How to lock apps on iPhone

In my previous articles, I have guided you how to lock your iPhone ( so its safe from unwanted handlers ). But what if you want to keep certain applications out of reach of foreign users. Apple gives you a way out of that too! In this post lets look in detail on How to lock apps on iPhone.

What Restrictions it does here is that if we enable it for certain apps, it tends to remove those apps completely from the app menu, i.e the user can’t see them at all. Here’s how:

Step 1 : From your Home Screen, navigate to Settings > General > Restrictions.

How to lock apps on iPhone

How to lock apps on iPhone?

How to lock apps on iPhone?

Step 2 : Tap on Enable Restrictions.

How to lock apps on iPhone?

Step 3 : You will be redirected to a screen asking you to Enter a Restrictions Passcode. Feed in your desired Passcode. ( Make sure you remember the same! ) Re-enter the Passcode to confirm.

How to lock apps on iPhone?

How to lock apps on iPhone?

Step 4 : Once done, you will be redirected back to the Restrictions screen where you will find a number of apps listed that are allowed.

How to lock apps on iPhone?

Step 5 : Slide the switch Off to remove those apps from the app menu.

In case you want to lock your Apps individually, you will have to Jailbreak your device which is not advisable unless you are absolutely desperate and have no other way. If you are ready to do that, you may download iAppLock. Its an app that locks individual apps. Rest assured, your iPhone is in safe hands. It provides features like Passcode Lock, Pattern Lock, Customize screen locks, Touch ID lock.

Officially, Apple does not have the provision to lock apps individually.

Hope the above post taught you How to lock apps on iPhone 🙂  If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to ask them in the comments below. We will help you out.


What if I lock apps on iPhone & forgot the password. What can be done?

If you use Restrictions Passcode, and somehow forget it, then you might have to restore your iPhone in order to reset the Passcode. You may restore using iTunes. Keep in mind not to restore data from Backup because that enables your forgotten Passcode.

Will resetting an iPhone remove all the app locks?

Yes. Resetting an iPhone erases all applications that you installed, and files related to it, all the custom settings that you might have changed that includes passcodes and app locks.

What is an app locker? Can you give me a list of good app locker’s?

An app locker is a third-party app that is primarily used to lock individual applications. Apple does not support apps like these. But there is always Jailbreak you can take resort in to use such apps. One trusted app is iAppLock.

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