How to free up space on iPhone & monitor disk usage.

When I first got an iPhone, I was thrilled to be using one. I thought about all the applications I would use and all the games I would play, and at this moment I don’t regret buying an iPhone. I only regret not buying a 32 GB or 64 GB iPhone. My 16 GB iPhone only gave a mere 12 GB of free space as the internal software and pre-installed applications occupied the remaining free space. Now with 4K videos and live photos features in market, a 16GB iPhone is simply not enough. But there are a few ways to get some extra free space, if you know where and how to find it. This post will teach you how to free up space on iPhone.Lets start with a few ways to monitor your internal memory usage on your iPhone:

Via Settings
This is the most simple and convenient way to check your memory usage. You’ll be able to check the amount of space used and the amount of space left on your phone. In addition to that, you can also check how much storage each app uses. Simply follow the steps given below.

Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage  

How to free up space on iPhone?
Connect your iPhone to your laptop or desktop. Open iTunes. In iTunes, select your phone. A bar will be displayed that shows you the storage distribution divided by varying contents like audio, video, pictures, etc.
While Samsung has decided to revive the memory card slot on it’s latest S7 series, iPhone’s have never had memory card slots and it doesn’t look like it will have them anytime soon. This makes it all the more difficult to manage your storage especially if you have a 16 GB device.

Here are a few ways on How to free up space on iPhone,

Apple offers you 5 GB of storage on it’s iCloud to store your photos and files for free. You can also subscribe for more space on iCloud by paying. Using iCloud is an easy way to store your photos on the cloud. The only thing required is internet. Therefore, now you can delete old photos on your iPhone to free up some space.

How to free up space on iPhone?
Turning Off the Photo Stream
Photo Stream is a feature available to Apple users which uploads photos from a user’s phone automatically when connected to the internet and downloads those photos on the user’s other device like Mac or iPad. Turning off this feature prevents photos from downloading on to your iPhone ( which will take up your already scarce storage space )

Goto: Settings > iCloud > Photos > Turn off  ‘My Photo Stream’

How to free up space on iPhone?
Deleting unnecessary Apps
Apps are an essential part of a phone these days, so deleting your apps may not sound like a good idea at the start. I would personally advice you to keep only apps that you frequently use ( if you want to save some space ). When I was out of storage, I decided to delete the apps, which had better alternatives. For example, I deleted instant messaging (IM) apps like Viber and WeChat. I only retained Whatsapp as it is the best IM platform in comparison to it’s rivals.

How to free up space on iPhone?
Using Cloud Storage services
If 5GB on iCloud is not sufficient and you are unwilling to pay the subscription fee for more storage, you can use cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Dropbox offers users 2GB of free storage and Google Drive offers users a generous 15GB for free. Put all this together and you have a decent free cloud space of 22GB!

How to free up space on iPhone?
Deleting Whatsapp media and other app data
When you initially download apps like Whatsapp or Snapchat, the app size will normally be below 100 MB. As time passes  photos, videos and messages get accumulated on the app, taking up the available space. Therefore it will help, if you clear useless media and messages to optimize your storage.

Camera Settings
iPhone has the option to click photos in normal mode or in HDR mode. The HDR mode produces higher quality photos but takes up more space than the normal photos. Therefore opting against using HDR will help save up space. Furthermore, iPhone has an option to keep normal versions of the HDR photos, make sure to turn this feature OFF if you are using the HDR mode. Avoid clicking photos in burst mode to save space.
Goto: Settings Photos & Camera > Turn off ‘ Keep Normal Photo’

How to free up space on iPhone?

Deleting Text messages or iMessages
A single text hardly takes up space, but as the text messages accumulate over time, the amount of space it takes becomes significant. Furthermore, these messages may have photos and videos. Apple gives you the option to turn on the ‘Auto-delete’, to automatically delete your messages.

Hope you got your answer for the question on How to free up space on iPhone 🙂 Follow the above techniques regularly & you can manage storage on iphone more effectivly.


Can we delete the pre-installed apps like iBooks, Game Center, etc to free up space?

No, you cannot delete these apps. There are other methods like ‘jailbreak’ to delete these apps, but that requires a little more effort and spending. 

Is there a validity period for the free 5 GB on iCloud?

The free 5 GB on iCloud does not have a validity period therefore that 5 GB is ready for use anytime in the future.

Are there any apps using which we can manage storage on iPhone automatically?

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