How to link email accounts?

Checking too many email accounts is a tedious job. Did you know that you can merge all you email accounts ? Let’s learn how to link email accounts.

Every phone has a default e-mail app. You can also have other app such as Yahoo app or the Gmail app. But here for everyone’s convenience we choose the default email app. Let us look into it.

Step 1:

Open the app on your phone. Enter your mail id as asked and then tap on ‘Next’. You can also choose to set this up manually.(Recommended that you follow the provided setup procedure).

How to link emails

How to link emails

Step 2  :

Once you tap on ‘Next‘, you will see the picture given below.

Select what kind of account yours is and tap on the respective tab. For those who don’t know what is POP3 and IMAP, here it is:

  • POP3: In this feature, you can access mean e-mail is delivered and stored on your personal computer, tablet or phone. When you check e-mail and download it to your computer the e-mail is immediately deleted from the server.
  • IMAP: This saves all your e-mail on the server and your server.
  • Exchange: Exchange Server enables a company’s users to securely access communications like e-mail messages, voice mail, instant messaging and SMS text messages. This is largely used by companies and is not preferred for personal use.

How to link emails

Step 3:

Select any personal email category and you should see this:

How to link email accounts


How to link email accounts

Tap on ‘Next‘ to proceed further to see this:

How to link email accounts

You can see many options made available for you. You can select as per your preference. Tap ‘Next‘ .

Step 4:

How to link email accounts

You can choose to give your mail a name. This is purely optional. Also, you can also choose as to what name to give to your outgoing messages. In this case, the email name is the email ID itself and the name given is “Shashank”. Tap on ‘Next‘ for the next page and you will be shown the inbox.

To the left top corner, you can see the ‘Hamburger‘ option. Tap on that to see the options available for you. Scroll down to see the ‘settings‘ option.

How to link email accounts


Step 5 :

Tap on ‘Settings‘ to see this:

How to link email accountsYou can see the option “Add Account“. This is what we need to do to link the accounts basically. Tap on that to see this:

How to link emails

After filling up the mail address, tap ‘Next‘.

How to link email accounts

Tap ‘Next‘ after filling up your password. The ‘Select‘ option is provided so that you can add any client certificates.(This is not necessary). 

Once this is done, you will see this screen:

How to link email accounts

You will see options similar to those you saw when you were setting up an account in the first place. Tap ‘Next‘.How to link email accounts

Tap ‘Next‘ to see your inbox of the second account.

Step 6 :

Now that we’ve learnt how to link email accounts, how do we switch between them ?

Go to the ‘Hamburger‘ icon on the top left and tap on it. You can see this:

How to link email accounts

You can see that your new account has been added. If you want to switch between accounts, just tap on the account that you wish to see. If you want to see all your emails in the same inbox (The same screen), select the ‘Combined view‘ option.

If you want to sync more accounts, follow the same procedure as explained.

E-mail has become an integral part of our life these days. Email accounts have been one of the most important things that we deal with in the present day. Many email service providers are there like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and AOL .You can configure things to get all these mails at once place.

FAQ’s – How to link email accounts:

  • What is the use of linking email accounts?

If you multiple accounts and want to view all mail at once place, you can link accounts. Also, for different domains such as Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook, you don’t have to download 3 different apps. Also saves storage!

  • How to link email accounts using the mobile phone?

The article explains in a detailed way how to link email accounts using a mobile phone. Scroll up for more.

  • How many email accounts can be merged maximum? 

The accounts merging depends on the service provider. Outlook allows up to 15 accounts but supports 5 by default.

  • Can I link email accounts from different providers? ( Eg: Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail )

Yes. As seen in the article, a Gmail account and a Hotmail accounts were merged.

  • Can I also merge an Outlook account to another account?

Outlook allows other Outlook accounts and Hotmail accounts to be merged but other domain accounts are not.

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