How to play PubG Game effectively?

We will help you understand how to play PubG game and make you enjoy the features with these guides and steps.

How to install PubG Game

You can install PubG game on your mobile from either Play Store or App Store respectively for Android or iOS. You can start using the app by launching it and signing in through social media like Facebook or Twitter. You can also sign in as a guest.

You must agree to the ‘PRIVACY POLICY’ and ‘TENCENT GAMES USER AGREEMENT’ by checking them.

pubg initial

Features of PubG game

PubG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PubG is essentially a team game where the objective is to survive a battle, often called deathmatch. You can either play single or team up with a maximum number of 4 people. You also have a choice of 4 ‘maps’ or locations where you can stage your battle.

pubg features

When you complete sign in and character selection, the important features presented are:

  • Season: A certain period within the game wherein if you are a top achiever, you are entitled to certain rewards.
  • Clan: A clan is a group of people doing challenges and other things in the game to earn rewards.
  • Crew: Crew is all your close friends in one group and makes it easier to get hold of in a game.
  • Armory: Shows the different guns available and their capability.
  • Inventory: Shows all items needed as part of a campaign like Vehicles, gear and so on.
  • Challenge: A kind of challenge thrown in to add variety and to collect goodies.
  • Statistics:  User related statistics.
  • Activity Today: The day’s activity.
  • Messages: Dashboard for messages received.
  • Settings: You can set game global settings.
  • Report/Tutorial: You can report an issue or learn from tutorials.
  • Crates: Game pre-bundled goodies offered for in-game cash.
  • Shop: A destination to purchase goods.
  • Royale Pass: The PubG Mobile Royale Pass is a seasonal campaign where players rank up and earn to unlock rewards such as items and cosmetic skins.
  • Select Mode: You can customize number of players, location and other options.
  • Game friends and invite: You can view your game friends and also invite new.
  • START battle: Pressing this button starts your battle campaign.

Handpicking of certain features of PubG game

Step-by-step procedure to enter a battle as a single or team player

STEP 1: After signing in, choose your character. You will enter the main screen.

STEP 2: You can go into Select Mode to customize the number of members in your team, map location, Classic or Arcade mode and Third-Person Perspective (TPP) or First-Person Perspective (FPP).

pubg select mode

STEP 3: When you click on START, you will enter the sequence to start the campaign beginning with landing using a parachute and eventual game progress.

pubg parachuting

Step-by-step procedure to invite friends into a battle

STEP 1: Click on the Invite button.

STEP 2: Again click on Invite present at the bottom left of the flyout.

pubg invite

STEP 3: You now get various ways to invite. These include Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp among others.

pubg invite ways

STEP 4: Select your contact and the invite would be as below.

pubg invite sample

Step-by-step procedure to chat with your team during the battle

STEP 1: You have an option to either voice chat with all members, or with your team and you can disable the microphone. First, choose the important character selections and enter into the game.

STEP 2: Click on the icon that looks like a microphone.

pubg chat

STEP 3: You get 3 options – All, Team and Disable. Choose wisely.

pubg chat 1

Step-by-step procedure to login as a different user

STEP 1: In PubG’s main menu click on Settings option.

STEP 2: In the Basic option, you have a choice at the bottom left called ‘Log out’.

pubg logout

STEP 3: Click on Log out to again login as a different user.

Step-by-step procedure to make use of higher end weapons

STEP 1: PubG is all about getting newer and updated weapons while bringing down enemy teams. You can buy high-end weapons with your UC (unknown cash) or silver fragments. You can also purchase UC.

STEP 2: Go to Crates or Shop and purchase your weapons.

pubg crates

STEP 3: When you start your campaign, your new weapons will appear as part of your loot. This means the weapons will be there in hideouts and buildings from where you can collect them.

pubg shop

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What made PubG so popular and am I suited to enjoy the game?

Please note that PubG is a type of game called deathmatch where you as a single member or as part of a team has to defeat other players in order to claim supremacy.

PubG became popular because it allows full-fledged access to team creation, in-game chat, and other customizations. If you enjoy games generally, you might find PubG engaging too.

2. What are UC and BP used so commonly in PubG game?

UC is unknown cash and is the in-game currency if you want to purchase any accessories. BP is battle points and is useful if you want to change gender or appearance. Added to these you can purchase accessories using silver fragments token found within the game.

3. How do I report any bug or any general issue that I face while playing the game?

In the main screen towards the bottom right, there is a button if clicked shows 2 options – Report and Tutorial. You can use the Report option to write your concern.

Additional information about PubG game as presented in the store is as below:

pubg add

How to play PubG Game effectively?
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