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Pokemon has been one of the reasons why I used to score low grades in school (Puns Intended). Cartoon Network had given the Japanese cartoon such a boost that within no time there was Pokemon merchandise, Pokemon Tazos and then Nintendo cashed in on the opportunity and brought out an addiction that is probably one of the reasons behind my spectacles, the Pokemon game series. Reminiscent of the 90’s, Game Boy had the Pokemon games for youngsters who loved battling it out with opponents. Around 25 million copies were sold. If you thought, that was it, the gaming addiction is now creeping into millions of iOS and Android devices and people cannot stop texting/tweeting/bragging about it. With all that said and done, the new Pokemon Go game is here. For those of you wondering about the hype, it’s all in this article. By the end of it, you too might want to download the game and brag about it. Lets look into how to play Pokemon go game & more on how does Pokemon go work.

  • How to catch more Pokemon’s?
  • How to win a battle?
  • How to Train your Pokemon in the Gym?
  • What is Pokemon pit stop?

…. Scroll down to FAQ for Answers to above Questions!

A little about Pokemon Go for noob’s:
Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game. For those of you who are absolute beginners, Pokemon is short for “pocket monster.” They happen to be tiny yet powerful monsters capable of doing everything that a regular pet can do(Perhaps, a few more things such as battle, evolve and hatch). This game is absolutely nothing like the Gameboy game used to be. This is a free mobile game that lets the player see Pokemon through the window (screen) of your phone as if the monsters really exist!

Getting Started:
So, if you’ve watched too many Poke movies/ series, here’s your chance to burn some of that excess belly fat that you might have saved up for no reason 🙂 .

FYI: The game is currently available in Australia, New Zealand and U.S of A only. Pokémon Go is currently NOT available in India (sad)

However, if you have the proper Jugaad skills, downloading this game is a piece of cake. To help you download this game for Android and iOS, there are a couple of pointers that you will come across in due course.

Note: Assuming that you already know how to download & install the game, we dive straight into the nuisances of how to play Pokemon go.

Once installed, you’ve got to create a user name. You would need to follow a tedious yet eagerness boosting method called registration. You can team it up with your google account,else sign up for a Pokémon Trainer Club account that has a few extra perks like getting download codes to capturing a rare Pokémon.
But, keep in mind that the internet servers on this game are very spoilt sports and have a knack of annoying the fudge out of you. The game’s developer Niantic had probably never in its wildest dream anticipate the flooding demand for this game that its servers are trembling. That’s probably one safe reason to assume the postponed launch of this game in certain countries.

FAQ: Why isnt my avatar walking in Pokemon Go?

The main reason would be that your GPS would have been switched OFF, turn it ON & it should be fine. If it continues, close and restart the app.

If you make it through registering your username, next you’re going to have to make sure that the GPS on your phone is enabled. The device uses GPS and so don’t expect it to go easy on your phone’s battery. It also uses your phone’s camera and so expect a rather exciting twist while playing this game.
Don’t expect this game to explain anything on how it works (ehm!! you’re welcome by the way, I’ve got you covered)

Once you’re done with all the tedious process, you will have the liberty to customize your character. i.e gender, cap, hair, bag, shoes, trouser color etc. Once that’s taken care of, it’s time to venture out into the real-augmented world.

How to play Pokemon go guide
The game greets you with a bunch of icons out of which 3 are important:
The first pointer is the patch of grass that indicates any Pokémon lurking in the nearby vicinity. You’ve got to literally walk to that area and your mobile avatar shall do the same.
The second pointer is a pokestop that are places that helps the user grab some pokeballs as well as eggs.Lastly, there are gym icons that you will come across post level 5 that will urge the user to travel outside his/her comfort zone to the neighborhood in search of a gym

FAQ: Why is my Pokemon Go avatar moving slowly?

The main reason for your avatar to be moving slowly is that your internet connectivity might be slow or your GPS might not be working.Check your connection status.The avatar would respond according to the response it gets from the device.

