How to make iPhone faster?

There are a number of ways available to speed up your iPhone. This article will help you with your question on how to make iPhone faster.

1. Shutdown all open applications

This is the easiest way to clear memory. Shutting down unnecessary apps to make your iPhone faster.

Step 1: Double click the Home button. This will bring up the apps that are open or currently running in the background ( in a filmstrip view )

How to make iPhone faster

Step 2: As each application screen is displayed in the middle, swipe it upwards to close. ( you can’t close them all at once)

How to make iPhone faster

Once you close all the apps, you will find your iPhone functioning faster.

2. Clearing your RAM

This is the next most basic way to make iPhone faster. Whenever you run an application, some amount of RAM is allocated to it, which the other apps can’t use. The problem arises when RAM is not released even after the app is closed. This makes your device slow.

Here is how you clear your iPhone RAM:

Step 1: First make sure your iPhone is not on the lock screen. If it is, unlock your iPhone and navigate to the home screen.

Step 2: Press and hold your home button until the Slide to Power dialogue prompt disappears.

There you go! Your RAM is cleared and this should make iPhone faster.

3. Reboot your iPhone

If your phone becomes completely unresponsive, you know its time to reboot!

Step 1: Hold down the Sleep/Wake button ( At the top right edge ) and the Home button ( below the front screen in the middle) together until the screen goes black and you see the Apple logo appear.

Step 2: Release both the buttons.

Hard booting harbors data loss risks. Its advisable not to perform reboot unless your device is completely frozen.

4. Enable Reduce Motion

iOS has come cool animations introduced in some of its versions. Though they look very fancy, they use up a lot of resources ultimately making the device slow. However, if you turn on the Reduce Motion feature, these animations go away, speeding up your iPhone again. Here’s how:

Step 1: From the home screen, launch the Settings app.

Why is my iPhone so slow

Step 2: Navigate to General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion

Why is my iPhone so slow

Why is my iPhone so slow

Why is my iPhone so slow

Step 3: Turn the feature ON.

How to clear up space on iPhone

This will disable the parallax effect and the animations, making the iPhone faster.

5. Turn off Background Processes

If you have too many apps installed, there is a chance they are always refreshing in the background, hence taking up memory. Here’s how to kill background processes:

Step 1: From the home screen, launch the Settings app.

How to clear up space on iPhone

Step 2: Navigate to General > Background App Refresh.

How to clear up space on iPhone

How to clear up space on iPhone

Step 3: Turn the feature off ( you may turn off the feature specifically for apps as well. Keep it on for the ones you want refreshing to continue )

iPhone cleaning app

iPhone cleaning app

Doing this will boost up your iPhone’s performance & make it faster.

Hope you got all the answer to how to make iPhone faster. Keep doing the above steps every time iPhone becomes slow.


In spite of following all the above steps, Why is my iPhone so slow? What else could I do?

Usually one of the above ways work. If not, maybe its because you have loaded your iPhone with excess data,apps etc. Try cutting down on that by deleting some pictures, songs or unused apps. That might speed up your iPhone a little.

I want my iPhone to work like it was at the time I bought it. Without any modifications. How could I do that?

Restoring factory settings will make your iPhone as good as new. (Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings ) Make sure you have a backup of all your important files on iTunes or iCloud.

How to clear up space on iPhone using an iPhone cleaning app? Can you suggest me a few good iPhone cleaning apps?

A feasible alternative to clean your iPhone is by using an iPhone cleaner. These apps should be downloaded in your Mac or Windows laptop and the iPhone needs to be connected using an USB cable. Apart from cleaning your iPhone you may also use them to organize and manage files and apps on your device. Some of the best cleaning apps are:

  • PhoneClean
  • CleanMyPhone
  • iFreeUp
  • Cisdem iPhoneCleaner for Mac
  • Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro
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