How to Setup Tokenlite ICO/STO Dashboard Script?

How to Setup Tokenlite ICO/STO Dashboard

An ICO/STO Dashboard is used to host Initial Coin Offerings and Security Tokens Offering directly from the creator of the token to the investors. The dashboard allows them to easily conduct multiple rounds of sales namely pre-sales, Early Bird sales, etc. Tokenlite ICO/STO Dashboard is built securely with the Laravel Backend to ensure there are optimum security best practices put in place. There are two variants of the Tokenlite ICO / STO Dashboard and it is quite easy to configure through it’s dashboard.

Tokenlite ICO Dashboard Script

Things To Know about the Tokenlite ICO / STO Dashboard

1. The dashboard is now set up and running smoothly. You’ll however need to configure the dashboard with your token details, ICO stages among other things

2. Users who sign up on the website need to verify their email address before using the dashboard. P.s: Make sure mailgun/sendinblue is topped up regularly so the emails are not stopped.

3. You will have to enter the correct Payment method details in the respective fields /admin/payment-methods . Please enable only the one that is working and you have access. Funds sent to invalid/wrong Cryptocurrency addresses will be lost and cannot be recovered.

4. You cannot remove the branding on the admin panel unless you purchase the extended license.

How to Use the Tokenlite ICO/STO Dashboard?

The Tokenlite ICO Dashboard software allows the admin to setup and manage an ICO process end to end. We’ve given step by step instructions on how to configure and use the platform.

Step 1: The dashboard is setup to run the ICO. Fill up all the essential information about your ICO on the Tokenlite ICO dashboard software.

Step 2: Once all the information is setup, the user can register on the platform with their email ID, submit their KYC through the user panel. The admin has to approve the KYC and only then the user will be able to purchase your tokens.

Tokenlite STO dashboard software

Step 3: After the KYC is approved, the user can purchase the tokens by entering the amount of tokens they want to purchase and the type of payment (fiat, BTC, ETH etc) they want to use. The platform displays how much they will have to send / pay to the respective payment method. Incase of Fiat currency they can choose Paypal or Bank transfer. If they are choosing BTC, ETH etc, depending on the cryptocurrency the admin of the ICO Dashboard script accepts, they will have to send the amount to the Admin’s wallet address mentioned on the user panel.

Tokenlite ICO Dashboard Software

Step 4: Once the payment is verified. The admin will have to manually send the tokens to the user through Metamask or any other wallet. The Tokenlite ICO dashboard software does not have a wallet integrated into it.

Step 5: After sending, the admin to mark the tokens as sent so the number of tokens that the user has paid for are shown on the user’s dashboard.

Should you need to change the logo, you will have to use SFTP.
Navigate to the folder path: /var/www/html/images and replace logo.png, logo2x.png, logo-lite.png, logo-lite2x.png and logo-mail.png


Step 1: Once you have successfully installed the Tokenlite dashboard, you will have to Sign-in to the super admin account with the credentials that you setup.

Step 2: You’ll land on the dashboard of the Tokenlite ICO/STO Dashboard. To first thing you will need to do is to setup and enable the transactional email service. Only then new users will be able to register on the ICO dashboard script. To setup the mail service, Click on the Settings option and the dropdown menu expands to show Mail Settings. Click on it

Transactional Email Service Setup

Step 3: Under the Mail settings you will see the option to configure SMTP, Mail Driver etc. To make it easier to setup and for better email deliverability, we’ll choose Mailgun for the transactional emails. Assuming you have already signed up, please add and verify your domain in your Mailgun account. Check here

Pro Tip #1: Always make sure that you create a subdomain for setting up Mailgun transactional email or any transactional email. For example, if your domain is, create a subdomain ” ” . This will ensure that your regular email service isn’t disrupted.

Step 4: Once you have verified all the domain details and setup the MX record you’re good to go. Mailgun will now display API and SMTP options, click on the SMTP details option. This will display SMTP Host, PORT, USERNAME, PASSWORD. Copy these information

Step 5: On the Mail settings section, choose SMTP and then enter the details that you have copied from Mailgun. You can test to see if the emails are getting delivered smoothly by going to the front end and try registering on the ICO Dashboard Script. If you receive an email from the Tokenlite ICO Dashboard Software then email is working fine.