Capturing Pokemon with Poke Balls:

The game is designed with the olden days Pokémon monsters such as Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle etc.. When your avatar walks through a particular area, usually near a pile of grass, the Pokémon should appear on your screen. If they appear in your circle, the poke ball symbol is found on the bottom of the screen, you will have to press the poke ball symbol and swipe it towards the Pokémon. But, keep in mind that the ball has to be thrown near the monster, else the ball will go for a bouncer. Once the creature is being captured, the poke ball will wiggle 3 times and if the monster does not get out, you have a new virtual buddy. This does munch a lot of battery and if you want to save some battery power, you will have to turn off the augmented reality. Keep in mind, when the Pokémon appears on the screen, it dances around a bit and just before flicking your pokeball at it, wait for the green circle to become small and then flick the ball near them. Don’t be disappointed if a Pokémon runs away or evades the numerous balls you flick at it, it is probably on a higher level than you are or may be you deserve a better Pokémon, so major chills are required while catching Pokémon.

How to play Pokemon go guide Pokeballs

While walking, the Pokémon might appear on your screen, it is also a good thing to keep an eye for the “nearby” icon on your screen that indicate a Pokémon roaming close by.

Leveling up:
As you progress through this game, you’re going to have plenty of poke battles, winning gym matches, watching your Pokémon evolve and pretty much all that was enjoyed in the movies. The player and individual Pokémon in this game can be upgraded. Gym Battles require a minimum level 5 from the user. It’s recommended that you walk/drive/ride and level up as soon as possible. Leveling up happens by increasing the Pokémon’s power that requires various items that are gained when Pokémon are captured or when they evolve.

How to play Pokemon go guide

Your device works in collaboration with the game and the GPS draws out a map of the area you are in and it is vaguely shown in the form of streets in the game. Gyms are placed all over the map. However, there is plenty of possibility that you won’t be able to wander off into your backyard. They are located in places where other people meet and will tend players to defend their turf from rivals. Gyms will have either red, blue or yellow colors. There are empty Gyms too that have grey color. Once you claim a gym, you will have to assign a Pokémon to defend it. As it is a matter of prestige, don’t expect the Gym battles to be a piece of pie. Use your skills and Pokémon well and you can gain victory.

Battle on the Pokémon Go is quite simple. It is not turn-based and is largely automatic and the essence is mainly to take advantage of the game’s elemental advantages and ensuring that the user picks the most powerful Pokémon in the fights. As with any battle, your Pokémon are quite likely to get battered up and thus far, there isn’t any way yo automatically heal the beat up Pokémon. Their health will also not recover over time. Instead, the user will have to use items to bring the Pokémon back to good health. The items will have to be purchased using your real wallets. A few items can also be retrieved from various pokestops.

When you start the game, you will have a single egg incubator. You can choose to purchase an additional one through the store. Eggs take time to hatch, so go for a walk and wait patiently till the egg(s) hatch.

How to play Pokemon go guide eggs

Poke Stops:
Pokestops are more or less similar to pit stops and contain items that are essential to either capture or heal your Pokémon. The interesting part is that these pokestops are linked to real-world locations like statues, museums, mosques, temples etc. Once you’re close enough to a poke stop, the cube icon on your screen will change into a swirly icon. Swipe from left to right on your screen once you see the big circle icon and a couple of items will spill out. After visiting a pokestop, the icon changes color from blue to purple. This is just to ensure that you’ve already been to this place.

How to play Pokemon go game

Hope this detailed Pokemon go guide helped you learn how to play Pokemon go 🙂  We will keep this Pokemon Go guide updated with more info. If you have any questions, please do post it in the comments section below & we will be glad to help you out!


