.

Hope we’ve answered your question, “How to store your luggage while traveling using Stasher app?”. If you have any other questions related to Stasher, you could ask them in the comments section below. We would gladly ask the Stasher app’s staff to help you out with those questions.

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