How to improve Interpersonal skills using the Fabriq app?

Learn how to improve Interpersonal skills using the Fabriq app?

Opinion: This week we’ve been covering apps that add value to your work and personal life. Relationships are one such area that we tend to overlook especially if we are engrossed with work. Fabriq wants to help you improve your interpersonal skills with ease.

Think of the Fabriq app as a sidekick that nudges you in the background to make the effort to connect with the people you care about. The app has a nice feel to it and has actionable tools like interaction rating, notes, and reminders that you can use to follow up & keep a track of how each interaction went. 

Why is Fabriq an important tool in this day and age?

Fabriq isn’t an innovation per se, but rather a tool that can help improve our interactions with people and keep track of who we interact with and how frequently we do so. Depending on the quality of interactions, your relationship would also improve. Developed by Amy Baglan and her team, the Fabriq app lets you categorize your friends and family members under the Inner circle for closed ones, Middle circle for good friends and Outer circle for friends who are not close but would like to be in touch. This allows you to understand who you are spending more time with.

Fabriq has some nice features built into it. They are:


Categorize your relationship with the help of circles. So you get an accurate progress report on how well you are doing.

Connection Starters

Need help with being in touch or feel awkward reconnecting with people after a while? The connection starter has some interesting prompts and ideas that you can use to restart conversations.


Fabriq would remind you to be in touch with people you care about.


Streaks is a progress meter of sorts that shows you how well you are doing this week, month or year with respect to your relationships


Achievements are badges that users can unlock by using the app regularly. Motivation can go a long way. 🙂

Interaction rating

After every interaction with a person you have added on the app, you can rate how your interaction with them was, this can help you decide if you want to be in touch with the person or not, based on the quality of conversation.

So, how to improve Interpersonal skills using the Fabriq app?

Step 1: Download the Fabriq Android app here and Fabriq iOS app here

Step 2: Create an account on the app.

Step 3: You will be asked to add your first 5 friends that you’d like to be in touch with. Enter their names

Step 4: Now choose how important they are by choosing whether they fall under the inner circle, middle or Outer circle.

How to improve interpersonal skills

Step 5: Set reminders, add their emails, select how you’d want to address them, define your relationship with them, whether he/she is a local friend or long distance. Tap on ‘Add person

Step 6: After you have added them, their profile would appear on the app’s home screen.

Step 7: Choose a connection and you can see the tools that are available to you under their profile like conversation starters, ratings, reminders, and notes.

After every interaction with them, you can update on the app to keep a track of when you connected with them, whether you had a good conversation, notes to jot down specific information about them and reminders related to them like their birthday.

If you have any questions on how to improve Interpersonal skills using the Fabriq app? do let us know in the comments.


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