How to delete iphone apps

Installed some apps that you no longer require? So, how to delete iPhone apps that are no longer required? Here is how you can uninstall them and clear your iPhone’s memory. Just follow these simple steps to

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone by entering your Passcode (if you don’t have a lock, just swipe right to access the home screen)

how to delete iphone apps

Step 2: Locate the app you want to uninstall on the home screen (don’t open it)

Step 3: Once located, tap and hold the app icon until it slightly enlarges and all the other icons start to wiggle. You will see tiny ‘X’s on the upper left corner of each icon ( apart from the ones that were pre-installed in the iPhone )

how to delete iphone apps

Step 4: Tap the ‘X’ to delete the app. You will be prompted by a message asking if you want to delete the app. Tap the Delete button if you are sure (If not, tap Cancel)

how to delete iphone apps

(Remember, deleting the app will also delete all the local data associated with it)

Step 5: Press the home button (the round button at the bottom of your iPhone) once you are done deleting.

how to uninstall apps in iphone

Great! Now you know how to delete iphone apps that are not required. Keep practicing & you should be able to delete apps real quick in future 🙂


How to delete multiple apps?

As the little’X’s appear on the icons, you can delete more than one app by tapping on the ‘X’s of any number of apps you wish to delete.

Will uninstalling my app also delete my account in that app?

No. After you delete apps, Your account won’t be deleted. Only details from your iPhone will be deleted. You can still log-in to your respective accounts from other synced devices.

I accidentally deleted the wrong app. Is it possible to retrieve it?

If you have deleted the app by using the Delete button, you may retrieve it from the App Store again by downloading the app from iCloud.

Why doesn’t all apps show the delete button?

Some apps are permanent, i.e. they were installed in the factory version of the iPhone. Those apps are not recommended to be deleted.

How do I recover deleted apps? Is there a way to recover them in a lot?

Step 1: Open App Store.

uninstall app from iPhone

Step 2: Tap the Updates tab on the lower right corner of the screen. Tap on Purchased.

uninstall app from iPhone

Step 3: You will find a list of your purchased (or free downloaded) apps under All tab.

uninstall app from iPhone

Step 4: Tap the Not on This iPhone tab on the top right.

uninstall app from iPhone

Step 5: Locate the app you want to retrieve. Tap on the iCloud sign. The app will download itself on you iPhone.

uninstall app from iPhone

Can I check the list of recently deleted apps? How do I do it?

Navigate to App Store > Updates > Purchased. Tap on Not on This iPhone on the top right. It shows you the list of apps that you have purchased but are no longer installed on your iPhone.

Is there a way to delete games only? How do I do it?

There is no particular way to identify games applications separately. If you want to delete a game, you need to locate it exclusively and follow steps 3-5 from the article.

How do I delete purchased apps only?

To delete only purchased apps, navigate to App Store > Updates > Purchased. iPhone provides you will a list of the apps you have purchased. You may now selectively delete apps.

What is an app deleter? How do I use it?

An app deleter guides you on how to delete an app.

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