How to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

On the first go we are given 3 options for us to select from, the options mostly be Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtel usually we choose from it ). To get Pikachu you need to walk away from the initially given Pokemon’s and after sometime Pikachu pops up. Then in the game you have Pokemon pitstops and gyms just like in the series we have watched.On the bottom right we find a small area with Pokemon shadows(those are the Pokemons that are near you).We gotta be on our toes, to catch them all.If you had noticed you would have seen an arrow mark kind of symbol below the Pokemons in the nearby screen. These arrow marks are called footsteps.One footstep means that the Pokemon is very near, you gotta just move around for some short distance and you will find it. Two footsteps tell you that it could be caught but, you gotta walk a bit, sure it is out there near you. One and two footsteps Pokemon can be caught easily and this three footsteps are a bit far and what do we do , we start walking.
Pokemon pit stops are places where we get the extra bonus accessories.It is just like a checkpoint in NFS, each time we pass a checkpoint we get extra time. Similarly we get Pokeballs or Eggs. You might be wondering what this is and what to do with it.They provide us with an incubator( and an incubator is for keeping it warm ). There is a distance that is mentioned below the incubator .For the incubator to function and warm up the egg to hatch we have to walk the distance.It will be a good rare evolved Pokemon ( so, its worth the walk )

Now, we have got Pokemon’s and are eager to fight and battle it out. But, to go to the gym and start a battle with the opponent you have to be on level 5, only then you will be given access to the gyms.Its not that difficult to reach level 5, just keep catching wild Pokemon’s and your XP increases. Eventually, you will make it to the level.

Upon reaching the fifth level you can join a team from the given options:  Team Valour(RED), Team Mystic(BLUE), Team Instinct (YELLOW). It is of your choice to join whichever one you find good. The tallest icons with a Pokemon on it is the gym, we can own it. But provided we win the battle against the gym owner. A gym might be empty and you can claim it by just walking to it and clicking on it.Mostly, all the gyms would have been claimed by some team and you can train your Pokemon in your teams gym.

How to Train your Pokemon in the Gym?

Each gym has the color of their team. So, if your teams gym is nearby you can go there and battle with them and train up your Pokemon.
Here comes the powering and moves part. There is something called CP that is given to the Pokemon’s we catch. It literally means COMBAT POWER. So to win a battle, we should definitely have a higher combat power, not just one battle but have to defeat all that are in the gym. Only then the gym will become yours and you start to defend it from other competitors. Coming to the action part, the opponents Pokemon will be in the center of the battleground and the tricks for battling are: We have to dodge when the enemy Pokemon attacks. Dodging is by swiping left and right, you can keep swiping in one direction also because the battleground will be in a circular shape.

How to win a battle?

We have to attack to win. Tap  on the enemy Pokemon is the initial way to go( keep on doing it ) , the special attack meter gets filled, as we attack our rival.Once the special attack meter is full , long press the screen to perform the special move.The special move causes more damage to the rival, and when we perform the normal move there will be pop ups stating whether the move was effective or not.If it is effective keep it going and if not dodge, go around and hit it before our rival reacts. Always keep getting new Pokemon’s and if you have repetitions, catch them and transfer them to the doctor.You get a candy for it, candy is a coin like stuff that are used to evolve and power up our Pokemon’s. Now we do know what is to be done to GO CATCH’EM ALL!!!!!!!!

What is Pokemon pit stop?

Basically it is a place where you get all the Pokemon accessories like pokeballs, eggs etc. Mostly these pit stop places are public spots like parks, Malls or some monumental statues . Once you access the pit stop and collect items, it will be down for 10 minutes.It can be visited again.

Any tips on how to move avatar without walking in Pokemon Go?

You can prefer a drone. Keep your mobile on it and send it to places u want and operate it.

How to play Pokemon Go on slow networks?

In slow networks it would work fine to capture Pokemons, but during battle time it might be a problem.So prefer fast networks.

How to make my avatar walk straight in Pokemon Go?

It depends on the GPS tracking. However the device behaves ,your avatar will walk as such.

