How to deliver packages in Kenya with Sendy app?

Learn How to deliver packages in Kenya with Sendy app.

Sendy, a Kenya based logistics app has been helping individuals and businesses to deliver packages within the city. No matter the size of the package, Sendy connects you with the appropriate delivery agent and vehicle to deliver it.

If you’re in a hurry, We’ve made a short and Quick video on How you can request your
package to be delivered. Have a look.

Let’s look at how you can request a package to get delivered in Kenya using the Sendy app.

Step 1: Assuming you’ve already downloaded (Download the iOS app here and Android app here and installed the Sendy app on your phone. Create an account choosing your base currency. The app shows USD for import export-related logistics or Kenyan Shillings to send packages within the city.

Step 2: We’re going to walk you through how to send a package within Kenya, so we’re going to choose Shilling as an option and then after entering your details, an account is created.

Step 3: Now, pick a source where the package has to be sent from on the home screen. Next, choose the destination where you’d like the package to get delivered.

How to deliver a package in Kenya with Sendy app?

Step 4: After choosing that, the app shows you three sizes (Small, Medium and Large) of the package that you want to be delivered.  Pick the appropriate size for delivering and tap on Continue.

How to deliver a package in Kenya with Sendy app?

Step 5: A map screen with the available delivery vehicle choices would be shown to you. Pick the one that you need and you are redirected to a screen where it asks you ‘What do you want to get delivered?’, ‘if there are any specifications for the vehicle’, When do you want the pick up to be arranged, any additional instructions. One other interesting and useful feature is that the app also asks if you have a delivery agent next to you and would prefer them to take your package by asking you to add their phone number/vehicle license plate. This expedites the process of finding a new delivery partner.

Step 6: Once you’ve filled all the above details, you can choose a payment method that you’d like and tap on ‘Confirm Pickup Order’.

Step 7: The app then searches for a delivery partner and connects you with them. When they arrive, they notify you and pick the package up from you.

Step 8: You can track your order from the app’s home screen. After the package gets delivered, you’d get a notification for that as well.

How to deliver a package in Kenya with Sendy app?

If you have any questions about Sendy app, do drop in the comments section below, we’ll coordinate with Sendy and get your questions answered. 🙂

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