Changing the General Settings

Step 6: The Tokenlite dashboard change the settings like name, token name etc, go to Settings > Website Settings. Here you can configure some of the basic options that the site has to offer.

Payment Method Setup

Step 7: To change payment methods, from the Settings drop-down select the Payment Methods option. From here you can configure the different types of payment options like Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer and Paypal.

Cryptocurrency Payment Method
Cryptocurrency payments only allow you to display the address of various cryptocurrency wallets that the platform accepts. It DOES NOT accept or store the cryptocurrencies on the server. Users will have to send money to your wallet directly from the wallet. After manual verification by your ICO Dashboard team, they will send the tokens from the wallet where the tokens are held manually.

Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer on the ICO Dashboard Software works the same. The bank transfer details are displayed and Once the payment is sent, the admin has to verify the payment manually and then transfer the tokens. To add, bank details all you have to do is enable Bank Transfer and then select “update” from the menu on the Bank transfer card. It will redirect to the page where you can add the bank details. Enter all the details about your bank account and then click on save. Now the bank details will display on the user panel.

Paypal is quite easy to configure, all you have to do is enter your paypal email id and the payments are accepted through your platform. Once the payment is successfully verified through he PAYPAL IPN, the tokens are shown as pending. The admin has to manually send it through the dashboard and mark it as sent.

Setting up the ICO Stages on the Tokenlite ICO/STO dashboard

Step 8: Your ICO can be split into different stages like Pre-sale, Early bird sale, etc. To configure different stages and activate them individually head over to ICO/STO settings under the Settings menu.

Step 9: From the available options, choose the one that you’d like to edit and click on the three dots icon present at the top right corner of the ICO stage box. It will redirect you to the page where you can edit the information like the amount of tokens that are being sold for this ICO stage, the price and other timeline information related to this sale. Edit the appropriate information and save it.  You can also set if you want to make KYC documents mandatory before purchase.

Managing Site pages and Templates
Step 10: There are pages that can be edited to display information relevant to your ICO. To edit pages, please head over to Manage Pages under Settings . On the Content Management System, you can edit the pages and email template that goes out when someone signs up on the platform.

Managing Users and KYC

Step 11: To access the User management, Go to Users section on the menu. Here you can add, manage users and view their KYC. There are two ways to add users on the platform. The regular method where a user signs up on the platform and verifies their email and the other method is to create the user on the dashboard. Through the later method, they won’t have to verify their email. Verifying KYC is a manual process. Against each user, you will see the KYC status whether it’s approved, pending or not submitted. You can tap on the View KYC option to individually view and verify their details.

Tokenlite STO dashboard script

How to View Transactions on Tokenlite ICO/STO dashboard
Step 12: To view transactions like tokens sent and other transaction details, go to Transactions section on the top menu. All your transactions, mode of payment, the number of tokens to be sent are mentioned here.

Note: Sending tokens is a manual process and is sent directly from your token’s wallet to the user’s wallet. You cannot send tokens through the dashboard for security and safety reasons. The Dashboard is only used to display how much tokens have been sent to the users and to display payment information and incase of Paypal accept payments directly to your paypal account.

Troubleshooting and Common FAQ

Is it possible to integrate a Wallet into the Tokenlite ICO Dashboard script?
It is possible to integrate a cryptocurrency wallet into the platform. This requires custom development to be done where certain process like sending tokens can be integrated within the Tokenlite ICO dashboard script.

I setup the email but it is saying the Credentials are wrong on the Tokenlite ICO/STO Dashboard Script
In the case of Mailgun, please make sure it’s not in sandbox and you have added the domain and verified it. If the issue still persists, on the ICO dashboard script please check if you have selected SMTP and not the MAIL driver on the email. Please check STEP 3 under setting up the Tokenlite ICO dashboard Script.

I’m not able to change the Logo on the Admin Panel of the Tokenlite ICO Dashboard Script
To remove the branding on the Admin Panel, you are required to buy the Extended license.

I got the purchase code of the product, but it says the purchase code is invalid
If you’ve just purchased the ICO dashboard script, you need to wait for an hour before trying again. Sometimes the verification server takes time to register. Also, please ensure you are entering the purchase code and the username of the account that was used to purchase is correct.

How to Setup Tokenlite ICO/STO Dashboard?
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