My Pokémon Go game is very slow. What to do?
Well, the servers are busy most of the time as the game is downloaded by millions & played. You will need major chills to play this game.

Where are all the Pokémon?
The Pokémon monsters are hidden around our real world- quite literally. Put your shoes on, go on a walk and if luck (and your battery) is in your favor, you might capture a few Pokémon.

My Avatar doesn’t move. What to do?
You walk, your avatar walks. You drive/ride, your avatar walks. Get moving, you’ve got to catch em all.

Red and White balls everywhere? Am I messed up in the head or is it normal?
These Balls are just for catching Pokémon. You throw these balls and they work like a vacuum to suck in the Pokémon. If you have anything else running in your mind, you’re probably messed up in the head 😛

Can I make my Pokémon stronger by battles?
Sure, but the items make them stronger. There are various power-up items that can be purchased for your Pokémon to increase their power.

What about my Phone’s battery?
Sayonara perhaps. Just kidding, the game hasn’t really a major battery hog. Its just the usage of your device’s GPS as well as the camera that takes a toll on your phone’s battery.

Will Pokemon drain my Data?
If you have a stable Internet connection, its safe to say that you’re okay. However, having your GPS turned on especially when you’re not using Wi-Fi can get expensive. Choose a data plan wisely before getting hooked onto this game.

When is this game coming to India?
Tough to say, But you can always download app for your Android device and then download the Pokémon go app.
iOS users will have to create a new Apple id and register as users from USA, Australia or NewZealand and then visit the app store to download the game.

Is it safe to play the Pokemon Go game?
There have been a few concerns over people being more hooked on to their devices than usual. Users might appear to be clicking pictures, but in reality they might be trying to capture Pokémon. Also, while traveling in case you come across a Pokémon, don’t let impulsiveness get the better of you. A few people have gone out of the way and stopped their cars on a busy lane just to capture Pokémon. Before doing anything similar, do think about your surroundings.
On the flipside, it’s probably a good game that helps you burn calories. But if you end up in your neighbor’s yard trying to capture an uncommon Pokémon, you best be prepared with a suitable excuse.

How does Pokemon go work?
Pokemon Go works with a stable Wifi or Data connection and it relies on your phone’s GPS system as well.

How to play Pokemon go without moving?
It is an augmented reality application that works with your GPS system to keep a track of your progress. There is no way of playing the game without moving.

How to play Pokemon go without data?
You need a solid Wifi or data connection to play this game, without which you cannot play this game!

Please explain more on breeding Pokemon. How to breed Pokemon?
You’ll receive eggs as and when you complete the challenges or gain a level. You can hatch your eggs by keeping in the incubator and you’ll have to walk the required distance mentioned on below it for the egg to hatch and reveal which pokemon you have just obtained. Make sure the application is on while your walking as the eggs won’t hatch otherwise and the distance will not be counted. You’ll have one incubator by default which can hold one egg. You can buy more incubators using real money but there’s a limit of having only 3 incubators max. ( Watch the video for live demo )

What does Pokemon mean?
Pokemon are fictional characters or creatures that are captured by humans who are called as trainers who battle other trainers and earn glory. It’s a kind of a simulation sport.

How many Pokemon are there?
In the game as of now, only the first generation pokemons are available to capture.

What is a Pokemon Challenge?

Are there any other games like Pokemon?

How to play Pokemon go inside the house?

How to play Pokemon go on PC?
The PC version has not been released. 

How to play Pokemon go without walking?

Where can I get the portable Pokemon Go Plus device

How to use Pokemon go in Android?

How do you use pit stops in Pokemon go?

How to move avatar in Pokemon go without GPS?

Pokemon go gps not detected Moto x. What to do?

What are the Pokemon go screen symbols?

What is the essence Pokemon go ?

How to catch more Pokemon?

How can Pokemon go be used for Businesses?

How to play Pokemon go

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