A guide on how to sell on Facebook marketplace

Facebook has become the most commonly known platform across the world. With a wide extent of 1.7 billion users, its one of the most widely used social media platform and this is probably one of the best opportunities for you to cash in. Lets look at how to sell on Facebook marketplace.

Imagine that you have a physical store dealing with a couple of products that caters to a certain amount of customers. Now, imagine selling those same products to customers located worldwide and earning 1000 times more than what your existing business fetches. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Let’s accept the fact that not all the 1.7 billion users are going to be your potential customers but statistically you have more chances of fetching more business than by adapting the conventional methods.

This is the power of selling online and you can do the same with the help of these tools that are available on Facebook.

Step 1:

Firstly, you would want to create your account on facebook. Firstly, you would want to access the following link, facebook.com/pages/create

How to sell on Facebook marketplace?

Step 2:

You will be guided to the “create a page” wherein you will have to select the category of business that you’d like to deal with.

This link will also be able to help you create a sellers account without hassle:


Step 3:

Here are the categories you can choose from:

Local Business or Place

Company, Organization or Institution

Brand or Product

Artist, Band or Public Figure


Cause or Community

Step 4:

Say in case you have a brand or product that you want to sell, you can simply click on the “Brand or Product” tab and choose the relevant category with the Brand or Product name. Once you’re done with that, you can click on the “Get Started” key and begin selling.

How to sell on Facebook marketplace?

Once you have your own online store, you’re good to go and expand your business virtually in order to sell stuff on Facebook.

How to sell on Facebook marketplace?

Before we get onto that, here are some of the most comprehensive points to keep in mind in order to build an Online store:

Facebook Store:

Facebook store is an online store that can be set on your Facebook Page in order to sell products. This is a dedicated business page and cannot be associated with a personal FB account. However, if you use Shop section, you can do a few more tricks to add to your trade.

Shop section:

In order to check your eligibility for Shop Section, you just have to visit your Facebook page and then look out for the “Add Shop Section” link that can be found just below your Facebook page Cover photo.

Facebook allows users to create stores and also gives you knowledge on how to create and App that involves uploading pictures of your products, pricing information along with various processes regarding your payments.

It does have a downside and might sound a tad technical and if the techie in you does not exist, you can simply choose another simpler option.

E-commerce builder software:

There are plenty of software’s or apps that allow the users to simply create an account with them and start selling. It’s pretty easy.

Most of the shops that you set up are powered by companies like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Wix, etc. You can choose the respective platform (app) and the offers they provide and choose accordingly. These ecommerce solution providers help you sell products better.

It does have its own perks like:

Any updates or changes from the ecommerce store will automatically be pushed to your Facebook store.

You will have to update your product once and the Facebook store will also be seamlessly updated.

Choosing Shopify facebook store:

Most of you must have come across the name shopify either on your facebook page or elsewhere. The reason being shopify is a pretty fast growing ecommerce shopping cart software that is quite advanced on the technical end and goes easy on the user.

In order to set up your facebook store through shopify you will have to register yourself with shopify.

Step 1:

Access the shopify store by simply googling it.

Step 2:

Once your shopify store is open, you have to click on the “Get started” key found on the top right corner of the page.

How to sell on Facebook marketplace?

Step 3:

Shopify offers a 14 day trial period to access and enjoy the benefits offered by the store. The registration is pretty simple.

Step 4:

You will be guided to a page that asks for your email id, password and your store name. Once you’ve entered the correct details, you will be guided further ahead onto the registration.


The benefits of setting up a store with Shopify is:

Stunning and professional design themes for your store page to look elegant

More than ½ a million active online stores registered with Shopify have generated close to $ 20 billion in sales.

App assistance to grow your business including 24×7 customer assistance and support.


What advantages to I get from Shopify:

The benefits offered from Shopify are as follows:

Virtual Organization that lets you add banners and columns.

Facebook integration allows users to import product details from shopify to facebook automatically.

 Big Commerce Facebook Store:

Big Commerce is yet another option to help you venture into virtual business. Your store can be set up with this method and you won’t have to go through any hassle at all.

The registration process is similar to that of Shopify and the benefits are pretty much the same.

How to sell on Facebook marketplace?


Big Commerce has a wide network of buyers and sellers that has accounted for $ 9 billion in sales.

The company offers “out of the box” tools that help users build a store.

Integration with different social channels to increase sales.

Hope you learnt How to sell on Facebook marketplace. If you have any further questions, please mention in comments 🙂


Do I require technical knowledge to sell on Facebook store?

Contrary to popular belief, the Facebook store along with its selling integrals such as Shopify, Big Commerce have created radical changes to help everyone set up a store with absolute ease.

What happens to the updates that I have to an existing product?

The best part of integration with online store is that your updates are automatically synchronized with your Facebook store and this saves plenty of time and avoids any possibility of errors.

How safe and reliable is it selling with Facebook store? Billions of dollars in sales just don’t happen in a jiffy. Making it happen takes plenty of efforts and a whole lot of trust. The store is pretty reliable.

How about the accessibility?

An online store that gets direct accessibility through your social media account and companies ready to propagate your products is a pretty efficient way of spreading the word about your products. What seemed to take ages to sell can happen with a couple of clicks.

How to sell on Facebook marketplace a Digital Download?

Do you require Paypal for Selling on Facebook Marketplace?

How to sell on Facebook marketplace from India?

Happy selling 🙂

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