How to increase Fiverr gig traffic? powerful hack revealed.

There are various ways to increase your Fiverr Gig Traffic. The focused aim of this article is to rank your Fiverr Gig on 1st page of Google and increase traffic tremendously. Believe me, there are thousands of people searching everyday for your service on Google. Its just a 5 minutes read. I would recommend you to spend this time to reap sales like never before – in a quick period of time.

We have applied these ingenious techniques successfully many a times and sales has been a cake walk.  The section A of this article is for beginners( to make them understand certain basics that many often forget ). If you want to switch directly to the hacks, please scroll down to Section B.

Section A

Before diving into these ingenious hacks, lets understand two unfair advantages your gig on Fiverr has, that others dont.

(1) If you are in the world of SEO, you will accept to the fact that having your service under the domain of Fiverr . com gives a tremendous ranking boost in search. Fiverr has a Domain Authority of 92 . DA is a ranking metric given to each domain on the internet. Search engines consider this very important when deciding which site to rank for a keyword.

Note: Just so you understand why DA 92 is a big thing… Say you start a new website today, and you manage to do SEO for your site for the next 1 year… you will be able to reach DA 30 maybe. That difficult it is.

Similarly, Fiverr has super high Ahref Domain Rating, Trust Flow score ( TF ), Citation Flow Score ( CF ), Social Signals etc.

This means that your job is already done 60% by just being inside Fiverr. Just a little bit of SEO on your Fiverr Gig page will push it to the first page of Google in no time.

how to increase fiverr gig traffic

(2) There is a 0% probability that your page can get de-listed on Google for any reason. This is not the case if you have your own domain and website. Usually you would need to maintain an optimal balance when doing SEO for your website. If you over do it, search engines may blacklist your domain. But, with your page under the wings of Fiverr…. Google never does that. As sites like Fiverr, Medium, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are too big for google to levy a penalty on their domain. This gives you the peace of mind to just keep optimizing your page to rank on the first page of search engines.

Important: At any point if you need any help, contact us directly on FB messenger HERE. Glad to assist!

Section B

Ok, lets dive into ranking your Fiverr Gig on first page of search engines. When we say “Search Engines” it mostly means Google. And yes, the work we do will also help in reaching first pages of Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. The following activities I am going to suggest will bring your Fiverr gig to the first page of Google in just 1 month guaranteed (for your target keyword).

Disclaimer: Any reference links we provide is tried and tested by us. We are not related to them in any manner. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section. We are glad to answer.

Step 1: Super High Authority Backlinks

Did you know there are provisions on sites like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft etc. to get back links to your page? Getting back links here will shock Google algorithm and give your page high trust factor. This will lay a strong foundation in search algorithms to consider your page as the expert for the keyword you target. How? You will need to goto the contributors section or community blog section of these jumbo sites and create a page with content. And link your page from there. Since these websites are massive and have millions of pages, there is a possibility that your newly created page will get noticed by Google after a very long time. To get your link on these sites indexed, you will need to build forum backlinks to that page and make Google notice.

Tip: If you find it hard to do the above job, you can make use of this amazing service in Fiverr and get it done in a few days.
Increase fiverr gig traffic
Step 2: Aged high DA link insertions

Nothing like getting links on related webpages that were created long time back. Google’s algorithms give aged pages a lot of value( like aged wine ). A link on a related aged page, can get miracles happen quick. In this step, we will need to scout the internet and find at-least 10 related aged pages on blogs and get a back-link from them. This can be a cumbersome process. You will need to scout and find pages > contact the owner via. email > ask him to give your page a backlink ( that he may agree or refuse ). But if you get these 10 links, you are on the first page of search in a month. Also once you get the backlink, dont forget to ping the page using Pingler. This action will get the crawlers to re-crawl these old pages and consider your link there.

Tip: If you think this is a difficult job, you can get it done HERE ( we keep using this again and again ). If you want a more cheaper option try THIS ( we have also tried it, its good ).

Step 3: Articles in high DA blogs

Now that you have got some super backlinks to your Fiverr gig page, lets add some turbo fuel. In this step, lets get your gig covered as a full featured article in 6 different “related” high DA blogs. All you need to do is search online for blogs in your category. Say for exmple your gig is related to business plan creation. You will need to find atleast 10 publications in the finance category. Approach the authors to cover your service as a dedicated article. And get a DoFOLLOW backlink for your keyword on the article. Once done, dont forget to ping the article on Pingler.

Note: By high domain authority I mean anywhere between DA 30 to DA 50. Even higher is awesome!

Tip: Need some help in getting this step complete? Go HERE > Alter the search term as per your category Ex: "Finance guest post" > Spend some time and pick the best ones and go. Please see that you choose high DA articles. Also see if you can get blogs with low Spam Score ie. less than 9%

Step 4: Web 2.0 Back links

These are popular web 2.0 portals on the internet where you can create a profile and also have a link to your portal there. Its a general practice to take advantage of these links and get them in place. As your ranking on Google search climb up, these links keeps your position strong without dropping down. The purpose of these links is more stamina to your rankings. You can goto popular portals like, Medium,Facebook, Google+ etc. and create a free profile and also add your Fiverr gig page link there. There are hundreds of such web 2.0 portals on the internet.

Tip: If you are too lazy to do it, you can make use of this service and get it done quick. Also check this one. Both we have tried.

Step 5: Layer 2 links

This step is to pull link juice from hundreds of different domains across the web( by commenting in Forums & Blogs with a link ). All the links should NOT directly point to your Fiverr gig page. It should point to another page(layer 1) that in-turn has a link to your Fiverr gig. This activity makes the layer 1 page blip in the search engine algorithm and hence passes the goodness from there to one level up ie. your Fiverr gig page. I would recommend you to choose one of the guest posts you got published in Step 3 as your layer 1 page. So, The link juice passes in this order: 100’s of blog comment links > Layer 1 page > Your Fiverr gig page.

I would recommend you to just directly hire some expert to do this. As its a lot of work. You can check out these services here & here.

So thats it! Just do all of the above and 100% you will be on the top of Google Search within 30 days.

Section C

This section is just a reminder to get your Fiverr Gig page also upto the mark. As we know that SEO has two components to it:

(1) Off-Page Optimization: All the above points we discussed in Section B is Off Page stuff.

(2) On-Page Optimization: This is about having the necessary elements on your Fiverr Gig page laid out properly. Search engines give a score for each page based on which it is ranked for keywords. If you notice all the pages I recommended have proper content on the page. Let me walk you through some important points.

– See that your Gig Title, Metadata etc. has the keyword placed in them.

– Use the description box to the maximum and have the full 1200 characters allowed. Have 1% of the words as your keyword.

– Add as many FAQ as possible and try to bring the entire number of words on the page to near 1000 words. And overall 1% of the words as your keyword ie. 10 words.

– Add as many pictures possible in the gallery section. Name the pictures as your keywords Ex: create-a-business-plan.jpeg . Also add a video if possible.


– If any of the above links we have provided does not work, please let us know in the comments. We will update it to another latest one.

– If you have any questions -or- you need any help please put in the comments. We will try our best to help you.

And, please help in sharing this knowledge. Share this post 🙂

How to increase Fiverr gig traffic? an ingenious organic hack!
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How to increase Fiverr gig traffic? an ingenious organic hack!
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