How to sell on Amazon?

Amazon is by far one of the most sought after site that enables the user to access a wide array of products. The company has expanded its business worldwide and the reason behind its success is the users. In this article lets look into How to sell on Amazon.

You can either buy/sell products on amazon and for that you will have to do the following.

Step 1:

Start off by accessing the webpage.

Step 2:

You will find a tab that says “New customer? Start here” click on that.

How to sell on Amazon

Step 3:

Next, you will be directed to a page that will ask you for your details such as your name, email id, password. Enter them all and click create your amazon account.

Step 4:

Once you’re done creating your account, it’s time to start selling on Amazon.

How to sell on Amazon

Selling on

List your items:

If you have a good amount of items that you want to sell, you will have to search for the items you want to sell. Once you find an exact match, you just have to click “Sell yours here” button.


Details are deciding factors. The more detailed your description is, the better will it be for a buyer to decide. You are the best judge on the products you sell so, give an exact description of the product you’re selling.


Keep in mind that amazon has a fee that it charges for products sold and it includes shipping rates and other charges. Hence, you’ve got to keep all of the above in mind and work on your selling price.

The fees deducted by amazon is based on:

  1. Item price
  2. Gift wrap (iif any)

A monthly subscription fee is also applicable apart from the fees for each item sold.

It works like this:

Item Price + Shipping charges paid by the buyer + Gift wrapping charges by the buyer + Referral fee by the buyer + Variable closing fee.

Note: $ 0.99 per item fee is waived for those sellers who pay a subscription fee.

The above is deposited to the sellers account.

Here’s a list of the various charges and percentages applicable on various products:


Some products are just a “no-no” when it comes to selling online. Amazon has eligibility criteria on the products that can be sold. These are segregated under stores. The stores include:

Baby Products


Camera & Photo

Computer & Video Games


Home, Kitchen & Garden


Musical Instruments

Office products

Pet Supplies


Sporting Goods

Tools & Hardware

Toys & Games

Video & DVD

Everything Else (this excludes ineligible categories)

There are a couple of products that cannot be sold on amazon’s website. The website has a detailed description on the ineligible goods. It would,t be a bad idea to check it out before selling. In order to identify your products, you must provide a UPC or EAN in order to sell it online.


You can either ship orders yourself or else make use of amazon’s fulfillment services to ship your products. If you want to handle the shipping then you will have to decide the kind of shipping (expedited or international). You should not have any problem as long as the buyer receives the product within the time chosen by them.

Getting your Dough:

Payment is the primary purpose behind selling online. So, in order to get your hard earned money, you will have to submit the following details to amazon:

  1. Valid credit card information in order to verify and for billing.
  2. Valid bank details.

The payments are usually transferred to your account once in every 14 days. You can also request more frequent transfers of funds once in 24 hours. Hope you learnt How to sell on Amazon. Do let us know any of your questions on selling on Amazon in the comments section below.


Product detail page? What’s that?

It’s a page that is accessed by the end user (customer) who reads about your offering that includes images, price, description, past reviews of customers, payment/ shipping options.

Procedure for creating a product detail page?

In case your product isn’t already listed on, you will have to select the product category it belongs to. Next, give it a description and set the price and conditions for your items.

What categories of products can I sell?

There are various categories. However, you have to get an approval on a couple of items before selling them.

My product does not fit in any category, what do I do?

Don’t worry. There’s an “Everything else” category that should cover up your product too. Well, that’s if your product is not illegal.

I’ve shipped the order but the buyer has not received it. Help!

The buyer is a human being. Relax!! You can work with the buyer and figure out an agreeable solution. However, you have to demonstrate a good level of customer service. You can either refund the money to the buyer, Take care of the shipping costs, or simply ask the buyer to wait a little longer for their order to arrive. The choice is yours (and the buyer’s)

The Buyer returned the item.

Sometimes, the buyers decide to return the items they bought off you. However, you should bare in mind that while refunding the money, the shipping cost has to be deducted from the buyer’s refund. There are a couple of products where refunds are applicable. Buyers will also have to adhere to certain rules before claiming their refunds.

I received an order but due to some problems I cannot fulfill it.

Sellers are required to ship the products as advertised by them. Should you face any problems and if you sell often and in case you face an inevitable problem then you should cancel the order.

I have had too much of amazon and I want to close my sellers account.

Before choosing to close your account, you should keep a few points in mind:

Once you close your account, you cannot reactivate it.

You lose access to all your past orders, details regarding orders, refunds, order history.

To close your account, follow the following link HERE

You will have to provide your login details and once answered, you will be able to easily close your seller’s account.

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