How to Start off with OpenSea to mint and list my collectible or NFT?

OpenSea is the marketplace to buy or sell collectibles, rare items, game cards, digital art, ownership of records in the digital form with blockchain managed ownership. In this sea of collectibles, we can explore as many digital assets as we want to and own them as well. Let’s kick off with how do you mint a collectible and list it in the marketplace. This is a step-by-step guide with screenshots to better comprehend. The only pre-requisite is to have any type of wallet, since this NFT site deals with Ethereum blockchain, we trade in Ether.

Step-By-Step Guide to Mint in Opensea

  1. Click on Create on the top right corner of the page by hitting the link opensea

  1. You can also click on Create on the home page as below

  1. You will be taken to the collections page

  1. We can either Create a new collection or add an existing contract. But for the sake of this blog, we shall click on Create, it pops up the Terms of Service that needs to be checked and Proceed button needs to be clicked. The Metamask signing happens simultaneously, this is a separate installation that needs to be in place for you to hold onto as a wallet. Don’t worry the site will pop up the link for installation and go with the flow.

  1. The Metamask holds the Ether, wallet address and a nonce (position of your transaction in the sequential order). Once we sign in to the metamask, a pop-up window for creating your collections appears as below,

     6. Make sure to fill in all the details above and click on create. A collection will be created as below and allows you to add items to it.        7. Then it appears in the collections tab as below


8. When you need to add a new item to your collections, you can do so by clicking on Add New Item as below. This is where an NFT gets minted.

9. So every-time you add a new item to your collections, it would ask you to sign in to MetaMask as well.

10. Make sure to give the Properties, Levels and Stats. Do activate the Unlockable Content that is revealed only by the owner of the asset. The last step in minting an NFT is the supply, how many copies do you want? Ideally, the answer is 1 because we are talking about Non-fungible tokens, if we make a copy for more than one, you have just made it as a fungible token that could be held in multiple wallets.

11. When you click on create, it asks for Metamask signature and then creates your own NFT, with the Visit and Sell button. Step-Step guide to list an NFT in the market.

  1. This is where the listing part happens. You can click on either Visit or Sell based on your preference. On clicking Sell, the below page appears.

2. Give the Set Price and Highest Bid.

3. Only during listing your NFT, you will be charged the gas fee and it takes the necessary Ether from your MetaMask wallet. When everything is done, your NFT is listed in the OpenSea market for others to bid on it.

Thus, you have minted an NFT and listed it in the marketplace. Now, Just wait for someone to bid at a great price. The highest bidder gets it within the stipulated time specified by the seller.

How to Start off with OpenSea to mint and list my collectible or NFT?
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How to Start off with OpenSea to mint and list my collectible or NFT?
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