How to play Pinchworm game

When I heard a couple of my friends talk about the Pinchworm game it sounded pretty easy. So planned to get ma hands on the game real quick and make better progress than them. Only after starting to play the game did I realize that its not a cakewalk 🙂 For starters, the game is very appealing with its cute worms, beautiful graphics for the background, and a lovely story line. Lets now checkout How to play Pinchworm.

Story line:

In Pinchworm game, worms are the stars( which means You are a worm in the game ). You fall in love with another cute worm & a a monstrous bird ( early bird ) takes your lover worm away. Being the star worm of the game, you have to rescue your lover from a land far far away. You’ll need to dig, jump & inch your way to avenge the bird and save the love of your life 🙂 This is how you play Pinchworm.

There are only two types of hurdles on your way ie. horizontal and vertical.To overcome these hurdles you either need to jump or dive.You need to pinch your fingers together to hop over rocks and pull them apart to dig under flowers. Though it seems pretty straight forward, the tough part is to quickly decide whether to jump or dive as soon as you see the obstacle. One wrong decision or movement & you are back to the start. Everytime you are back to the start, more the urge you have to play it again. This is what drive’s you to play the game non-stop & this is what makes Pinchworm game addictive. You need to collect 30 award badges ( which is really hard ). If you master the game you can dominate the scoreboard 🙂

How to play Pinchworm


There are different themes available for the Pinchworm game. Each theme has its own background and hurdles. The look of the worm also changes with each theme. You can either earn points and redeem it in the game or buy any of the below themes:

Play Pinchworm

*  Diggy – your enduring, endearing invertebrate (Free).

Play Pinchworm game original

* Bluto- Feelin’ blue (Free).

Play Pinchworm game

* Pinky- Dark side of the worm (Free).

Download Pinchworm game

* Cameron O’ Flage- It ain’t easy being green(Free).

Play Pinchworm game original version

5. Glowy- Nightcrawler (Paid).

6. Anejo- jAy, Caramba!(Paid).

Play Pinchworm game original version

7. Panduh (Paid).

8. North- Going to get this brrrr….d (Paid).

9. Indy- All my favorite worms are still underground (Paid).

Play Pinchworm game original version

10. Earl E-Byrd- Need ……(Paid).

11.Groovy-Give pinch a chance (Paid)

12. W.J. Pennypincher III when I was a larva , I had to crawl to school uphill both ways (Paid).

13. Goldsmith- I’ ve got expensive taste (Paid).

All-in-All the Pinchworm game is a super addictive. An excellent game to pass your free time. The game is designed and architected in a manner that kids and grownups will love it!

The game was launched recently on the App store & people all over the world are already playing the game. Just been 10 days the Pinchworm game has launched and has already crossed 1000000 daily active users. The game for sure is a stress buster ( you should definitely try it after a hard days work ).


* How to download Pinchworm app?

To play this game you would need to download Pinchworm app from the App Store & install it. Follow these simple steps to download Pinchworm app:

Step 1: Goto the App Store & search for Pinchworm game ( or open this link HERE )

Step 2: Tap on the Get button ( Pinchworm is Free )

Step 3: Tap Install when the icon switches.

Step 4: Enter your Password or use Touch ID when prompted.

Step 5: Wait for the Download to finish.

Step 6: Press the Home button to go back to your home screen.

Once the Pinchworm download is done and installation is complete, the game icon appear on your home screen. Tap it to open and start playing 🙂

* Is Pinchworm free? Why?

Yes, Pinchworm is Free ( it is the No.2 free game in the App store, the No.1 free arcade game and the No.8 over all free app ). Pinchworm is Free because its a pretty new game, just launched on May 16 2016. Money is earned from advertisements that appear in the game ( and from the in app purchases ). The daily installs is 144,540 and their daily revenue estimate is $5,028. The Freemium model helps them to reach more people easily.

* How to play Pinchworm online?

The Pinchworm online web version is not released yet. Once the Pinchworm online web version is released we will keep this area posted with the link to the page.

Having said that, we really dont see much fun in playing the game Pinchworm online on the browser 🙂 Pinch worm is more fun when played over the mobile phone app as the experience is really good.

* How to win Pinchworm game? Is there a Pinchworm cheat?

Pinchworm cheat

You need to be really fast with your fingers & mind 🙂 In order to win Pinchworm game you need to make your pinch worm jump, slide, dive real quick. Your Pinch worm has to jump over rocks, hills and small hurdles while also diving under flowers, flagpoles & taller hurdles. If the Pinch worm hits the hurdles more than three times, you start over again.

Yes, the Pinchworm cheat sheet is under process ( seems there are Pinchworm cheat codes created by the game developer themselves ), but we need to wait for some time. 

If you come across any good Pinchworm cheat codes, do post it here in the comments & we will append this section with it.

* Is my Pinchworm original version? How do I check?

To be sure you have the Pinchworm original version, make sure that your download Pinchworm from the official app store link. The App store link to the Pinchworm original version, will have millions of downloads, lot many comments. Check more the game developer name. The Pinchworm original version developer is Unity&Variety ( which will be present on the app store game page ). One other best way to check for the Pinchworm original version is by looking at the number of reviews & what people say in the comments section.

* Where in Google Play Store can I download Pinchworm Android version?

Pinchworm Android version is not available. It is available only for the iPhone. But, very soon Pinchworm for Android will be released. We will keep this page updated with the Pinchworm google play store link. Our guess is that in another 20 days time the Pinchworm Android version will be ready for download on the Playstore. 

Similarly the Pinchworm pc version is also still not available. We will keep this page updated on the Pinchworm pc version release information as well.

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