How to Skype?

We all like to stay connected with everyone else in this age of the internet. Video calling in the new phone call. Technology enables you to have a face-to-face interaction with someone hundreds of miles across. One such amazing technology is Skype. Initially made for the desktop, Skype is now very famous on the smartphones as well. In this article lets look in detail on How to Skype.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (for iPhone) & search for “Skype

Step 2: Tap the Download / Get button. ( If your mobile prompts with a list of permissions, like access to photos, etc  just hit OK )

How to Skype

Step 3: The Skype app will start downloading on to your phone. Once downloaded, press “Open” or return to your app drawer and open the app & you’ll see a screen like this:

How to Skype

Now, that we are all set, let’s see how Skype works. Once you see the above screen on your device, the first thing is to Sign Up or in this case, “Create Account“. Once you tap on Create Account, the below screen appears:

How to Skype

You can see the Terms of Use and read the Privacy policy and then continue. Once you tap ‘Continue‘, you will see this:

How to Skype

Tapping on that arrow ( -> ) will synchronize your Phone Contacts / email contacts with your Skype account so that you can reach them whenever you want to without any trouble. Once that is done, this will be the next screen on Skype:

How to install Skype

Add your phone number so that it’ll be helpful for people to find you on Skype. Tap on the arrow sign again to continue,

How to install Skype

Once the process is done, you will receive a message from Team Skype as a confirmation of your registration on the Skype app as well as on your e-mail.

Let’s start configuring Skype:

Step 1: Select the menu on the top left corner of your screen.

How to install Skype

Step 2:

Let’s go through this menu one field at a time.

  • Enter mood message: This is similar to your WhatsApp status message. You can write what you feel like or what you’re up to. Also, you can add smileys.
  • Skype Credit: This is something which you need to purchase in case you want to call a phone number directly through Skype. There are various plans & combos available for different countries. Each plan will add certain number of Skype credits to your account which you can use on voice calls.
  • Account: This is where you can key in your Skype account settings:

How to install Skype

How to install Skype

Choose the settings that best suits you ( the text on these screens are self explanatory & easy to follow through ). Fill in the details and you’re almost ready to start using Skype.

  • Skype Number: This will get activated once you have Skype credits ( You can choose a number of your choice like how you have a phone number ). Till then, you can make calls through the Skype app but you won’t be provided with a Skype number but a Skype ID.
  • Call Forwarding: This option is the same as the usual call forwarding used in the normal mobile voice calls. You would need to activate it for Call forwarding to happen.
  • Settings: You go in to Settings & there a wide variety of options for you to play around with. Read through the instructions carefully and configure your settings as you desire.
  • Sign Out: You can either choose to be signed in always, or you can sign out from Skype. If you are continuously logged in, people can see that you are online and you will continue to receive messages and calls. If you are not logged in, you won’t receive any. Similar to most applications which require a data connection.

Now that we’re all set with the settings, let’s Skype!

Step 1: Tap the back button on the top left on your screen and you see the main screen of Skype. On the bottom right, there will be a + symbol, which basically means add. Tap on that and you will see this screen:

How to uninstall Skype

Lets explore these icons bottoms up:

  • The first one is a message bubble, choosing which you will be able to select the contacts to whom you can message ( like in Whatsapp )
  • The Phone symbol helps you to have a “audio-only” talk with any contact that you select thereafter.
  • The Video camera symbol: This is if you want to have a video chat with a selected contact.
  • The camera inside a bubble: This opens up the front camera of your phone and you can make your device adjustments like the display and your microphone settings.

Now, Come up to your main screen and swipe right, You will see your contact list. With any of these contacts, you can start a textual conversation or a video chat. Swipe right again and you’ll find the recent call history. You can select the people who you have spoke to and call them again. This also works as a speed dial.

Now that you’re are all set, Happy Skyping 🙂


* How to install Skype?

The answer to this question is very simple. For your phone, go to Play Store (Android)  and the App Store(iPhone). Search for Skype and select download. Your application will download instantly and will be installed on your device. This is how you install Skype.

* How to uninstall Skype?

Go to your phone settings Apps > select Skype > Tap Uninstall -or- Press the Skype icon for 3 seconds > Drag it to the un-install option that shows up on the top. This is how you uninstall Skype.

* How Skype works?

Skype works on the basics of digital data transmission. This type of transmission is usually called as Voice over IP ( VOIP ). This data input is taken as video and audio feed and converted to digital binary and pre-coded language. The opposite of this happens at the receiver end to get the output which is the same as the input given. This is a very high level & vague answer to how Skype works ( as its very technical & out of the scope of this article ). But we will come back and give a more detailed answer for this FAQ 🙂

* Skype setup – How to do it in my PC?

Go to the official Skype website ( ). There are many versions of Skype to choose from. Choose as per your need. Paid/unpaid/premium versions etc. are available with their respective costs. Read through all the instructions on the Home page. There you will find the Skype setup package for PC as well.

  • Download package
  • If it is a *.zip file, extract and then click on “auto run” or “setup”. If its a folder, just run the “setup.exe” file.
  • Follow the instructions and you will be good to go.

* Who can I contact for Skype help?

You can visit the website, to ask Team Skype about your queries. You can either mail them or dial a toll-free number provided on their website. This is the way to contact Skype directly for help.

* How to get free Skype credit?

There is no such thing as “free Skype credit”. You have to buy them from Skype/Microsoft based on the plans they have. The price for the credits can vary based on the amount of credits you want to purchase and also the kind of skype plan that you are using . Yes, you can look out for offers & coupons on the internet to egt free Skype credits as well.

* How to video call or video chat on Skype?

You can video chat on Skype by following a series of simple & straight forward steps mentioned in the article above. The answer to your question on How to video call or video chat on Skype is present right above this FAQ section. Please scroll up 🙂

* How to do Skype group video call?

Follow the below steps to do Skype group video call:

  • Start Skype.
  • Tap or click the Group icon at the top-left of the screen.
  • Select the contacts you want to participate in your Skype group messaging.
  • As you add contacts to the group chat, they’ll appear at the bottom of the screen. When you’ve added everyone you want, click add.
  • Click the video call button .

Now you and your group is live inside a Skype group video call 🙂

* How to make a Skype account?

The Answer to your question on How to make a Skype account is pretty straight forward. Just scroll to the start if this article & follow the instructions at the start of the article.

* How to get the Skype latest version free download?

Whenever there is a new version of Skype released, You will be prompted by Skype automatically. You can click on upgrade(PC) or Play Store will give you a notification once your Skype app is has an updated version. To get the Skype latest version free download, you would just need to follow the instructions on the push notification ( which indicates a new version released ) and your Skype latest version will be downloaded and upgraded for free.

* Skype video call not working. What to do?

The most possible reason for Skype video call not working may be with your data connection on your Mobile phone. I would recommend you to try opening your browser and opening up any website to see if there is any internet connection at all -or- if it is very slow.  If the connection is very slow, try connecting to an available WiFi connection and see if it works. Also sometimes the reason Skype video call not working maybe there are too many processes running on your phone & things are getting clogged. Try closing all the apps running in the background & also restart Skype. If the problem still exists, Report the issue to Team Skype and then check if it is compatible with your mobile phone model.

Hope the above article & FAQs helped you with your question on How to Skype 🙂

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